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The Trump China Policy Thread
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RE: The Trump China Policy Thread
A good read about the man Xi Jinping:

First bit below, bold lines are mine:

Quote:Summary -------

1. © According to a well connected Embassy contact, Politburo Standing Committee Member and Vice President Xi Jinping is "exceptionally ambitious," confident and focused, and has had his "eye on the prize" from early adulthood. Unlike many youth who "made up for lost time by having fun" after the Cultural Revolution, Xi "chose to survive by becoming redder than the red." He joined the Party and began mapping out a career plan that would take him to the top of the system. In our contact's view, Xi is supremely pragmatic and a realist, driven not by ideology but by a combination of ambition and "self-protection." Xi is a true "elitist" at heart, according to our contact, believing that rule by a dedicated and committed Communist Party leadership is the key to enduring social stability and national strength. The most permanent influences shaping Xi's worldview were his "princeling" pedigree and formative years growing up with families of first-generation CCP revolutionaries in Beijing's exclusive residential compounds. Our contact is convinced that Xi has a genuine sense of "entitlement," believing that members of his generation are the "legitimate heirs" to the revolutionary achievements of their parents and therefore "deserve to rule China."

2. © Xi is not corrupt and does not care about money, but could be "corrupted by power," in our contact's view. Xi at one point early in his career was quite taken with Buddhist mysticism, displaying a fascination with (and knowledge of) Buddhist martial arts and mystical powers said to aid health. The contact stated that Xi is very familiar with the West, including the United States, and has a favorable outlook toward the United States. He also understands Taiwan and the Taiwan people from his long tenure as an official in Fujian Province. End Summary.

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09-22-2017 07:06 PM
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RE: The Trump China Policy Thread
This is old news, but it's important. Xi doesn't see himself as first among equals in the Communist Party. He would like the Party to revolve around him personally. In terms of major changes, if Deng Xiaoping removed the primacy of Marxist ideology on the economy, Xi Jinping could be the one to remove the primacy of Marxism in politics. He keeps making a point of mentioning that China has a "superior" (优秀) culture and doesn't even care to stay in line with the atheism that is officially required in the Party. At a meeting of which footage was revealed earlier this year he used some obviously religious terms ("there are gods above our heads" 三尺头上有神明 and "we must keep hearts of reverence" 一顆敬畏的心). This would be in with his Buddhist leanings. In an article published by state media last year focusing on what books Xi Jinping recommends, Xi said he was moved by the interaction between Jean Valjean and the priest in Les Miserables. Also, all of his top picks were classical Chinese and western literature, with the obligatory Communist staples at the bottom and no modern books included at all.

My impression of Xi is that he is trying to harness the economic output of the last thirty or so years in a more directed manner (the "One Belt, One Road" project being the most prominent example of this). He hates the cultural shift towards materialism and individualism that have occurred in the last generation. He probably understands on some level that atheism is a net negative for China, but is at the same time worried about the spread of Christianity as it would mess up the ability of the government to control the nation using culture.

This assessment would be in line with Xi's political maneuvering as well. In the Jiang Zemin and Hu Jintao eras of leadership, China was becoming more open and socially liberated. It was more economically liberal as well as very corrupt, sort of like the US in the time of the robber barons. Social and cultural degeneracy followed economic graft, especially since most of China's rich have made their money overnight and have no sense of civic duty. By starting (and not ending) the anti-corruption campaign from the time he took power, Xi is breaking up the old political-business consensus and moving Chinese government in a more imperial direction.
09-23-2017 07:33 AM
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RE: The Trump China Policy Thread
Well, the Donald and Xi Jinping are already something big behind doors. Steve Bannon, Donald Trump’s erstwhile domestic political adviser, and Wang Qishan make for one of the oddest political couples in Sino-US relations. But the recent secret meeting between the godfather of the US “alt right” movement and the Chinese Communist party’s ruthless anti-graft tsar was consistent with Beijing’s rapidly growing interest in US economic nationalism. 
Since the meeting was not held with a political member of the polit buro, but the financial tsar of China, it must be some kind of financial deal to have both parties satified.

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09-25-2017 10:15 PM
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