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Dispatch from Mexico (Part 1): Monterrey Data Sheet
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Dispatch from Mexico (Part 1): Monterrey Data Sheet
Edit: I wrote this entire data sheet in the morning of my very last day in Monterrey. That night, unexpectedly, I got the second bang on a first date with a 19-year old. I say unexpectedly because, she told me she couldn’t stay out late, and I just didn't think it would happen. But I offered up hanging out for a little at my place, she came, and sealed the deal.

3.5 weeks in Monterrey, 1 bang (edit: 2 bangs)

In this sheet, I’ll tell you some nightgame spots, some daygame spots. And what worked and didn’t work for me in Monterrey, the largest city in northern Mexico.

In my experience, this is not a DTF city. Could be Mexico, could be my game. But it’s not an easy city. Could be the conservative nature of Mexico. Or the girls I did meet on dates were not the DTF girls, with the exception of the one (edit: two) I banged. Also most girls here, but not all, speak English. Even though I preferred to talk in Spanish, I could see a player with limited knowledge of Spanish opening her in Spanish and continuing the conversation in English. I saw a white Texan at one of the nightclubs chatting it up in English with one of these pretty Mexican girls.

My experience
Nightgame five nights. 3 to 5 hours each. In my first week I went out on Thursday and Friday. In my third week I went out on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Maybe 12 numbers from five nights. A couple makeouts. No bangs. Had one afternoon date on my very last day in Monterrey, from a club girl I met the previous week. No bangs from nightgame.

Daygame five times. 2 to 3 hours each. I went to Centro/Macroplaza, Barrio Antiguo, MACRO, Tec de Monterrey, UDEM, San Augustin mall on a Saturday. Maybe 12 numbers from daygame. One bang was a 23-year old (edit: another bang was a 19-year old). Another girl my age I went on three dates with but she was the conservative Mexican type we didn’t do more than kiss on our second and third date. A fourth girl I met walking alone at the San Augustin mall on Saturday who joined me for an insta-date, and then I proposed going back to my house and she agreed, but she was a little weird and nothing happened.

The first bang came on my first week here, a girl I met with long wavy dark hair walking in Barrio Antiguo alone on a Friday. We met up the following day for a 1st date. (Edit: The second bang came on Thursday a beautiful, charismatic 19-year old on my last night in Monterrey).

I got screwed because I got sick, really sick after the first girl. I lost my voice entirely for four days, fought a medium-grade fever, and had very little energy for eleven days. I didn’t game at all for those eleven days. This was in the middle of my trip unfortunately. So when I started gaming again, I only had one week left in Monterrey.

I brought three blazers and two pocket squares, it’s a city that dresses up in Winter when it’s not extremely hot. I dressed up for all my dates. For clubbing, going without a blazer was more common, and instead a nice dress shirt and good jeans.

The girls
I think the talent here is comparable to New York. The women dress well and wear makeup. There are a lot of them. They are attractive. I saw light-eyed, pale, blonde haired Mexican women here, and then the more typical looking Mexican. Girls here tend to be taller as well, although obviously they come in all heights. Nice features, and pretty faces.

[Image: s3hYaaPl.png]

[Image: fdPsQ1kl.png]

[Image: NKOAz1Tl.png]

These are a few pictures I pulled of average girls to above-average girls from one of the nightclubs’ Instagram feeds. While not representative of Monterrey as a whole, it’s not unrepresentative either.

Was chatting with of my Uber drivers here one afternoon, the dude looked like Vin Diesel, who told me three clubs “for easy lays”.

The City

Thanks for the tips dude. Didn’t get lays from any of these clubs, but then again I don’t look like Vin Diesel.

I went to The City three times. Twice on Thursdays, and once on a Friday. Thursdays the girls drink free. It’s a good night here. I had the best luck meeting girls, getting numbers, getting a few make-outs on Thursday, but no pulls.

Collecting numbers at the club was almost completely futile, but that goes without saying.

Being a white guy doesn’t really help, it’s GAME people.

The first time I went to The City on Thursday around 10 pm, as soon as I got in, I chatted up the a table I saw of dudes, trying to figure out how the club worked. They were cool, and invited me to hang out with them at their table.

It’s helpful to make friends with some random group at the club, because these younger girls care about who you know and will always ask, “who do you know here?” Better to say you have a table to go back to with some Mexican friends.

Get to The City early, like 10pm or just before 10pm on Thursday night, and same time if not earlier on Friday, so you don’t have to wait in a line. And so you can start early with the girls. At 11pm the music gets loud and the smoke machines start. It’s a pretty fun spot. Almost everyone at The City is 18 to 23 years old. The guys I ended up chilling with as my home table were 18. It’s younger, but so are most of the clubs here.

*If I were to do it again*
I’d move the girl around the club more after dancing. I’d bring her to the bar, and sit her down somewhere quiet and talk to her. I kind of missed that last step. Instead, I pulled her aside while we were dancing and we exchanged numbers. But I should have moved her somewhere else quiet after dancing with her, to go for the number or pull.

Other nighttime spots
Centrito is the name for the center of San Pedro and where most of the clubs and places to go are on Thursday, and especially on Friday and Saturday. This is where I’d recommend going on your Friday and Saturday.

Republic – Didn’t go here, but the girl I banged said they do ladies nights some Wednesdays. The one Wednesday I walked by here, it wasn’t open.

Ness – Didn’t go here, but some girls I met said they were headed there on a Saturday.

Strana – Didn’t make it to here, but the Vin Diesel Uber driver recommended it.

D Club – Didn’t make it here nor did the locals didn’t think highly of it.

There’s a cool cocktail bar called Maverick in San Pedro that does jazz on Wednesdays starting at 10 pm. Seems like the only nice cocktail bar in San Pedro. Not sure how it’d be for game, but a cool cocktail bar nonetheless.

I took my conservative girl on a second date to Café Guayoyo, which is also in San Pedro and they have jazz on Wednesdays. Nice spot.

Del Valle

This area is slightly away from Centrito, with higher-end spots.

Pepper – a rooftop bar. I talked to the bouncer but didn’t go. Someone on the forum said it’s hipster, but I didn’t get that vibe. Seemed like a cool spot. This was on a Friday. Also it seems to start late, like at 11 pm.

Bisou – Went here on Friday instead. I don’t recommend it. Girls here were stuck up. I probably talked to 60% of all the girls in this place that Friday. No luck.

Cosmo – There were lots of groups of cute girls walking into here around 10 pm, when I was figuring out what time Bisou opens. Presumably this place opens at 9 pm, so Monterrey people start here. I think it’s worth figuring out how to get in here. The bouncer said it’s only tables and reservations. But maybe you could make friends with him and chat lightly, and then he’ll let you in. Or make friends with one of the groups that’s walking in, girls or guys, maybe better luck with guys, playing the “hey - you seem friendly. Wanted to come over and ask a question.” Talking with them a bit about nightclub spots, and then seeing if they invite you along to join them.

Other spots

Barrio Antiguo is the other main area for nighttime spots.

Casa Morelos – I think I did this wrong. I went here on Saturday at like midnight. Instead, it’s supposed to be packed with groups on Saturday afternoon, from about 5 pm until 10 pm. You need a reservation, but maybe you could make friends with the bouncer or get their early with a group waiting outside and they’ll invite you to join them. After Casa Morelos, everyone call an Uber and goes to Centrito (San Pedro). It's a three story bar/club with a rooftop deck.

Almacén 42 is just down the street from Casa Morelos. It's a beer bar, with tables. Could start at the bar, and then approach a table. While that isn't necessarily an easy approach, that's how I got the bang my first time in Mexico.

There’s also a restaurant maybe beer garden Botanero Moritas to the west of San Pedro that I think might be worth checking out on a Wednesday, which I didn’t go, but that’s near-ish to San Pedro. But I imagine you have to be comfortable approaching tables.

I think spending one Saturday afternoon at Casa Morelos meeting girls, followed by dinner somewhere, then heading to Centrito. For the RVF’er who likes to party.

There are also lots of people in Barrio Antiguo on Saturday all day in or around Casa Morelos. Street approaches could lead to meeting up later.

My Saturdays didn’t look like this, but that’s what I’d do. My first Saturday in Monterrey I woke up late and started to feel sick, and then had the date at 7 pm with the girl I proceeded to bang. The second Saturday I was recovering from being sick. And the third Saturday I spent the afternoon at the San Augustin mall walking around and the first girl I approached I got an insta-date.

Daygame spots
Both bangs came from daygame, but that’s generally where I do better. Here are all the spots I checked out.

Centro and area west of Macro Plaza – Girl I ended up going on the most dates with I met on a Friday afternoon here in my first week in the city. This area is mostly poor families and high school students at low-end stores, but there are occasional girls here worth approaching. It could be worth it on a slow weekday afternoon.

MARCO museum - Girls go here, or can be found in the streets around here. Gorgeous one I met on a street approach coming out of an OXXO nearby, who was a volunteer/guide for elementary school kids at the museum. Museum is pretty cool too, not that big, and easy to see in two hours.

San Augustin Mall – Insta-dated a girl here I met on a Saturday afternoon after walking around for a while, and got her back to my house after our date. Dead on a Wednesday afternoon don’t bother. Might consider checking it out on a Sunday as well.

Also there are plenty of Starbucks in Monterrey. I’m typing this right now from a Starbucks. There’s a steady supply of professionally dressed women in their 30’s walking into this place. Could approach them just as they get outside on their way back to their cars, to let them know you noticed them inside and thought they were cute.


UDEM – This place is built like a fortress, off a highway. I thought I could just walk in, but no. Even after telling the security guard I wanted to visit the campus, it was a big process. I ended up getting in with the help of two Colombian interchange students I met at the gate. Long story short, the girls here are definitely better than those at Tec, and could be worth it, for the advanced player who will put in the extra effort to lay college girls.

Tec de Monterrey – A university. Kind of like the MIT of Mexico, but the talent is 10x better than MIT. Plenty of girls, quality runs the gamut.

On my first Tuesday here, walked around for two hours to approach, got one number, and no returned texts. On my next Tuesday here two weeks later, made roughly eight approaches, got four numbers, and three girls who were down to meet up for dates. Unfortunately, I was leaving the city in three days. Might have been able to bang one of them. (Edit: I did bang one of them.)

*What I’d do different:*
If I were to do Monterrey again, I would spend two days early in the week approaching at Tec. Perhaps on a Monday and on a Tuesday. You could do a morning game session as girls are getting to school between 8am and 10am by posting up a block or two from the entrance. Then again from 4 to 6 pm on campus. With solid game, you could get enough numbers, and set up dates for your weekend and rest of your week that way.

The second time I went to Tec I approached between 4 and 6 pm on a Tuesday, and had good luck. Made maybe 8 approaches, and 4 numbers, 3 of them over text would meet for a date (problem was I was leaving Friday morning, so I had to meet them in the next two nights).

To approach here, tell the guard that you’re visiting and want to see the campus. The guard will take your ID and write your name down somewhere. I’m not sure if they keep a record of how many times you enter, but maybe do a different entrance each time?

Once on campus, in my first visit, I told the girls I met that I was here for business and not a student. I don’t know maybe that didn’t work as well. Second time, I told them I was here for “intercambio” (interchange student) and made up a story about being a grad student in the field I currently work and spending a semester there. (Edit: The girl I took out on a date and banged was a student here. Before our date, I did a few minutes of research in the car, as far as programs of study and even classes being offered at Tec de Monterrey just in case she’d ask. The player should come prepared).

I stayed in three different AirBnBs:

One in Barrio Antiguo
One in San Pedro
One just south of Tec de Monterrey

I liked the first two the best. Barrio Antiguo is dead during the week, but reminded me of Europe. San Pedro I stayed in a shared house, but I asked the dude before I booked, who seemed cool, if it was a problem if I ended up meeting a girl at a club and bringing her back. He said they’d never had a problem with it before. Didn’t love the area south of Tec, but I think west or north of Tec is a bit nicer.

Concluding thoughts
Monterrey is a great city, with great talent, and for any good-looking guys who are strong at night game, there are tons of clubs here to approach. There’s also plenty of good day game opportunities too. The biggest problem is that you’ll have to meet a lot of girls in my experience to find the DTF one. It could be a great 2-week trip if you follow my advice and day game heavily early on in your first week, and again on Thursday and Friday afternoon in places like Centro or Barrio Antiguo.

Viva Mexico.

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RE: Dispatch from Mexico (Part 1): Monterrey Data Sheet
Thanks for the data sheet, surprised it has no comments yet. So if Monterrey is more of a college city and it's mainly populated with people in the 18-23 age group is there anything going on in the city outside of the colleges, or it basically just one big college town? I hear it has the best looking girls though so that's a big plus. Do you think Monterrey could be a good alternative to Mexico City as a home base? And looks wise for girls how does Monterrey compare to Mexico City?
05-22-2018 07:20 AM
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RE: Dispatch from Mexico (Part 1): Monterrey Data Sheet
How are age differences perceived by the 18 - 23 year old's.? Also great datasheet
05-22-2018 07:30 AM
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RE: Dispatch from Mexico (Part 1): Monterrey Data Sheet
(05-22-2018 07:20 AM)pargan Wrote:  Thanks for the data sheet, surprised it has no comments yet. So if Monterrey is more of a college city and it's mainly populated with people in the 18-23 age group is there anything going on in the city outside of the colleges, or it basically just one big college town? I hear it has the best looking girls though so that's a big plus. Do you think Monterrey could be a good alternative to Mexico City as a home base? And looks wise for girls how does Monterrey compare to Mexico City?

Monterrey is faaar from a college town. Monterrey is the industrial capital of Mexico and San Pedro has the highest per capita GDP in LatAm.

Monterrey people -- regios -- are conservative, close minded, think they are the cream of the crop. Blame it on them being whiter on average or wealthier but it's almost impossible to crack high-end regias. Best bet is to target out of town who moved to MTY to work/study or middle class regias.

For me, MTY was more of a business city than a party city. Although the average is better than CDMX, the vast amount of people and places in CDMX gives the win to the latter.
05-22-2018 11:18 AM
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