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The Democratic Party is Imploding
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RE: The Democratic Party is Imploding
The women as leaders trope is strikingly reminiscent to the "they're just not doing communism properly" idea.

How much more evidence do people need?

Get your passport ready!
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12-27-2018 09:45 PM
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Damn it ...
(12-25-2018 11:46 PM)MrLemon Wrote:  
(12-25-2018 01:45 PM)Waqqle Wrote:  
(03-09-2017 11:24 PM)Mark Fletcher Wrote:  
(03-09-2017 11:15 PM)beta_plus Wrote:  
(03-08-2017 11:10 PM)Jaydublin Wrote:  ^^^^ Trumps sons are the only ones who Cant be bought and can continue the shitlording. I hope Don Jr runs against Pence in the 2024 primaries.

[Image: c800a4e76547f1870685b9bbd12406acb3c0f6d7...a295a7.jpg]

[Image: n3q4nm.jpg]

Ivanka is sexy, but that's all. I'd never vote for her. At the end of the day she's just another basic white girl with just a little more class.

Another woman in charge. That's exactly what we need. Haven't had nearly enough of women calling the shots. Don't get me wrong, she would likely be the least bad female presidential candidate but even self-described "conservative" women are prone to female nonsense.

Merkel, Park Geun-hye, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner are three recent examples of a female heads of state who would have been considered "conservative" candidates in their respective countries but who each succeeded in almost single-handedly collapsing those countries.

Women are inherently unsuited for the presidency.

Yeah, I was wrong on that one. What a let down.

After Palin & Ivanka, it's looking like finding America's Thatcher is hopeless. If only we could have our Iron Lady after Trump.

I would obviously prefer a world in which women did not vote, but that's not how things are.
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12-27-2018 10:10 PM
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RE: The Democratic Party is Imploding
12-31-2018 05:10 PM
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RE: The Democratic Party is Imploding
(12-31-2018 05:10 PM)budoslavic Wrote:  

Obviously, this tweet is hitting something many of us know already, that there is a main string puller(s) giving orders to many of the DemocRATs to make sure that they disseminate only string puller(s) approved messages.
01-06-2019 12:03 AM
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