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Tools Tips On Traffic Marketing
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Tips On Traffic Marketing
I'm starting my 3rd biz the last 4 months, and this one is all web based and requires web traffic. I've read a few posts by the red pill blogger Robert Koch (30 days) about writing everyday and in one of his posts he mentions that one can easily get about 500 views a day if they write a daily post for 3-4 months. I tested his method, but am not getting near that number of views or even half. I think there's a gap between writing and getting views - writing isn't a guarantee that anyone will read.

For anyone who does traffic based writing or selling, what are some of your lessons learned in attracting attention or marketing posts or products? I imagine there's parallels between getting attention for a product and getting attention for a post.
04-17-2017 09:20 AM
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RE: Tips On Traffic Marketing
I'm not sure why guys listen to Robert Koch, he's certainly not an online business guru.

There are two ways to get traffic: 1. Free traffic from the search engines. 2. Paid traffic

If you want free traffic then you need to learn SEO. Writing blog articles is good, but they should be SEO optimized.

There is a gap between writing and getting views, as google will index your page and then move it up the search engine rankings. Depending on the authority of your site, that could take months.
04-17-2017 10:05 AM
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RE: Tips On Traffic Marketing

Quote:You don't build an audience with SEO or social media, you build an audience by having a good product. You keep in contact with your already formed audience with social media and maybe you reach more people with some SEO manipulation but you don't! build a business with SEO or social media. You've got to build from the ground up. SEO cannot be the foundation of a successful web business (unless you're selling SEO services to people who don't know better, cha-ching).

"Every saint has a past, every sinner a future."
04-17-2017 10:11 AM
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RE: Tips On Traffic Marketing
I don't like the idea of sitting around waiting for traffic to come. It's great if it happens, but I wouldn't count on it. Instead, I suggest a more active strategy: find out where your potential readers are online and help them.

Here are some ideas on how to do that:

Write comments on other blogs
Guest post on other blogs
Submit Your Posts on Reddit
Comment on Posts on Reddit
Comment on YouTube Videos
Post on Forums
Follow and Talk to People on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook/etc.

When I started my YouTube channel, I would go on other channels and answer any unanswered questions. Both the channel creator and the viewers appreciate this because after a certain point, the creator can't respond to every comment.

When you do this, think about helping people and not about pitching your site. You can just leave a link somewhere, like in a signature or profile, and let curious people find your site.

Obviously this won't generate a ton of traffic. What it does instead is move you closer to the point where your site becomes self-sustaining, i.e. when your traffic is proportional to the amount of content you produce. Also, you'll learn more about what people actually want. You should start getting unsolicited questions from people, and you can create content based off those questions. Finally, having your name and link out there will have some SEO value.

Or you could just pay for ads.
04-17-2017 11:53 AM
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