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Matriarchy vs Gynarchy
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Matriarchy vs Gynarchy
I recently came across the term gynarchy on the CH blog:

I'd never really thought about the distinction between Matriarchy and Gynarchy before, but it seems relevant to the modern milieu. Historically, most societies seem to be primarily patriarchal. Some are matriarchal, although many of those are merely societies where the women's sphere of influence is larger and more prominent, rather than absolute. Most societies I have read about seem to include complementary patriarchal and matriarchal hierarchies. Usually the patriarchal hierarchy is dominant, but not always to an equal degree. In any case, it seems to me that increasingly, the consequences of postmodern feminism is a push towards gynarchy, not matriarchy.

The difference is that matriarchy is organized around motherhood, while gynarchy is just rule by women. The basic social group is the family and the families are led by the ranking mother-- the matriarch. Status comes from having and raising children. The Native American Iroquois were an example of a culture with strong matriarchal tendencies. Clan chiefs were still men, but they were appointed by matriarchs. Land wasn't owned by anyone but women were appointed as stewards of it.

In our society, meanwhile, traditional motherhood is increasingly disparaged. Single mothers are a sacred victim class, but do not have social status per se. Status is held by youthful single women and career women who forgo, delay, or otherwise downplay their motherhood. To put it in CH terms, this is a brigade of bulldykes and consortium of emotional sluts. This model is dangerous because young women need not do anything to earn their high social status. They are rewarded simply for existing, and any virtues they imagine themselves to have are simply whatever makes them feel good about themselves in the moment, which is not real virtue.

Civilization requires virtuous people that value some amount of sacrifice and conformity. A healthy civilization is organized to reward individuals for virtuous behavior-- that is, behavior that benefits society. Slutty, hypergamous, entitled, naive young women are not the people you want running a civilization, unless your goal is to run that civilization into the ground.
06-28-2017 09:46 AM
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RE: Matriarchy vs Gynarchy
The difference, then, is that matriarchies are rule by uterus, while gynarchies are rule by vagina?

Remissas, discite, vivet.
God save us from people who mean well. -storm
06-28-2017 09:55 AM
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RE: Matriarchy vs Gynarchy
When you clean your home and brush away dust and filth do you spend time analyzing the chemical formula and origin of different types of dust particles and different types of mud? Or you collect it all in the same dirt bucket and flush it out?

I have always known this difference between Matriarchy vs Gynarchy in occult terms as difference between Isis worship and Lilith worship.

Today's leftists are Lilith worshiping degenerates, who worship barren befouled vaginas and abortions.

Today's cuckservatives including most Christians are Isis worshipers who Worship the clever manipulating female who has a blue pill man tied around her finger.

Both are wrong and altrough mutually exclusive at first, they support each other in covert ways.
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06-28-2017 10:21 AM
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