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Teddy's weightlifting thread
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Teddy's weightlifting thread
I was actually very hesitant to make my own thread here as I'm a new member with just a few posts, but maybe some of you would be interested in following this topic and it would certainly help me stay motivated as I cannot fail before fellow rooshers!

I had my own weightlifting progress thread on polish bodybuilding forum three years ago and that was when I noted the biggest and actually the only progress in my weightlifting career. I thought of making a thread there again, but as this is the forum that I currently read most frequently and had the biggest impact on my life so far I have decided to post it here even though not many people are having their own threads and those that do are highly repped members of the community, not Male Feminists like myself, but I hope you will guys find it entertaining to follow.

In order to not turn it into that many pages thread and to make information easier to find I will report my gym adventures once a week.

I have three years of gym experience, but honestly the highest peak I reached was during the first year and another two were just a waste of time with no diet and few attempts to lose weight which all ended up in vain.
One thing I learned though, that at the gym and probably most things in life, when you get past the certain point you are either going 100% or you won't make any significant progress.
My gym PRs at 76kg weight are:
Squat ATG: 120kg x 6
Bench press: 105kg x 5
Deadlift: 180kg x 1 / 155kg x 8
barbell row: 120kg x 6 - far from perfect technique, but not shrugs as some can imagine.
OHP: 60kg x 5

So that was pretty good I guess. Now I'm fatter and weaker as I weigh 86.5kg being only 1"70m.
Thing is I have really low SMV at the moment and not a lot of confidence, so I will use this year to improve myself as much as I can and study hard in order to get my degree next year. If I get part-time job this month I will be at least happy financial-wise, so less time to focus on uni + gym, but in exchange clearer mind and more stress-free lifestyle.

Plan for now is getting rid of fat. I have let it go definitely too far and I feel bad with myself. For most of my life I was actually constantly playing some sports, like soccer when I was a kid or hitting the gym when I was 18 and making enough progress to even get complimented by girls from time to time. Well, pretty good times now gone and I miss those occasional IOIs by random girls.

I'll not report what I eat daily, but mostly eggs, meat, cottage cheese, protein shakes, olive oil and so on as I'm going to start Carb Nite which is an ketogenic diet by many considered as best choice for endomorphs. I had my share with Carb Cycling and unless I had drastically cut calories or added extensive amount of cardio and HIIT I couldn't lose any weight.

My starting calories distribution will be: 220g of proteins, 160g of fat and less than 30g of carbohydrates.
I will start with 10 days calibration as advised and then after 10 days are up, follow with eating loads of carbs after training to fill glycogen stores.
Such feast will be held once a week only.

My plan is to weigh around ~70kg. I will measure myself every two weeks and I'll cut calories from fat. In few months I intend to add cardio and then HIIT, but it is very dependable on my progress whether or when exactly I will add those activities.
I realize 2400 calories is not a lot for 86.5kg guy, but my metabolism is really slow due to not working out and shitty lifestyle recently. It should balance itself once I start eating properly and start working out.

The routine that I will follow will be for building endurance and losing fat. I could go some simple 5x5, but I'm tired of it as I followed typical strength routines for most of my time spent at gym.

3x/week, every training session consisting of three following circuits:

ATG Squat 12 reps - 50kg
Pull ups 12 reps - body weight
Barbell stepping lunges 12 reps - 30kg
Barbell row 12 reps - 50kg
Dumbbell bench press 12 reps - 16kg each dumbbell
Stiff legged deadlift 12 reps - 40kg
Seated dumbbell press 12 reps - 12 kg each dumbbell
Dips 12 reps - +5kg
Clean High Pull 12 reps - 35kg
Standing dumbbell curl 12 reps - 12kg
Standing barbell calf raise 15 reps - 100kg
Hanging leg raise 12 reps

Weights were chosen very intuitional, we will see how it goes in real life.
I intend to start with 5 minutes break every circuit.

As for my long term goal, I would like to achieve advanced level in every main exercise according to standards given by this website: http://www.exrx.net/Testing/WeightLiftin...ndards.htm which I find pretty much accurate.

As for gear I don't intend to use any in near future. If I reach the advanced level I may supply myself with testosterone if I decide to go further, which probably I will. I doubt I will ever take any serious juice though as I have no aspirations for bodybuilding nor superhuman body and it's not that I have something against gear as for me personally it's safer than for example driving a car as long as you know what you are doing. Most people can't tell a difference between estrogen and testosterone and I often hear of people weighting 70kg, barely squatting their own body weight a few times starting their cycle from clen because they heard it will get them ripped from some mofo at gym...

Anyway, thanks for reading. Let the gains be with you, also less of this Cat lady and more of this Kissy in our world.
07-29-2017 02:32 PM
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