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Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan Datasheet July 2017
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Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan Datasheet July 2017
Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan July 2017

[Image: The-main-square-of-Bishkek675.jpg]


Korean-American. From California. Mid-to-late twenties. 5'11". 170 pounds. Athletic build.


6 days


This guy has been pretty clutch for me during my travels throughout Asia. The information is very recent being only a few months old. I highly recommend reading this and utilizing it. I didn’t get a chance to visit all of the listed places

2017 Mixed info with Kazakhstan

2012 This is the only datasheet on the forum. It’s quite old having been 5 years now.


Chokmorova Street:

AirBnB. This apartment is pretty nice. The building itself is very typical soviet style. Bleak and looks worn down. But inside the apartment itself is nice. The location is a little bit far away from the main streets and nightlife. But all the night life is spread out in this city. I would recommend finding accommodation anywhere near Chuy Ave. Chuy is the main boulevard here filled with restaurants, cafes and shops.


Namba Taxi | Regular Taxi

Namba Taxi:

The closest thing to Uber here. You can download the app from the app store. The app has an English version so no worries if you don’t speak Russian. This app is much cheaper than hailing a cab from the street. Sometimes the car will be marked with a Namba sign on it. Sometimes it’s just a normal car. It works similar to Uber where it uses the GPS location of your phone to pick you up. But you cannot add your drop off destination. You must verbally tell or show the driver the address. You can link your credit card to your account to pay for the ride. But every time I try to do this it never works for me. I don’t know if they accept foreign credit cards or not. The in-app customer support is all in Russian. But the good thing is that the app acts as the meter. After your ride is over the driver’s app and your app will display the final cost of the trip. It’s very cheap and efficient.

Some of these drivers speak basic to elementary English. Some of them don’t speak it at all. It will help if you have the Russian version of the address you need to go to. Or if you know how to say it in Russian. If the app is slow or you don’t have internet/data connection you can always text them or call them. Their local number is: 0559976000. Texting is better because all you do is text them your pick-up address. If you call them sometimes the operator doesn’t speak English. Sometimes they will hang up on you and call you back with an English-speaking operator. But even then, their English isn’t great. Better to have a Russian speaker call them for you.

Regular Taxi:

I would never use this method because you pay much more. But if you’re in a rush, and you don’t feel like waiting for a Namba Taxi to pick you up (average wait time is 2-10 minutes) then you can use this method. The issue is I don’t know what the proper amount to pay would be. Since none of these cars have meters. They could overcharge you, especially if you don’t speak Russian.



Tinder is new here and there’s not many profiles available. Important thing to note is that during the summer months the locals tell me that many people go to Issyk Kul lake or they go abroad. Many of the student go back home to their province as well. I will discuss more about Issyk Kul Lake as it might be important to note during the summer months


I didn’t visit any malls. All of my day game was on the streets. Good place to day game is on Chuy Ave, as it’s the main boulevard. Speaking Russian will help you out a lot here. Everyone in Bishkek speaks Russian and Kyrgyz. If you go to the country side the number of Russian speakers goes down. Good English speakers are hit or miss. In my case, it was mostly miss. People have told me that the younger people speak better English. I guess I was unlucky because half of the girls I approached either spoke no English or it was very bad.


I will stress the importance of having Russian speaking skills. Half of the girls I talked to at the club or bar either spoke no English or basic/broken English. Even having basic conversational Russian will help out. Don’t get me wrong, I met a handful of girls that had good English conversational skills. But these girls were not that hot. The night life for the most part was hit or miss. The locals tell me that many people go to Issyk Kul Lake, or they go abroad and many of the students go back to their province in the summer months. Maybe that’s why the night life wasn’t busy. But fear not, there was 1 club and 1 bar that I went to that actually had a crowd on the weekend.

Interesting thing to note, some of the girls who I talked to in the clubs/bar had kids or used to be married. These girls are in their early to mid-twenties already. Girls here get married and have kids at a really early age. Some of these marriages are arranged. No surprise, some of these arranged marriages end in divorce.

I will mention the clubs and bars that I have been to or what the locals have to say about it.



In Cosmo Park. Free entrance, no cover charge. This is the most popular place right now. Has lots of people in the weekends. New place, only been open for 1 year. I like the layout of the club because the dance floor is far enough away from the main bar where it makes it manageable to talk. You’re not screaming into each other’s ear. Big place as it has a separate restaurant and outdoor terrace. They have a live band that performs. DJ plays a mix of top 40, hip-hop, EDM and Russian music. Good ratio of girls. On the weekdays there’s a handful of people, not too crowded.

[Image: zavod%2Bpub%2Bbishkek.jpg]

Garage 312:

In the industrial part of town. Free cover when I was there. 20 minutes east of the city center. In the outskirts of town and in the middle nowhere really. Only open on Friday and Saturday. Used to be a big garage/warehouse and they converted it into a club. Hence the name Garage. First floor is EDM and hardcore Russian music. Second floor is hip-hop. Mostly a Russian club. I was here at 2am on a Friday and it was basically empty. Could be good during Fall, Winter and Spring. But the night I was there it was empty.

[Image: sexy%2Bkyrgyz%2Bgirls%2Bbars.jpg]
This photo is from Jakarta 100 Bars

Mansion Night Club:

I never visited this place but the locals tell me this is where the really young people party. As in 15-20 years old. It’s a big size club and worth a visit if you don’t mind partying with young kids. I don’t know if it will be crowded during summer

[Image: MANSION%2Bnightclub%2Bbishkek.jpg]

Retro Metro:

Never got a chance to visit here. The locals tell me this is where the old people party. As in 40+ and up. They play 70’s and 80’s music. Hence the name Retro I guess?

[Image: 1324317222_retro-7.jpg]


Metro Pub:

On Chuy Ave. Not to be confused with Retro Metro. Was fairly crowded on the weekends. A little bit older crowd, 30+. I was here on a weekday and it was empty, no surprise. They have a live band. The music can be very loud and makes it difficult to hear each other. Would not recommend as a date spot. Western style bar. Medium size.

[Image: metro-pub-is-totally.jpg]

Coyote Ugly Saloon:

Famous for girls dancing on the bar. This is the after hours late night spot. The employees tell me that it gets crowded after 3am. I was here at 12:30am and it was dead. I never been here after 3am and I don’t know how crowded it really gets during the summer months.

[Image: First_Franchise_Kyrgyzstan-crop-319x213-1479315731.png]

Social Coffee:

More of a restaurant than a bar. Better place for dates. The outdoor patio is cool

[Image: ta-img-20170701-200409.jpg]

Cheback Pub:

On Chuy Ave. Big and modern place. Good date spot. The food is whatever. The drinks are good though.

[Image: image?id=852983226751&t=56&a...kh1g5GZP0Q]


Issyk Kul Lake:

A beautiful Lake that many people go to during the summer. Russians, Kazakhs and Kyrgyz are the majority of people that go there. A popular summer vacation spot for drinking and relaxing. I’ve been told they have a few bars located in 3 cities around the lake. These 3 cities are:

Cholpon Ata

These 3 cities are all near each other so logistics will be okay. I would recommend finding accommodation in Cholpon Ata as its in-between Karven and Kariz. Hopefully the hype about this place is real. Would be disappointing if it wasn’t

[Image: Ozero_Ala-Kul_11.jpg]


My stamina was low when I got here. Before, I was in Mongolia and the girl I was with sexually exhausted me. She wanted it every day, multiple times a day. Who was I to deny her? Thus, since arriving here. I had to force myself to day game and go out at night. I hate forcing myself like this because my inner game isn’t there to fuel me. But I don’t want to use this as an excuse, bottom line I was just lazy haha.

The city itself is not that developed. Lots of shitty roads and buildings. Some parts look okay but some parts look rough. Some places look like it went through Cold War and just barely got repaired. Chuy Ave is probably the nicest street of the city, with lots of government buildings/monuments.

I wish I had some Russian skills before I got here. In my opinion having only English limits you to only a handful of girls, and these handful of girls are not always the most attractive. I have been told that the younger people all speak basic English. But that wasn’t the case for me, as half the girls I talked to didn’t speak English at all. I might be wrong, and maybe I was just unlucky. Still, I think it would be worth it to study some Russian before you arrive here, as it gives you more options. Most of the girls on tinder will speak decent English, but it’s still new here and the volume is low during the summer (or so I think).

I had one tinder date here and on her profile, it said she was 25. This bitch was at least 40 when we met up. O well, it’s been a while since I’ve been cat-fished. Just a matter of time really haha. Anyways, one night I came close with this girl who was a 9 in my books. She spoke decent English and told me she’s going to America to study next year. Everything was going well but I couldn’t pull her back to my place. Unluckily for me, her sister and friends would not allow her to leave. I lost count on how many times this has happen to me. I’m sure you guys know this feeling all too well.

Ideal Night Game Schedule: (during the summer months)

Sunday - Thursday: Zavod (but don’t expect a lot of people). Maybe Coyote Ugly Saloon after 3am could be good.

Friday - Saturday: Zavod or Garage 312. It’s a pain in the ass to get to Garage 312 as its quite far from the city center. I prefer Zavod.


Unfortunately, I struck out. But I’m not that disappointed, I only have myself to blame. I had plenty of IOI’s from decent looking girls. I was just lazy and didn’t approach enough. Didn’t matter how many shots or drinks I had to try to loosen me up. Also, didn’t help that my stamina was drained too. Unluckily for me, the girls I met that spoke decent English were not that great looking, except for that 9. Yes, speaking zero Russian limited me as well. Coupled with the fact that in the summer months it seems like every one leaves Bishkek.

If I had to do it all over again and it was during summer. I would go straight to Issyk Kul Lake to see if the hype is real. I’m not sure if this place will be great for a single traveler though. Seems like mostly groups or families go there. But the only way to find out, is to go there and see it for yourself I guess. I would double check to see if the 3 cities the locals told me is the best nightlife area of Issyk Kul Lake. Would suck to go there and find out it’s just families with kids. Maybe Bishkek would be better to visit in Fall, Winter and Spring. But that’s just my 2 cents.

Hopefully this datasheet helps you guys out, maybe you’ll have better luck.

Until next time. Peace!
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RE: Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan Datasheet July 2017
Good report. Also - did you pity-bang the 40yo?
08-02-2017 12:55 PM
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RE: Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan Datasheet July 2017
I salute your effort and work you putting on these reports. Enjoyed your write up about Mongolia:

If you were to compare between Ulaanbaatar and Bishkek which city you would say have more solid 8' s walking around?
Also average height wise is Mongolian or Kyrgiz girl is taller than the other?
08-03-2017 05:01 AM
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RE: Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan Datasheet July 2017
nice sheet. Had a khazak back in US and have since wanted to hit the region.
08-03-2017 07:36 AM
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RE: Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan Datasheet July 2017
Zelcorpion Wrote:Also - did you pity-bang the 40yo?

Haha no it wasn't worth it.

sorkhan Wrote:I salute your effort and work you putting on these reports. Enjoyed your write up about Mongolia:

If you were to compare between Ulaanbaatar and Bishkek which city you would say have more solid 8' s walking around?
Also average height wise is Mongolian or Kyrgiz girl is taller than the other?

Hmm in my opinion I would say Ulaanbaatar but Bishkek isn't bad either. I'd say the Mongolian girls were on average taller.

Leads Wrote:nice sheet. Had a khazak back in US and have since wanted to hit the region.

I'm in Kazakhstan now and I prefer it here much more than Kyrgyzstan.
08-04-2017 01:32 AM
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