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On Choosing a Venue
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On Choosing a Venue
It's Thursday at about 2pm. I look at my calendar and see that not much is going on next week. I can probably get out of the office for a few days.

What to do, what to do...

I've spent the last year honing my "camping game." Meaning, I've got enough gear and clothes in my truck where I can just hit the road and be anywhere on short notice (I'll do a more specific writeup at some point). I'm tied to a desk on most days, but I can usually sneak away for a 3 or 4 day weekend.

I've got a free weekend. So... let's drive north. Why not? What's up that way? I have no idea.

I find a campground out in the middle of nowhere. Not one with kids and RV warriors, but just a lot of space, peace, and quiet. At this point I'm very adept at setting up a campsite by myself - starting a fire, pitching the tent, and cooking a few pieces of meat over an open flame. I didn't grow up with this stuff, but it's not hard to learn.

Later that night, I get a text from one of my plates:

"Hi Hank!"
"What are you up to?"
"camping up in nowheresville" [picture of campsite]
"Who are you with?"
"just me and some chickens. maybe a coyote..."
"Want company?"

Plate drives almost two hours to join me in the woods. We have all kinds of sex in the tent.

The next morning we forage eggs from local chickens on the campground, which I cook over the campfire along with locally sourced bacon. Then we wander around Nowheresville through all kinds of small towns, farms, and parks. She puts pictures of all the cool stuff we did on Instagram and Facebook. All her friends are commenting about how cool it must have been. Her friends are jealous of Hank the Mountainman.

Cost to me: Under $100. For an entire weekend. I can't help but wonder if other guys were begging to take her to a fancy restaurant or a club.

As we're laying in the tent, she strikes up a conversation...

"You know what I like about you, Hank?"
"That I'm so tall?" (I'm 5'5)
"That you're so... fun. You've always got something to do. My ex used to just take me to bars and restaurants. A year into it, all he wanted to was sit around and play Skyrim."
"What is Skyrim? Is that like disc golf?"
"It's a video game."

Case in point - in years past, I've spent so much time worried about venue. What restaurant, what bar, how close is it to my house, etc.

Having eaten in many fancy top rated restaurants, I've come to the conclusion that food is food, drinks are drinks, and none of it is really that special in and of itself. It all got boring to me.

I've found what works better is to just do the things you enjoy doing, and let them join you if they're so inclined. If you feel like going to a fancy steakhouse, great. But do it for you, not for her.

So, you want to know where to take her?

Anywhere you feel like going.

Chances are you'll both have a better time.
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