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Divide and conquer
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Divide and conquer
So we know how the elites are using divide and conquer with the races using BLM etc. Masculinity is good obviously, but don't you think it's possible that the elites are promoting mgtow and their communities so that the most woke and most masculine men 'go their own way'? Their ultimate goal is destruction of the family. If the most masculine/ woke YOUNG men are being sucked into mgtow communities, clubbing, and even communities like Roosh and rsd, doesn't that feed right into the elites hands? They want to destroy the family. These communities are not too keen on settling down. Obviously they do this through porn industry, anti male laws, etc., but isn't it possible that these woke and masculine communities that are anti settling down exactly what the elites want? Again, the African American community being the prototype for all of the elites plans, you can see this. The average inner city black male has zero what you would call 'charm' with women. It's all animalistic sex, the men don't stay with the women, and the women get abortions. The men then go on to do 'masculine' gang shit and listen to gangster rap music.
Btw I love Roosh, I believe we r getting demasculinized, and it's my goal to bang a lot of hot chicks but this is just something to think about. I know this is very scattered, as I'm not quite sure what to make of it myself and have a lot of thoughts on the situation.
08-20-2017 10:01 PM
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