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Buenos Aires / Argentina Data Sheet
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Buenos Aires / Argentina Data Sheet
As a long time lurker it is about time to contribute with some personal experiences and knowledge. Ive recently lived and studied in Buenos Aires for about a year, and will try to summarize my experiences.

But first the standard introduction: Im 23, Scandinavian and with those classical traits, 6.2, blond (that is, blond in a Latin-American context) and with above looks. Gamewise Id say I was clearly under average the first half of the year, while definitively improving the second half (travelling solo really makes you as a man).

The first cultural chock came seeing how Argentinean men work. Coming from a Scandinavian country where you don’t make a move until after at least 8 pints of beer, this was something else. I did however not see the Argentinean men having much success, as it seems they’re basically playing the numbers: Hitting hard on everything that moves, making compliments ie. to be a “chamucero” (argie playa). The good part is that they virtually don’t give a f*** about rejections, on the other side, the closing ratio must be very low.

In the beginning I was not doing well at all. Not speaking much of the language definitively didn’t help, but mostly it had to do with being a chicken when it came to approaching. This changed after a while, and I found an opening line which for me was gold.

First however, my default “game” is a passive variant, which is I wait until a girl definitively is checking me out before going over. I can usually do this, but Im obviously trying to be more offensive. Im mentioning this in order to better judge the line.

I’ll go over and ask the girl if she’s local, which she almost always is. When she confirms I’ll tell her that Im planning on going on a football match (feel free to make up some Argentinean event), but that Ive been warned by other Argies that the risk of getting robbed (adding raped will normally make her laugh) is quite high, and especially so for gringos. Now, Ill go on saying that I personally think I can pass as an Argie, and thus does not need to worry. Ill round off asking her what she thinks, asking in a flirty /funny manner whether she would advice me buying a pepper spray.

This line is great because a) you are actually asking what it means to be an Argentinean, and they are very hung up in their European ancestry, b) you are in a way negging her country by saying that here you only come to experience her country, and end up worrying about being robbed, c) you can show yourself as alfa by finally don’t caring whether you’ll be robbed (Ive been so three times, makes great stories) and d) it opens up an infinite of further conversation threads (why come to Argentina, what you think about the country, differences etc). Ive literally been able to, with this line, to have the exact same conversation lasting 10-15 minutes with a lot of girls. This is especially important when you’re not completely stable in the language, as they are willing to hang around later in the conversation when you have to struggle find the words, if you have already established that you are an interesting and funny guy.

The only backfire Ive experienced is being accused of is thinking Im better than they are, but it only happened once. But in any case, make sure you’re kind of sincere, at least in the beginning of the conversation.

This obviously works because I look quite Nordic, and truth be told, I know I cant pass as some local. But I still think the average gringo should be able to pull it, for if she indeed says you look Argentinean, you could probably steer the conversation towards you having common ancestors with the girl (Italians are popular of this reason. French probably also). This however, is just speculation.

Since people on this board care a lot about race/ethnicity, I should chip in on my observations:
If you are from a Nordic country, and look like it, you have a significant advantage. A lot of it has to do with the fact that the whiter you are in Latin-America, the more money/status you most likely have. The telenovelas, models, famous people, they’re almost all white. Hollywood is also great contributor. If you check out the “most handsome awards”, almost all the guys are of white (north-European) ancestry. However, the saying “in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king” also goes: If you’re exotic, as being blond in that part of the world is, the better for you. So I pretty much confirm what everyone else has been saying.

As for other people I don’t know that well, but can try. I met one black guy (AA) and he was doing well. Said being exotic helped. But I should mention that he seemed to have his shit together. The other time I saw blacks in action, it was more of a sorry show. I think they were African, which probably affect in some way, but most importantly, they were standing in a big group virtually grabbing everything that passed. Not much success. It should be said that Argentineans can be quite racist; they use words such as “negro de la calle” and “negro de mierda”. But if you are an AA, dress well and come of as an educated guy, chances are well that you’ll have it good. Hollywood and MTV gives status.

Concerning Asians I don’t know much either. However I don’t think they are doing well. One Asian looking girl I knew said she got less attention in Argentina than in Europe, and I don’t see why it should be any different with the guys. Add that the Chinese population isn’t very popular. I must state that I never spoke with any Asian guys about this, so this is by no means sure science.

I can also comment on some of the stuff I read in Roosh’s Argentinean compendium. I do not remember exactly what it said, so I must note that I might quote wrong.

Cordoba vs Buenos Aires: On this subject Roosh is spot on. I went to Cordoba once, and got far more attention. Girls asking for kisses, grabbing my ass and wanting to take photos. The exotic value is way higher there. Secondly, the girls there often does not live with their parents, as they normally do in BA. In Cordoba they are more interested in getting to know other people, and do not have their parents/family watching over them. My biggest mistake was not studying there.

Girls flaking at the weirdest moment: True. You might think everything is going OK, but then they disappear. Very weird. Ive even kissed a couple of girls, and then have them disappearing.

Kiss as a big thing: A bit related to the other subject and on this matter I didn’t experience the same as Roosh. I could kiss a girl on the first evening, and still go on four dates before hitting goal. Or kiss them, just to see them disappearing.

So what is the biggest difficult with Argie girls? Being in a relationship with them definitively! But this probably doesn’t concern much of you guys. For me it was having to keep changing my game based on whether it was a western girl, or a Latina. The average argie guy pushes so hard, that even if the girl knows that you as a European isn’t used to it, she will still expect it. One example: If I ask a girl out on a date and she flakes, fine, but she better propose another time or day. This rule has made me loose out quite a lot of Latinas, because they will keep calling off and often not suggests other times. This is no worries for them, because they are used to guys virtually never giving up.

The danger is that Ive been to pushy with western girls after being in an Argentinean flow, only resulting in they seeing me as desperate and of lower value. So it can be hard to balance.

There is probably some stuff that I’ve forgot to mention, but I can add it if I remember. As for Argentinean girls being pretty; yes definitively. Especially the fact that there are not many fat girls there, as opposed to the western world, is a huge factor. But then again, the stigma on a fat girl is quite big over there.
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