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How to keep progressing
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How to keep progressing
So I had this idea for a thread primarily because I see people hitting the same walls in their training. Either they can't get any bigger, stronger, leaner, ect. They're stuck at a road block in their training and they're looking for the detour.

Now training, like everything else, follows the law of diminishing returns. Now some people see this as a sign that they need to add something new to their mix, take drugs, get on a new supp, ect, when it usually boils down to adding more of the key ingredient: consistency where it hurts.

Now im referring to consistency where it hurts as the basic things people just don't want to do. That's diet, training, and rest. Everyone is happy to add some ACV to their water, take a zinc pill and do contrast showers, because those things are really not that difficult or involved. But in the grand scheme of things, they don't add up to 2% of jack shit. Nobody ever just hit that next level because they started using beta alanine.

The key factors are going to be your dedication to the very very basics of your routine, which are also the hardest things to stay consistent on over any time period. Most people are unable to go 3 days eating exactly as they have planned to a T. Maybe they can go 3 out of 5 days eating perfect but guess what that's 60% which may be enough to get you to a certain area but not the next one. Same thing with your workouts, what percentage of your workouts are you really smashing and what percent are you half assing? You know in your heart which ones you grew from it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out.

Hell most people don't even have the discipline to drink a gallon of water a day. To them it's like a huge fuckin hurdle.

The main thing here is dont miss the 20 dollar bills while you pick up the pennies, cause they will never make up for a lack of consistency and fortitude where it matters.
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RE: How to keep progressing
Good wake up call. Thanks for this.


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