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Education Lessons You Learned From Conflict
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Lessons You Learned From Conflict
I read a recent post by dalrock and he observed that most men learn in grade school not to start conflicts, whereas women don't learn these lessons. He observes that some women have no problems putting their social group in peril because they didn't experience a lot of violence in grade school (or feel it would happen to them).

I think this makes a good topic for men to discuss: what early lessons did you learn about conflict, such as when do you take a stand, how to avoid making a minor issue become a major issue, and what do you do when a friend or girlfriend puts you in a bad situation?
10-05-2017 09:31 AM
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RE: Lessons You Learned From Conflict
If you start a fight, you must be ready to finish it.
10-05-2017 10:48 AM
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RE: Lessons You Learned From Conflict
(1) Just like in game. When you cut communications off with a chick, you commit 100%. Anything else will not make relations normal again.

Had a bad conflict with a "good friend" of mine. After a few days, he said "hi" to me a few times. Returned the favor by being a man and patch things up. I invited him to hang out ONCE and clear the tension in the air, but he ignored me. Now he's telling mutual friends that I'm "always bugging him" by "always" texting him to hang out and he "wishes" I would stop.

Some guys act like chicks. So treat em like chicks. Gotta laugh it off with these beta males. It is what it is.

Lesson learned: Treat beta males as beta males.

(2) Be careful who you tell your inner battles to (again do not confide in beta males)

Another "friend", when I was struggling and beaten down in my entrepreneur route- kicked me in my teeth as I was down. Shit really hurt. Still hurts to this day (that's why I'm writing)

A person in your inner circle must be people who love challenges, and love the thrill of changing for the best. And not people who drag you down in your darkest times. Great friends/advisors help shed light when the path less traveled has hit its darkest points.

Lesson Learned: Inner circle of trusted advisors must be red-pilled minded.

I could blame society of betas. But the truth is, I LET myself be friended by beta minded males. We, I, You, must guard against the swamp monsters of life.
10-05-2017 01:17 PM
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