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How Indians Triumphed in America
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RE: How Indians Triumphed in America
This was how the Indians triumphed:

Custer ran out of bullets...

"Поехали!!" (Yuri Gagarin, 1961)

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10-27-2017 06:48 PM
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RE: How Indians Triumphed in America
(10-27-2017 04:17 PM)captndonk Wrote:  How many Indians are in the NBA or other professional sports?

The only sport Indians give a fuck about is cricket, and they dominate it. I hate cricket because it's one of the laziest sports out there with some of the lowest levels of athleticism - most of the players stand around all day waiting to catch the ball.

(10-27-2017 04:47 PM)tomtud Wrote:  Simple,,,family unit is strong and they value education. This formula works outside of India very well. For example, in some countries parents kick their kids out at 18 while Indian parents keep them till they marry. Even then the Indian adult and wife or vice versa stay with the extended family in one house. They save their money, don't pay rent and have free babysitting. Simple formula. Not too many non Indians want to do that.
Now I am generalizing, but from my observations they are just keeping it simple by living as an extended family in one house pooling and saving the money. Not all of course, but it's not rocket science.

The education part isn't necessarily true - I come from a Punjabi background and most of my US and UK born relatives are not educated. We were told that we have to do something with our lives - either get a job, go to school, or get the fuck out of the house. Being on welfare is unacceptable. Punjabis tend to be a bit more open minded about careers, I know a guy who's a California prison warden.

A lot of the south Indians are more into education and raise their sons to be nerds - they are the root of the IRT epidemic.

Regarding baby sitting, it's a big no-no in Indian culture to hire baby sitters. You get relatives to baby sit, if none are available, the woman should be a housewife.

I know a British Indian couple where the wife was an investment banker - she hasn't worked in 6 years because she's had 3 kids and she won't go back to work until all 3 of them are in school. In the meantime the husband is covering everything.

(10-27-2017 05:18 PM)Arado Wrote:  What is this garbage race thread.

Simple answer - selection mechanism - the average Indian has no shot at immigrating to America unless through family.

Even the H1Bs are actually probably top 10% in education level in India even if in the West they don't often rise above entry level work.

Don't need to beat a dead horse - with 1.3 billion people obviously the ones that are able to jump through the hoops to immigrate to the U.S. are going to be much smarter than the average Indian.

There's a lot of illegal Indians in the US too - where do you think a lot of the gas station and 7/11 guys come from? I met an Indian guy who told me he paid USD $75K to come illegally to California via flying to South America and then making his way across the Mexican border - he said it took him 5 months to make and he saw people die on the way. He said he will claim political asylum to stay in the US.

(10-27-2017 05:24 PM)Thomas Jackson Wrote:  Right - the Indians in America are pretty far from a representative sample. Biased towards upper castes and almost no untouchables. Average IQ in India is pretty low. It's depressed a bit by nutrition, but most estimates I've seen guess it would max out at 90-92. Given their population growth is driven largley by Muslims and lower castes I don't see the end of people shitting in the street anytime soon.

There's a lot of untouchables in Sacramento & Yuba City California and a lot of them are very wealthy. They're not educated but a lot of them own their own businesses. I knew a guy who was illiterate and became a millionaire via real estate. The most he ever made as a salary was USD 36K about 20 years ago, after that he just collected rent. The untouchables in UK are also very successful.

The lower castes are progressing in Indian society whereas the Muslims are regressing. India itself is very corrupt, and has problems with socialism, corruption and religious and caste discrimination. There's a saying that "Indians can succeed anywhere except India".

A a British Indian I can't say I care too much for Indian-Americans unless they came from a working class background. A lot of them are rich entitled fucks who are pro LGBT and very pussified. We all know how horrendous Indian-American women are...
10-28-2017 04:22 PM
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