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Rome datasheet 2017
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Rome datasheet 2017
Hey I thought I might provide an updated datasheet on Rome

Having spent multiple summers in Rome I feel as though I can provide info.

The nighlife areas can be broken down into bars / dance bars and clubs / discos. During the peak season - June to September - you can go out and party every day of the week. Virtually all the clubs where the locals and tourists go are outdoors during that period, since it basically "never" rains or at least not for long periods of time. These venues are still within 10 to 15 minutes of the city center by bus. There are also a bunch of pubcrawls in the city, I'll get to them towards the end. I'll also talk about language and Italian women.

I'll start off with some [b]general rules and observations

1. Don't get too drunk, before entering clubs or bars. The clubs and also bars usually have bouncers and they won't hesitate to send you away, if the think you're too drunk.

2. Don't worry about the dresscode in summer. It's 28 to 35 degrees at night, therefore, it's normal to wear shorts and a t-shirt when partying. Just make sure not to wear flip flops or a wifebeater, swim trunk etc.

3. Italian guys are very confident and approach a lot, there's also a lot of catcalling and hollering etc. however, their game isn't that good overall, so they probably won't be "competition".

Now to the outdoor clubs

[/b] Bosco delle fragole

Open from Monday to Saturday, this club has locals, exchange students and tourists, music is mainly hip hop and reggaeton, but there is also house and electronic music at times. They'll usually also have dancer performing on a stage.


Open from thursday to saturday, but the peak days are Friday and Saturday, you'll find locals, exchange students and tourists here too. The club is well-known for it's rooftop parties, cause it's main area is actually on top of the building roof.


A somewhat "highend" club. Drinks here are more expensive than at other clubs - around 15€. The bouncers here are stricter, but some guys might find the girls more attractive since they'll be more of them in high heels etc.
Peak nights are Thursday to Sunday. The club clearly has more locals than tourists too.

Black Garden
A pretty big club with 2 large dance floor areas and a big pool basically separating both of them. You can club and swim here, which is pretty epic. It can fit somewhere up 2000 people.

Yellow hostel

This is actually just a hostel that happens to have its own bar and "club" meaning dancefloor area. 99% of the people are tourists and there's no entry fee. However, I'd say there are about 75% guys on the dancefloor and it can get very crowded and sweaty. But the street in front of the entrance offers good cold approach opportunities.

Ok now to the bars and dance bars


probably the best-known bar among internationals and expats in Rome. They have karaoke, a lot of music, drunk and happy people etc. You can basically go here any day of the week and try your luck. The place is usually buzzing.

the nag's head

This is actually more of a restaurant/bar but at night things can get pretty nice in here. A lot of tourists and locals are too lazy to take the 10 minute bus ride to the clubs so they opt for this bar right here. The dancefloor is big and it essentially turns into a disco at night from about 1 or 2 until 5.

Now to the pubcrawls.

In my opinion, the pubcrawls are like a ticket around the city, if you're a tourist. I don't want to advertise here, but there's one called "colosseum pubcrawl", which stands out to me, because they take you to multiple bars and clubs, usually the ones I mentioned above. During the summer there will be about 50 to 250 people at these events, 99% are international, but there also are some Italians from Rome or other Italian cities people usually tend to be in a great mood and I've seen countless guys pull from here.

Language and Italian women

It's no secret that trying to pull Italian women is rather challenging (a waste of time haha). Their used to being approached a lot, they're generally not that into one night stands, their English usually sucks. However, if you have a solid level of Italian or even Spanish, the girls will be much more willing to talk to you.

If you have no language skills apart from English, then you at least have to know a thing or two about dances like Salsa or Bachata. Girls at the clubs in Rome love those dances and aren't shy to let you grab their hips and dance with you or grind on you and maybe even makeout with you, but don't be surprised if she leaves you after 25 mins of physical dancing and then continues dancing with the guy standing right next to you.

That being said, those women still have sex and some of them are pretty good at it. I met guys in Rome who get laid regularly but basically gave up on Italian women. But why let other people's limitations be yours?

If you guys want any more info. about the clubs, women, venues, food etc. just let me know and I'll see if I can help you out.
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11-06-2017 02:09 PM
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RE: Rome datasheet 2017
Great datasheet

You forgot some of the nightlife spots like San Lorenzo(students area) and also Trastevere(probably the main one) as it bars and people are drinking in the streets Smile

Regarding the yellow hostel, I used to live close to it and I've heard some shady stuff about the club that is downstairs lol but it's located in a decent area if you're visiting rome

If anyone wants to pull foreign pussy as italian girls are hard as fuck and normally don't speak shit of english, I advise to check erasmus parties. I've been to Alibi and check ESN Roma ASE facebook page, they usually advertise there their parties. It's usually spanish chicks, french, portuguese, scandinavians, germans, polish,turkish, etc and some italian but it's so easy although the quality isn't top notch. There's also a huge community of students from USA, you can find them at Scholar's lounge, probably the best pub in rome to watch sports. I used to go there to watch champions league, great environment.
11-07-2017 10:37 AM
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RE: Rome datasheet 2017
Will be in Rome from Oct 26th to Nov 3rd

Mostly looking to see the sights but open to meeting up - maybe to go out but more interested in meeting people who run businesses/are involved in crypto

Hit me up

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(If I miss your reply PM me)
10-24-2018 09:57 PM
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RE: Rome datasheet 2017
So many thanks for the awesome posts guys, I am currently in Rome, in the heart of Trastevere, in a beautiful antique apartment which I was only able to get because it's low season here now (but luckily the weather is nice anyway).

I'm not new at game, and I use Tinder and Happn for "Plan B" situations, should night game and day game produce no results (which is actually the case for these last nine days). In any country I visit, these apps work well, especially Tinder or course, but not in Rome! Is it possible that Italian women are so close-minded as to barely use Tinder, or use it only to get Instagram followers and make some residual income? These apps don't work with foreign girls either, as they're probably overwhelmed by locals that must be extremely deprived (again, thanks to this close-mindness). Ii know, lots of assumptions here, but I'm trying to rationalize somehow.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated it, or let's get together and let's hit Trastevere hard before I go back to the USA!
02-19-2019 10:08 AM
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RE: Rome datasheet 2017
This is a great thread. I am here now in Rome for work. If there is anybody down to wing or check out any of the bars of clubs; or even just grab drinks shoot me a note. I am in my 30s, professional guy from the US. I am down for sarging or even meeting up with someone for drinks. I'll be here in Rome couple weeks.

Email me....
03-17-2019 07:04 AM
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RE: Rome datasheet 2017
Where to find foreign women in Rome instead that are receptive to English?
asking for a friend.
03-17-2019 09:23 PM
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RE: Rome datasheet 2017
Will be in Rome April 19-23 if anyone wants to grab a cold one.
04-03-2019 10:51 PM
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