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Nashville Data Sheet 2017
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Nashville Data Sheet 2017

Nasvhille aka Smashville aka Nashvegas aka Music City.. it’s to musicians what LA is to models/actors. The population is about 700,000. The weather is decent year round, ranging from 8C in the winter, to 31C in the summer. It also boasts some delicious, yet a bit unhealthy cuisine. I consider it the anti-Vegas, substitute EDM for live music, fake bimbos for cute southern girls, $1000 bottle service for $5 beers and whiskey shots.. You get the point. They are similar in that it may not be worth visiting unless you are 21+.
[Image: BDZGdpQ.png]

The Girls:
Your stereotypical local will be the southern blonde belle type.. A cute southern accent, cowboy boots… probably a bit more religious than normal. Even browsing Tinder you’ll notice a lot of profiles talking about Jesus. While this may make them seem conservative, you probably won’t notice much of a difference. People are really friendly in this part of the USA as well, so striking up a conversation with a stranger is not a big ask. The guys were are all from the same basket.. If you are a fit guy who might blend in in the LA/ Vegas/ NYC scene, you’ll probably stick out a bit here, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Downtown Nashville is a different story though, I'll elaborate below.

Where to stay:

Ideally you want to stay as close to downtown as possible. The problem with that is the tourism took off in nashville much faster than the hotel industry could keep up. To stay close to the action, you’ll be looking at $300-800 a night. My choice of accommodation is the Nashville Downtown Hostel… privates there range from $120-180 and dorms from $35-45. The location is superb and the 24hr social room downstairs is great for meeting people. The talent is a bit better than your normal backpacker hostel as there are a lot of Canadians and Americans flying down for the weekend and this is the only reasonably priced place to stay. They aren’t strict on bringing guests back either. You could also check out airbnbs, but you’ll probably be an uber away before you get to a reasonable price level. You can also stay in Midtown, but don't get a place out by the Opry, it'll be a mission for you to go out and go home every night.

Day game:
Unless you are living here, I don’t see much of a reason to come here to day game… unless you are the type of person who would go to Vegas to day game. I’ll quote whoisgult from a previous thread on this.. But he also wasn’t too fond of day game in Nashville

Quote:“That being said, there are a couple decent options. IMO the Green Hills Mall is THE place to do weekend daygame in Nashville. It's the nicest mall around, and closest to where all the wealthy-er white chicks live. Hell, I've stopped plenty of out-of-towners there, as well as chicks who have driven up to shop at the nicer stores. If you're a single chick with any sort of disposable income between 20-45, that's where you shop.

The other option is on 21st Ave near Vanderbilt. There are really two options: near Fido's in Hillsboro Village, and near Starbucks farther north (near CVS). This is exactly what Roosh meant by "low-traffic, pedestrian sidewalks near a college campus" (or whatever he said along those lines). At Starbucks you'll get the Vandy students, and Fido's you'll get a mix of Vandy, Belmont, nurses, singers, and a fair amount of hipsters. People walk up and down these streets all day long, so if you have the time, park your ass on a chair with a book or whatever and wait. Something decent will walk by.

Non-public places, ie College Campuses: Vanderbilt and Belmont. If you like black chicks, check out TSU. Otherwise, stick to the first two. Just wander around, act lost and do your thing. Note that Vandy sorority chicks are probably the hardest girls to pick up in all of Tennessee. I've literally seen guys with awesome game (notably my buddy from Miami who kills it) get blown out because he wasn't in a frat. It's a status thing here; for a good portion of these girls, they won't even listen to a word you say if you're not in a frat. Literally. Belmont is smaller, but you don't have the same issues. “

There are 3 places to go for nightlife in Nashville: Downtown, Midtown/Gulch, and East Nashville


Downtown is tourist central. It will be loaded with bachelorette parties and fans of whatever team is playing the Titans or Predators that week. If I had to break down the average football game weekend it would be 60% fans from the team they are playing, 15% bachelorette parties, 15% vacationers, and 10% locals. That said, the ratio is typically pretty decent, and the amount of out of towners makes lays easier than normal. On nights with concerts downtown, there will be a higher ratio of locals than normal. I’ll outline a few of the hot spots below, but imagine a street with 25 bars, each with live music from 11am-3am every day. It’s not the cheapest place to drink.. $5-7 drinks/shots, but there are happy hours at a lot of places that you can take advantage of. There is a massive age range down here as well.

Tootsies is a staple in Nashville… probably the most famous bar in the city. There are 3 different levels and an outdoor patio, and at any given time there will also be 3 bands playing there. The top floor is a place I’ve had good luck in Nashville. Pro-tip, there is an entrance at the back that will allow you to avoid the line.
[Image: bt7vlgJ.png]
Honky Tonk
Another 3 level bar, honky tonk can be packed on the weekends, with lines around the corner. It’s a pretty social bar, with dance floors on each level. On quiet nights, the 1st floor here will be one of your best bets.

Paradise Park
Downtown is not a cheap place. Paradise park is. It’s a trailer park themed dive bar, with the specialty being $6 pitchers of Natty Light. Shitty bear, but for those prices you can’t go to wrong. They also have some good combos of tater tots, burgers, chili, and hotdogs for your late night snacking needs.

The karaoke hotspot of downtown, this place is busy every night and extremely social. Lot’s of bachelorette parties here.

Aside from the above places, downtown is only a couple blocks so just walk around and see what is busy. It could be a Tuesday in January and you will still find something to do.

This area of town is where you are more likely to find locals and students. It is closer to Vanderbilt University, and the prices are much more reasonable than downtown. It’ll be a mostly 25 and under crowd here. Similar to downtown, it’s really day to day on what is good and what isn’t.. Just hop around and find the hot spot of the night. Your typical alpha will do well here, hipsters not so much.

A local would have a better idea of where to go each night, but Tin Roof has a great happy hour. Winners and Losers, two bars next to each other, can be good. You can hit Broadway Brewhouse and try the Bushwacker. Rebar on Sunday afternoons when the weather is nice. Everything is pretty close to each other, so just head up there and bar hop until you find something that is decent. Flying Saucer can be decent as well.

East Nashville

This is a hipster area. I don’t have a ton of experience going out here so I don’t have too much to say about it. This is the best breakdown I found of some bars to check out, but if anyone else has something to add, feel free

If you are in Nashville, it would be a shame not to attend a concert while you are there. Some of the most famous venues in the US are here, and Nashville has given the start to many legends in the industry.

If you stay overlays with a night of the Grand Ole Opry, definitely check it out. The Opry is a live radio show that features ~6-8 artists playing 2 songs each.. Everyone who is anyone in the country music industry has performed here.

The Ryman- the former venue of the opry, it’s a church turned concert venue. Even if you don’t go to a concert here, it’s worth doing the tour.

Country Music HOF- This speaks for itself.. Hosting everything from one of Elvis’s cars to Taylor Swifts guitars, it’s a great look back at the history of music.

The Basement- a legendary, and tiny, joint in Nashville, it’s hosted Metallica, Mumford and Sons, Dawes and others.

The amazing thing about nashville is you never know who you will see on any given night. I was at Tootsies this spring and Brad Paisley and John Fogerty (CCR) showed up to play a set. One tip I have is the following.

Pro-tip: Throughout the afternoon or before you go out at night, search Twitter for “nashville tonight”. It will be a list of people talking about what is going on in Nashville that night, and you never know what you’ll find. Could be a surprise album launch party by a big name at a small bar, could a festival you didn’t know about.. Just give it a search and you could be surprised.

BBQ- depending on who you talk to, there may be an argument on the best one in Nashville, I'll leave you this: (PS: Memphis is way better when it comes to BBQs)

Fried Chicken- also a point of contention, all are pretty amazing regardless. My favorite two are Princes in East Nashville and Hattie B's at Midtown. Also, for the most caloric breakfast you could ever imagine, give Biscuit Love a shot.

Other things to do:
The Jack Daniels distillery is an hour or so outside of Nashville in Lynchburg.

I know it's touristy as hell, but the Pedal Tavern, a 15 person bike bar that you can drink on, is an absolute blast and great for picking up.
[Image: T5RSOPi.png]

Of every city in the USA, Nashville is my favorite when it comes to spending the weekend somewhere. It might not be for everybody, but if you like live music there isn’t a better place in America. You probably won't have too much trouble picking up if you have decent game, but regardless it's worth trip.
11-11-2017 03:43 PM
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RE: Nashville Data Sheet 2017
Awesome datasheet. I was just in Nashville in late August for the first time and the place really is amazing, especially coming from LA. Ratios are as good as they get (you will regularly see bars ~70% girls), the vibes are really positive, and basically every time you approach a girl they will at least have a brief conversation with you, usually much more than that. Logistics were terrible since we stayed at a campground outside of the city (for the eclipse) but we drove into town twice to go out. With those odds I didn't really have a chance to pull, but I hooked up with one girl and got head from her in the alley behind one of the Broadway bars hah, felt so scared that the cops were gonna roll up but all good.

One tip I will add is that if you normally dress up nice when going out (ie: custom suits), I would tone it WAY down here. The first night I went out I rocked a blazer-jeans combo, and felt completely out of place, was probably the only guy wearing a blazer on the whole street. Second night I went with a v-neck-jeans-brown boots look, which was perfect. I wouldn't recommend dressing any nicer than that.
11-12-2017 12:45 PM
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RE: Nashville Data Sheet 2017
(11-12-2017 12:45 PM)RDF Wrote:  Awesome datasheet. I was just in Nashville in late August for the first time and the place really is amazing, especially coming from LA. Ratios are as good as they get (you will regularly see bars ~70% girls), the vibes are really positive, and basically every time you approach a girl they will at least have a brief conversation with you, usually much more than that. Logistics were terrible since we stayed at a campground outside of the city (for the eclipse) but we drove into town twice to go out. With those odds I didn't really have a chance to pull, but I hooked up with one girl and got head from her in the alley behind one of the Broadway bars hah, felt so scared that the cops were gonna roll up but all good.

One tip I will add is that if you normally dress up nice when going out (ie: custom suits), I would tone it WAY down here. The first night I went out I rocked a blazer-jeans combo, and felt completely out of place, was probably the only guy wearing a blazer on the whole street. Second night I went with a v-neck-jeans-brown boots look, which was perfect. I wouldn't recommend dressing any nicer than that.
I heard the airport was a shit show after that eclipse haha. Definitely agree with the clothes... I normally just wear a t-shirt or light sweater, jeans, and dress shoes. You'd be a tool to wear more than that.

Regarding ratios, it's pretty nuts sometimes. This is a picture I took at Tootsies earlier in the year, I think it's 17 girls and 0 guys.[Image: HClPZvd.jpg]

And this was an elevator ride last weekend, 11 girls and me in the elevator, with the girls comparing their nipple piercings hahaha. Kind of NSFW so I'll leave it as a link
11-12-2017 03:36 PM
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RE: Nashville Data Sheet 2017
Great data sheet as my bother was there in the Summer time and had a blast.

I heard even on the weekdays the clubs are busy but country music is not my thing but would still be worth it with these ratio's
11-12-2017 06:18 PM
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RE: Nashville Data Sheet 2017
I've lived there for years in the gulch, and Hillsboro areas and this is spot on though the city has changed quite a bit as it's turned into Hipster heaven. Definitely a lot of cuties and transplant coming to ive the Nashville life but be warned you'll have to wade you're way through Fatties.. Solid report . +1

"I got no game it's just some bitches understand my story." Nas
11-12-2017 06:18 PM
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Christmas & NYE in Nashville 2017
Thanks for this great datasheet, DN! I've finally planned a vacation / relocation scouting trip and I'll be centered on the Nashville area for a few weeks around Christmas and New Years. It's a big step for me being away from friends and family but 2018 will be a year of BIG change and a definitely move from the madness that is CA so I've claimed the right to end 2017 and start 2018 MY WAY!

I'm not sure about pipelining vs. just hitting the ground and making connections that way. I'm leery of online after years of using it. I could fire Bumble up again. I usually prefer natural approaching, especially since southern girls (from my prior experience also) are pretty friendly even if they're not interested and being a tanned (and more fit) guy I think I'll get a good reception. Sounds like the malls and downtown bars are good bets.

With this being winter, thoughts on how that would change the situation? Do the girls still walk the boulevard or favor malls for holiday shopping / restaurants and spending a few hours with friends / family?

In terms of questions re: 'why are you here?' if that comes up, I'm fine with being mysterious / deflecting (I don't answer direct questions anyway) but would allude to appreciating a freedom-loving, outdoor-oriented (I'm into climbing / hiking), conservative place with real American women who LIKE being women and can cook / handle a gun / etc. Open to thoughts / ways to frame my intention to relocate - or also to open up another branch of my business which probably comes off better than 'I'm escaping SF.'

I'd appreciate any pointers in on where to buy good 'I'm not from the south, but I look the part' attire, boots esp. Not thinking full on cowboy, but something regionally distinctive. Also, anyone who wants to meet up later this month or NYE, PM me.

I'll be sure to add a trip report when I'm back (and likely while I'm there).

P.S. From DN's datasheet, I'm definitely going to check out the Pedal Tavern (assuming it's run in winter!), Wanna-B's (I dig karaoke though hugely into country), Fido's & SBUX near the unis, and Division/Demonbreun per whoisGalt's sheet.

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Ho'oponopono: a powerful, simple way to take 100% responsibility for and 'clean' up your life
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12-03-2017 01:48 PM
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RE: Nashville Data Sheet 2017
Great sheet. Stayed in Nashville for two months spring/summer 2016. Couldn't agree more with your choice of venues.

For East Nashville, I'll add a few spots. Definitely go to Motown Monday at The 5 Spot. No matter where I go, be it NYC or Miami, when it comes Monday night, I long to be in Nashville for Motown Monday. Gets really crowded, college age crowd. At least for me, perfect layout. Two bars, lounging area, dance floor w/ small stage.

No 308 is good on the weekends, though from Yelp it looks like they remodeled so not sure about that anymore. Great cocktails but a little pricey for Nashville standards.

The Basement East has live bands and gets crowded, a little bit older than college age crowd, but a good place to see usually non country live music.

Edgefield is a decent place with dartboards and a pool table, wouldn't recommend showing up here solo, but if you're with a group and looking to play bar games.

3 Crow Bar is pretty well known in the area as well. Memories are a bit blurry from there, which is a good sign. Just know that they have good bar food if you're drunk.
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12-03-2017 07:02 PM
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RE: Nashville Data Sheet 2017
Everything written above is accurate.

I was in Nashville for a couple nights on a business trip recently. That was enough time to make my assessment.

Full Disclosure: I have no interested in country music, farm culture, pickup trucks, fried / greasy food, flannel shirts, diarrhea, diabetes, farts that smell like pickles, or trucker caps. I prefer electronic music / DJ and don't want to see a band play in a bar.

Had I vocalized my opinions, I would have been charged with heresy and shooed out of town. Imagine a tourist in Italy saying pasta is loaded with carbs and causes obesity. It's best to keep quiet and know you're just a visitor.

The people are very friendly and polite.

Guys in the Broadway area and Losers Bar looked like Cooter from Dukes of Hazzard.

I don't know how this is fashionably acceptable anywhere in the world, but apparently this outfit gets you laid in Nashville.

Girls dressed very feminine with heals. Some wore flannel shirts, probably a millennial thing. They had a friendly demeanor.

They looked like polar opposites, but they were socializing. It looked like an episode from the Twilight Zone. You're thinking: Is this shit for real? Oh yeah, it's just the fucking Twilight Zone.

Blood is thicker than water. I've seen Twilight Zones throughout my travels around the world.
Slovakia - Busted dudes with jacked teeth
Eastern Czech Republic & Serbia - Uneducated, meatheads

...with local attractive women. If these girls are into those guys, then I would have to climb K2 to close any punay here.

After looking at the crowd in the Broadway area, I headed to the Gulch area. This area attracts a more refined crowd.

There are upscale hotels in the Gulch area. I would have stayed here and avoided Broadway area.

I didn't have the opportunity to daygame since this was a work trip with a packed schedule. DN quoted good daygame locations.

I didn't meet many girls since we went out after work. I had a couple discussions with some local girls. I didn't approach any girls with rings (married or engaged), and they were attractive.

A bachelorette party who drove a few hours to Nashville (27- 30, cute, bubbly, funny, all married) wanted to talk. They explained how Southern girls are bla bla bla. The hen laughed at my jokes, I wished her marital bliss, a new family, and moved on.

Guys are chill, white collar, wear suits and look like any cosmopolitan city, e.g. no flannel shirts or trucker caps.

Girls are stylish, feminine and cute.

Rooftop Bars
People warm up here and bounce somewhere else. I suggest you get here after dinner and catch the female waves early.

L.A. Jackson - Thompson Nashville Hotel (same operators as the original A60 in NY SOHO)
Rooftop bar
Classy, sexy girls

L27 Rooftop Bar - Westin Nashville
Rooftop bar
Didn't make it there.

Old Glory
Speakeasy, dark & chill place
Meet girls at the rooftop bars and bounce here.

Nashville's Virgin Hotel: A first look - Virgin will fit nicely into the area

Had dinner at Saint Añejo (Mexican). Good food and good vibe.
Similar to Rosa Mexicano.
5 minute walk to L.A. Jackson

Locals who travel and get it welcome the new cosmopolitan development to their city.

There could be a class warfare struggle between the Cooters vs. Suits vying for the females of their beloved city. I hope the girls will still dress nice, behave and look feminine. This is what makes the city special.
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12-04-2017 03:41 AM
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RE: Nashville Data Sheet 2017
Lol, those pictures of Nashville are epic. Literally the exact opposite of Los Mangeles, Man Diego, and Man Francisco in the ratios department.
12-04-2017 04:56 AM
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My 2 Cents on Nashville
Nashville women are very good looking, and seeing multiple near perfect 10s in one day is not out of the ordinary. However, the competition is very signifcant and often physically spectacular, the nightlife can overwhelm the senses, and the culture is distinctly closed and different from the rest of the USA. Nashville, for all its pluses, may not be a place where all forum members could expect good results.

I visited Nashville in October 2016 for three nights. While I had a great time going on a bender and listening to fantastic live music, for gaming girls I had mixed feelings about the place, despite seeing an unusual number of almost 10s. I realize that my observations may not completely jibe with other people, but this is as honest an account as I can give.

Let's Get to the part everyone wants to read:


Nashville women are largely white with some blacks.

White Nashville women are good looking, and seeing ones that are strikingly beautiful and near perfect 10s is not unusual in the downtown area. I saw the most beautiful post wall survivor I have ever seen in real life or media playing piano at one of the downtown hotels.

While the average is not at that level, it is quite good, especially for the USA. However, I thought the average was better in Charlotte, NC.

For black women, I would go to Atlanta and skip Nashville.

As far as obesity was concerned, it seemed average for the United States.

To give an example of the attractiveness of Nashville women, while standing in line at a coffee shop in downtown Nashville, every girl in the line which had at least 12 girls in it was bangable.

They are very closed off. I will admit the Nashvegas craziness of downtown is not an environment in which I thrive. But I just got a very closed off attitude even from bartending girls during slow parts of the day in other parts of the city. I wasn't trying to flirt with them (I generally don't hit on the help), but I couldn't even get a friendly chat going. They were quite polite, however.

The only IOIs I got were from girls from University of Florida in town that weekend to watch the Gators play Vanderbilt.

The Competition:
If you hope to compete with Cletus the toothless inbred red neck in his canadian tuxedo and mesh hat, Nasvhille will sorely disappoint you.

Nasvhille girls looked very happy with their men.

White Nashville men are often physically spectacular and seem to have at least some intuitive grasp of game. They are often quite handsome with massive bodies (and I don't mean fat). Their chests are on average broader in comparison to their heights than any other men that I have ever seen, and I have travelled quite a bit (30+ states, 3 Canadian Provinces, 20+ countries, 4 continents). It is a broadness that you cannot get from just lifting.

I noticed these exceptionally broad chests as well when I saw Tucker Max at a book signing back around 2011, who hails from just north of Nashville in Kentucky. I thought at the time that it was just him but it seems to be typical for the area. While I am not denying that he clearly had game, it explained to me at least some of his sexual success, especially when he studied at the University of Chicago.

It is often remarked that Pittsburgh is the capital of hall of fame NFL quarterbacks. Dan Marino, Joe Montana, and several others are from there.

If you told me that Central Tennessee was the capital of NFL hall of fame offensive linemen, it would not surprise me. I saw at least 3 guys who I swore had to have played at least top 10 division 1 football if not the NFL. If Harvard had not invented and Yale formalized football, some sort of full contact team sport would have had to have been created for these men to play.

If you look at where the Scots-Irish (Ulster Irish) originated, Galloway, Scotland, it's one of the places the Vikings failed to conquer in the British Isles. Nashville men are descended from fierce warriors and it shows.

Where to find the girls:

Downtown aka Nashvegas:
Downtown Nashville has a lot of very attractive women. Seeing at least a couple of women a night who are close to perfect 10s is not untypical. However, most of the environment is very crowded bars with loud live music. If your game is dependent on less intense venues (mine generally is), it is not the place for you.

A collection of bars west of downtown. This is also busy but not as crazy as Nashvegas.

Vanderbilt University:
Vanderbilt is a private university about 2 miles west of downtown. In addition to academic excellence, Vanderbilt is famous for having some very attractive women, aka the "Vandy Candy". While there are definitely attractive women on campus, keep in mind that it is an academically minded school so there
are quite a few dumpy girls as well. In addition, the Saturday that I visited Vanderbilt played the University of Florida, so I could directly compare the women from both schools. Frankly, the Florida girls were noticeably more attractive. I am increasingly convinced that the University of Florida has the hottest women in America, better than even Florida State, Arizona State, and the University of Texas.

12 Avenue South:
This is Nasvhille's answer to neighbourhoods like Decatur in Atlanta and Takoma Park in DC, with much more attractive women. It struck me as a good place to day game if you have the time to get a sense of the place.

Boring but Important stuff:

Getting There:

Nashville has a major airport that is a hub for Southwest Airlines. It has direct flights to most major US airports. However, its international flights are limited to Canada and Latin American getaways. It looks like a London flight may start soon. While Uber is quite affordable, there does appear to be a city bus (18) that will take you downtown in a reasonable amount of time.

Several major highways intersect at Nashville. The roads seemed to be of at least decent quality. Parking outside of the downtown Nashvegas area did not look problematic to me, though I did not have a car.

Nashville does not appear to have any train service at all.

When to go and where to stay:

I went in October and the hotels in the city were even more expensive than Manhattan. Even if the Titans are playing an away game, Vanderbilt is an SEC school and other SEC fans seem to love to travel to away games.

Also, everyone wants to party in downtown Nashvegas and the hotel rooms go up on the weekend instead of down like most places. If you want good logistics, you're going to have to pay, at least until all the new construction around downtown is done.

I checked a few days ago and now that college football is over. While hotel prices were not great on the weekend, they were no where near as bad as when I went in October of 2016. I remember seeing one hotel for $700 a night.

If you want good logistics, you're going to have to stay in downtown. If your intention is to game, I would avoid the hostel. It has extremely poor noise insulation and sleeping is difficult. At least when I was there, I never saw any good opportunities to open hot girls in the lounge area.

Getting Around:

Uber was very reasonably priced. It struck me as about 20% less than DC.

Public Transport:
I never used it, though there appears to be a bus (18) that will take you to the airport.

Try a hot chicken, the local specialty, while you are there. It's unbelievably unhealthy but tastes delicious. I have heard that there is excellent BBQ as well, but sadly I did not get around to trying it.

It was somewhat less than DC.

Other Items of Interest:

The Sites:
I really didn't go to see any of the history while I was there. I did go to the Parthenon across from Vanderbilt, which is a really weird recreation of the Parthenon in Athens.

The Music:
Nashville is the capital of country music. The live music scene is nothing short of incredible. It feels like every bar is required to have live music without cover with absolutely top notch musicians. Coming from DC, where one is expected to pay $10+ to go to a bar with live music so bad you would be willing to pay another $10 for the band to stop, this was a real treat. While obviously they play mostly country, they also play a lot of popular rock and roll, bluegrass, and other southern styles as well.

Even the bar at the airport had a guy playing guitar who was excellent.

Make sure to bring plenty of $1 bills to tip the musicians.

The Vibe:

A different kind of white people:
I had the weird experience of being an American white guy feeling like a foreigner among other whites in a major city in my own country. I have visited 20+ major US cities and have never experienced that before.

The whites in Nashville, who are overwhelmingly Scots Irish with French and Native American mixed in do not look like whites in the rest of the country, who tend to be a mixture of English and German with some Dutch, Irish Catholic, Scandinavian, Italian, and Eastern European mixed in. There are very noticeable physical differences, such as men's unusually broad chests as I described above and faces that I can't really describe with words but I found unfamiliar.

While I am technically about 1/4 Scots Irish (the rest being 5/8 Scandinavian and some German), I'm Pennsylvania Scots Irish, which are not the same according to the book Albion's Seed.

There manners are definitely different from much of the rest of the country. They tend to be much more closed off and less chatty than is typical for most Americans. As well, they can be very grouchy. A guy I sat next to the bar who was from Mississippi (though looked like he was from there), got really touchy and raised his voice when I mentioned I was from DC. He looked like an ex-NFL lineman so needless to say I steered the conversation elsewhere as fast as I could.

Even if America had taxed whiskey reasonably and never had slavery, I honestly feel that there still would have been a civil war between this area of the country and the north (and possibly the southern Atlantic coast, too).

Should You Go?

Should you do to game?:
If you can game effectively in large crowds and loud music, you should absolutely go. The quality of the talent justifies it. However, do not expect the girls to just fall all over you. They tend to be a bit closed off and the local men provide serious competition that is not to be triffled with.

Should you move there?:
Nashville is booming right now. I met a very cute girl (6.5+) from Minneapolis who had moved there for work while waiting for a plane to Pittsburgh at BWI airport. If you can get a job with a salary that covers the cost of living, you should definitely go assuming that you are confident that you can game effectively there. Nashville women, while very attractive, are not for everybody. Make sure to visit to kick the tires before you make a commitment. At worst, you'll have a great time listening to some of the world's best live music.

Should you go as a tourist?:
Absolutely. For great live music, Nashville is unbeatable. Everyone should go there for a 3 day weekend just like everyone should do so for Las Vegas. Honestly, I found Nashville much more pleasant than Vegas in that regard except for the lack of affordable hotels.

Women in Nashville are very attractive, occasionally stunningly so. However, the average girl is not quite as attractive as women from regions such as Florida or North Carolina. They are very withdrawn by American standards. In addition, the competition is often physically spectacular and has at least some idea of what it is doing. Nashville is certainly a good place to go live and work, but while promising game wise it may be more difficult that you might think.
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