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Lima Data Sheet - November 2017
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Lima Data Sheet - November 2017
Hola, gents.

Recently, while perusing the RVF archives, I had a chance to check out the intel on Lima, my Latin-American home base. There I noticed two things: first, that the forum’s info on Peru’s City of Kings is scattered in lots of disparate places, and second, that much of it is out of date. With that as an excuse, I’ve prepared an up-to-the-moment data sheet that reflects the day and night game situation here the Peruvian capital as of November 2017.

Hopefully, it’ll stand y’all in good stead.

Meanwhile, should you find yourself wanting to know about my background, you can check out this thread:



When it comes to staying in Lima, you have two, and only two, options: Miraflores and Barranco. I know, I know, these are the most gringo-heavy spots in town, but as the few RVF members can attest who have dared to hole up in other districts, there’s a reason these areas are popular. Simply put, the logistics here are unparalleled. And this coming from a man who knows just about every part of the city.

Miraflores is the more obvious choice. Part seaside resort, part tourist mecca, it’s got everything you need to avoid feeling like you’re in a third-world country, should that be your priority. Gourmet supermarkets, restaurants, transportation hubs, and most importantly, easy walking access to plenty of good day- and night-game spots. You’ll feel like you never left civilization.

Barranco is more of a sleeper. Artsy and charming where Miraflores is overtly touristy, it has cheaper housing and, as you’ll see, perhaps even better nightlife. The only downside is a relative shortage of supermarkets—and shopping in general.

A few tips:

1. Taxis are unmetered in Peru. This means you have to negotiate to settle a price before getting in. A good rule of thumb is to offer about two thirds of what the driver asks, and then haggle from there.

2. Taxis from the airport cost 45-50 soles to Miraflores and 60 soles to Barranco. Don’t be conned.

3. Do not change money at the banks; the exchange rates are horrible. Instead, use the cambistas (money changers) who stand on many street corners in Miraflores. The best I’ve found are the ones in front of the Interbank at the intersection of Av. Ricardo Palma and Calle Alfonse Ugarte, and the ones on Av. Larco near the intersection with Calle Tarata.

4. Many U.S. banks have agreements that allow you to send money to yourself online and pick it up at a Peruvian partner bank. Look into it before you travel, as bank fees here are exorbitant.

5. Some cheapo hostels have a no-girls policy, and they can occasionally be dicks about enforcing it. Doormen can always be bribed, but in the end, it’s best to just spring for an Airbnb and avoid the whole problem.

6. Lima is generally safe. I’ve been to every neighborhood, even the sketchiest ones, and I’ve never had any trouble. Just remember you’re in a poor Latin American country, and take appropriate precautions.

7. You can get a local SIM card if you want, but everyone here communicates via Whatsapp, so it’s not really necessary.

8. Most Peruvians speak little or no English. You can get bangs without el español, but why not have all the tools you can in your toolkit?

9. Timing is crucial if you plan on gaming girls in Lima. The city has a strange rhythm, in which weather, holidays, and big soccer games can cause all normal activity to be interrupted. If you visit during one of the many long weekends, plan on finding most of the bars and discos either closed or deserted. A list of holidays can be found here: And don’t even think of gaming girls between December 15 and January 6. Christmastime is family time in Latin America.

10. Lima girls—attractive ones—are more difficult than you think. This means short stays of less than two weeks are not recommendable. Aim for a time span of at least a month, and pipeline, pipeline, pipeline.

11. Finally, the food here more than lives up to its rep as South America’s best. You all know how to use TripAdvisor, I know. But to help you branch out with Peru’s culinary richness, here’s a list of some personal favorite eateries, many of them unknown even to locals.

a. Don Fernando (General Garzón 1788, Jesús María): Northern Peruvian cuisine is, for my money, some of the best in the country. This inconspicuous huarique (hole in the wall) does it better than anyone.

b. La Lucha (Parque Kennedy, Miraflores): These are some of the tastiest sandwiches on the planet, and the fries are a revelation.

c. Siete Sopas (Arequipa 2394, Lince): This 24-hour joint is owned by the same people that run La Lucha, with top-notch Peruvian soups and sandwiches. There’s a reason why there’s almost always a line.

d. Punto Azul (San Martin 595, Miraflores): Seafood is a Peruvian forte, and this cebichería is the perfect introduction. Unlike most restaurants of this type, it’s open for dinner as well as lunch.

e. Aventuras Marinas (Manuel Bonilla 178, Miraflores): Peru is full of cheap menú restaurants that give you an appetizer, entrée, and drink for $3 or $4. This is one of the better ones.

f. Huancahuasi (Javier Prado Este 1405, San Borja): This place serves gourmet food from the sierra. Prices have crept up over the years, but the alpaca saltado and papa a la huancaina are incredible.

g. El Buen Sabor (Arenales 1598, Lince): This cheapo joint gives you massive portions of chicken fried rice, lomo saltado, steak and green spaghetti, whatever—all for about $6. Go during a soccer game for the full effect. Open 24 hours.

h. Jose and Juanita (Risso 490, Lince): This tiny cebichería has no tables; you have to eat at a counter on the wall. But the food is worth every bit of the inconvenience.

i. Panchita (Dos de Mayo 298, Miraflores): Gastón Acurio is Peru’s most famous chef, and this restaurant introduces you to his food without emptying your wallet. Try the suckling pork.

j. Chifa Unión (Unión 126, Barranco): Peru has its own variant of Chinese food, called chifa. It ranges from horrible to heavenly. This joint in Barranco is decidedly at the latter end of the spectrum.

k. Titi (Javier Prado Este 1212, San Isidro): Another chifa, much more upscale, and with even more exquisite food.

l. ÁmaZ (La Paz 1079, Miraflores): Jungle cuisine in Peru is underrated. This fusion joint has my nod as one of the best in South America. One RVF friend went three times in three days.

m. El Characato de Oro (Aviación 3101): Arequipa, Peru’s second city, disputes with the north the title of Peru’s best cuisine. If you can’t go to the city itself, this place offers a good sampling of what’s available.

n. Doña Julia (Huiracocha 1300, Jesús María): Anticuchos are grilled beef hearts. This four-story tower makes them better than anyone. Don’t knock ‘em till you try ‘em.

o. Pardo’s Chicken (Benavides 730, Miraflores): Peruvian rotisserie chicken is famous even in the States. This chain does it to perfection.

The above covers most of the important logistical info you need to know. Now for the task of meeting the ladies.



It pains me to say it, but night game in Lima’s most tourist-heavy district has seriously declined. Or if not declined, then at least shifted—to Chacarilla, Barranco, maybe other parts of the city. Howsoever, it’s a sad reality that several of the bars and discos that were once my go-to spots for pulling quality chicks are now no more. It’s enough to make a man nostalgic.

Probably the biggest blow for us RVFers was the closure of Gótica, the venerable LarcoMar institution, due to a fire back in November of 2016. When I first arrived in Peru several years ago, the level of talent there was staggering—better than anyplace else in the city. Alas, though, the great Miraflores pituca paradise is now gone. (Aura, a similar club for the rich 18-year-old set, closed back in 2015.)

Even sadder, for the few of you who might remember it, was the closure of OM, a bar-lounge just off Av. Larco on Calle San Martín. OM flew under the radar of many RVFers, but I must have pulled more girls in those crowded upstairs rooms than in any other joint in Lima. But heaven, they say, can’t wait, and nothing lasts forever.

What this means is that for night game in Miraflores, there aren’t many good options remaining. Here are the ones still worth a visit.

1. Ginza (Bellavista 241): Formerly Tumbao VIP, this disco is hit or miss. On a good night, you can find two- and three-sets of attractive chicks from all over the city. On a bad night, it’s deadsville. Age range: early to late 20s. The pricing is totally irrational: some nights it’s free, others they try to con you out of 50 soles. Don’t pay it.

2. Bizarro (Francisco de Paula Camino 220): Also hit or miss. This disco used to be a popular pituca (rich girl) hangout as well, but the same changes that have brought on an infestation of gringos—endless replays of Swedish House Mafia, free backpacker nights on Wednesdays—have also driven the hotter chicks to other party spots. It’s still worthwhile to peek in on Wednesdays after 1 a.m., as you might bump into the random hot girl. Don’t be surprised, though, if all you find are worn-out over-30 barflies and the occasional brichera. Age range: 25-35.

3. Calle de las Pizzas: Yes, I know that lamenting a drop-off in Calle de las Pizzas is like saying Hell itself has gone downhill. But incredibly, the motley mix of backpackers, 60-year-old “players” out to game hookers, and general riff-raff that is Pizza Street has found an even lower low to descend to, as swarms of Venezuelan pros ply their trade and poorly bathed drunks near-catatonic with pisco stumble into the wobbly tables, sending drinks crashing to the floor.

The deepest circle in this inferno is—you guessed it—Sabor Peruano, which has almost but not quite become a full-on hooker bar in recent months. I confess, though, I can’t help ducking in more than is healthy, if only as a kind of excruciating, slow-mo car-crash porn. (Believe it or not, I’ve actually picked up a few nice, normal girls here.) Age range: 20-God only knows.

Elsewhere on Pizza Street, Sabor Peruano’s sister club, Sabor VIP, has never quite recovered from a four-month closure earlier this year. The place is typically half empty, with most of the cute girls sitting at tables drinking beer with their beta orbiters. Age range: 20-35.

The other clubs on the street are mostly full of mixed sets who are there to dance with their friends. Detaching is possible, but difficult. If you dance salsa—I don’t—Son de Cuba has cute girls who are receptive to men with fancy footwork.

Meanwhile, the Old Pub, the English-style bar at the end of the street, continues to be…well, the Old Pub. Lots of clueless older gringos, lots of way-past-their-expiration date peruanas desperate to snag one.

And yes, that short round guy is still outside Sabor Peruano, waving the backpackers in.

4. Calle Berlin: This string of dive bars is where folks from all over Lima go to drink with friends. There are no good pickup spots here, but if you want to get a girl drunk on the cheap, you can’t go wrong with $3 beers and $6 mixed drinks. Meanwhile, Houlihan’s is a venerable Irish bar and meetup spot for RVF members, and at the end of the street is Ankara Lounge (Berlin 341), a new, free disco that sometimes has cute girls. Age range: 25-35.

5. Calle Manuel Bonilla: Located right at the Miraflores Óvalo, next to the Burger King, this side street is like a more upscale Calle Berlin, with several popular bars that attract decent-looking chicks. The problem is that the layouts of nearly all are less than optimal, making it hard to circulate. That said, Rouge Bar, Barbarian, and La Cachina (Manuel Bonilla 109, 108, and 116, respectively) are places I’ve had some luck. Age range: 20-30.

6. Eka Bar (Esperanza 375): This upstairs spot is a nice lounge setting to bring a girl for a date. On Thursday nights there’s also a language exchange for gringo groupies who want to feign interest in learning English while trolling for tail. Age range: 25-35.

7. Sukha (Dos de Mayo 694): If you have a social circle, you might be able to mix with the crowd at the bar in this shi-shi lounge. Unfortunately, most of the women—and there are some hotties among them—are hard to approach, owing to the layout. Added to which, most are accompanied by slobbery dudes who are only too glad to pay the elevated bar tabs the girls incur. Age range: 27-40.

If you’re feeling frustrated, Tequila Rock (Diez Canseco 146) still has some of the hottest putitas in town. Colombians, Venezuelans, all just a $10 cover charge away.

As you can tell from this summary, Miraflores has become decidedly mediocre. Frankly, on a Saturday, your best bet is to hit up other districts. Read on…


In the not-too-distant past, I used to view Barranco as inferior to Miraflores for night game. No more. Nowadays the vaguely bohemian district just south of the Malecón has, all things considered, better options for meeting peruanitas. You might consider adjusting your lodging decisions accordingly.

Here, in roughly descending order, are your best bets for nocturnal socializing.

1. Frida (República de Panamá 220): The hotties that formerly flocked to Gótica have largely migrated to this huge warehouse, which has, frankly, the strongest talent I’ve ever seen in Lima. Every Saturday, multiple chicks in the 8+ range come bouncing in with their friends—making you wonder where they’ve been hiding all week.

Unfortunately, there’s also a flip side. The club deliberately cultivates an exclusive vibe—no Facebook page, secrecy about its address, etc. This means most of those hotties are firmly shielded by their social circles. Worse, some nights you can only get in by being on a list.

If you do make it past the multiple entry barriers, your best bet is to work the crowds on the outside patio. Age range: mid-20s.

2. Picas (Below Puente de los Suspiros): The upstairs part of this laid-back lounge is a good place to bring a chick on a date. Meanwhile, the tiny dance floor offers a selection of pitucas who are reasonably receptive to approaches. Age range: 25-35. The big negative here is inconsistency; some weekends, the joint is near dead.

3. El Dragón (Nicolás de Piérola 168): This place has one of the coolest vibes in Lima. Half neighborhood hangout, half hipster haunt, it’s full of laid-back chicas who are generally friendly and sociable. Quality is hit or miss, but hey, the atmosphere is so chill, you won’t care. Age range: 25-35. Go Wednesdays, and glad-handle the bouncer a little. He’ll frequently let you in for free.

4. Help (Catalino Miranda 158): This cavernous bunker is the best game in town on Thursdays, with a large, generally friendly crowd and no cover. Be prepared for lots of backpackers, though, and volumes that are ear-splitting. Age range: 18-late 20s.

5. Toro Retro Bar (Salaverry 143): This large-ish disco is underrated. Every time I’ve gone, I’ve seen talent that compares favorably with more upscale places. The problem, though, is that universal curse of night game in Latin America: social circles. Nearly everyone goes with their mixed group, with the dudes footing the bill. Worth a visit, regardless. Age range: 20-30.

6. Rústica (Plaza Municipal): I’m surprised this place hasn’t popped up on a previous data sheet. Most of the Rústica restaurants in Lima morph into discos on weekends; this one has a big dance floor with friendly, slightly older chicks. Quality is mediocre, but the drinks are cheap, and it’s easy to post up near the bar and pull a girl out onto the dance floor. Age range: 25-35.

7. Bulevar: Like Calle de las Pizzas in Miraflores, this is a pedestrian walkway with a string of essentially identical discos. Here, though, you won’t find any pros, and the vibe is almost high-schoolish, with lots of chicks just this side of legal. Flitting from club to club, arm in arm with their friends, they’re usually not too serious about hooking up. Age range: 18-25. If you do go, Bierhaus and Hypnosis generally have the best quality. For live music, La Noche, at the end of the row near the Metropolitano bus station, has a relaxed, bohemian crowd.

8. Sargento Pimienta (Bolognesi 757): On Tuesday nights, the salsa parties at this dance hall are the only game in town. The vibe is friendly and relaxed, but quality is generally uninspiring. Age range: 22-35.

9. Barranco Bar (Parque Butters): On Wednesdays and Sundays, when there’s no cover, this two-story club attracts chicas who are serious about salsa. On Saturdays, it becomes an expensive night gallery for the pituco crowd. Inconsistent, but I’ve met some very hot girls here. Age range: 26-40.

10. Ayahuasca (San Martín 130): This is one of the top lounges in Lima, though it’s not really a place for pick-up. Most of the guests are sitting on couches, and the few girls at the bar are usually older and unimpressive. As a date spot, though, it’s unbeatable. Age range: 30+.

All told, Barranco appears to have more and better options than Miraflores at this moment. And I’ve saved the best for last…


Located at the corner of Av. Angamos and Av. Caminos del Inca, in the upscale district of San Borja, the refurbished Centro Comercial Caminos del Inca has become the new mecca for hot pitucas looking to party. In the lines to get in, you’re guaranteed to spot any number of very attractive women, all dressed to the nines as they snap selfies with their manchas (gangs of friends). A bit off the beaten path, but at present it has one of the highest concentrations of talent in the city. Taxis are 10 soles from Miraflores.

1. Mute (4th floor): This is the premier club in the complex, with scores of 7+ women every Saturday. The sheer size of the place guarantees you’ll find at least a couple girls who are receptive, and the vibe is surprisingly friendly given the exclusive image the management tries to cultivate.

The biggest problem is the bouncers. They’re totally arbitrary about who they let in, and the cover charge is whatever random number they decide to pull out of their ass. I’ve gotten in for free many nights; on others they’ve tried to make me pay 50, 100, or even 200 soles (“Everyone has to buy a bottle,” I was told). Arriving before 12 should make entry easier.

If they decide to be dicks, though, don’t worry. There’s no lack of other good places in the same complex.

2. Mia (3rd floor): This place is similar to Mute, but with a younger crowd. Age range: early-late 20s. I’ve met girls from all over Lima here, as the place’s image is less snooty than its upstairs neighbor.

3. Mama Batata (3rd floor): More relaxed atmosphere than the other two places, but with older and less attractive women. The bar area usually has overflow groups of chicks who couldn’t get into Mute or Mia. Age range: 27-40.

If these places don’t do it for you, just walk around to some of the smaller bar/lounges and see what appeals.


Most gringos stick to the three areas listed above because they’re safe. However, if you’re more adventurous, like me, and willing to venture out into sketchier parts of town, nearly every district in Lima has its bulevar where you can find discos and girls from the barrio. Generally, the quality is meh, but there are always a few gems to be dug up. Frequently the local guys will be so amazed to see a gringo in their ‘hood, they’ll gladly introduce you to their amigas.

In all honesty, some of the best nights I’ve had in Lima, I’ve had in joints like the following. And not once did I ever feel unsafe.

1. Club Vocé (Petit Thouars 2161, Lince): This two-story megadisco has a very cool vibe and, occasionally, some hot women. However, unless your salsa skills are strong, don’t go on one of the nights when they have a live show. Check the Facebook page beforehand.

2. Kapital Sur (Los Héroes 232, San Juan de Miraflores): This place is one of the top destinations for the south of Lima, with a largely working-class clientele. Quality is unpredictable, but it’s easy to talk to the hotter girls present. The waitresses are also cute.

3. Banana (Malecón Checa 145, Zárate in San Juan Lurigancho): This disco draws girls from all over San Juan de Lurigancho, Lima’s biggest district. Inevitably there are some hotties among them, but in my experience, the vibe is more closed-off and cliquish than in the previous two places.

This is just a sampling; remember that Lima has almost 10 million people. For more options, don’t hesitate to hit me up.


Finally, if night game isn’t your thing, the following are some fertile hunting grounds for day approaches. Personally, day game isn’t my forte. But if you go indirect and have a good vibe, you can find plenty of good targets, depending on the time of day.

1. Parque Kennedy: This Miraflores mainstay needs no introduction. Abundant peruanitas, at all hours of the day and night. Try also walking up and down Av. Larco and Av. Diagonal after five, when folks are getting off work.

2. Malecón de Miraflores: On weekends, there’s no shortage of chicas walking or rollerblading along the pedestrian walkways of this grassy stretch leading from LarcoMar up the coast to the Miraflores lighthouse.

3. Jockey Plaza (Surco): This is Lima’s premier upscale shopping mall. I’ve picked up a few girls working in shops during the week, when the place is quiet. There are also hot chicks who stand around with clipboards, taking consumer surveys.

4. Plaza Municipal de Barranco: On weekends, this is a top hangout for mixed groups of university-aged students. Also of drug dealers, should you feel the urge.

5. Plaza San Miguel: The district of San Miguel has Lima’s highest concentration of middle-class people, and this mall is a gathering point after work and on weekends. There are frequently cute girls sitting around the central rotunda, as well as in a small park out back.

Once again, this has been an epic-length post, but hopefully it’s been useful for those of you who are new to the city. If you have questions, feel free to PM me.

Peace out...
11-13-2017 07:22 PM
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RE: Lima Data Sheet - November 2017
^ AxeMan. This is a great datasheet. +1 from me.
11-13-2017 08:09 PM
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RE: Lima Data Sheet - November 2017
Great post, thank you a lot for the info on the food. Making me wish i booked more days in Lima for my trip in December
11-13-2017 09:14 PM
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RE: Lima Data Sheet - November 2017
Great sheet. After some googling, it seems like the distance between the three spots you described are around a 15-20 minute drive. Would you recommend staying in Miraflores for the first world amenities and safety, then taking a cab out to the other areas just for the nightlife once a week? That seems doable.

What are you thoughts on that?
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11-13-2017 09:57 PM
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RE: Lima Data Sheet - November 2017
Really helpful sheet, will definitely use while I'm here in Lima. +1 from me.
11-13-2017 10:15 PM
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RE: Lima Data Sheet - November 2017
San Isidro has always been considered slightly more wealthy than Miraflores. Either way, they border the other.

Just avoid Callao, unless you're wearing pink for the Sport Boys, then you'll be fine.
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11-13-2017 10:19 PM
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RE: Lima Data Sheet - November 2017
Sorry about the links. Here are the correct addresses:

And yes, staying in Miraflores and cabbing to the other areas is very doable.
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11-13-2017 11:08 PM
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RE: Lima Data Sheet - November 2017
Your data sheet is so solid I don't need to even axe a question
11-15-2017 04:11 PM
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