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Steelex's CUTTING thread.
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RE: Steelex's CUTTING thread.
02-10-2018 05:52 PM
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RE: Steelex's CUTTING thread.
At 800mg of test per week, that’s quite the cycle for a cut.

Curious, do you go higher or lower (or same) when you’re bulking?
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02-10-2018 09:59 PM
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RE: Steelex's CUTTING thread.
Im always experimenting with it and playing it by ear. I don't have a solid, unifying philosophy, it's a constant work in progress.

I use the diet to dictate whether I'm growing or cutting, and use the drugs to slant things toward keeping muscle rather than fat.

In general I would lean towards using more drugs while in a caloric deficit and less while in a caloric surplus. Food itself is highly anabolic. When you get down to eating like a bird (for me, anything under 2500 cals and I'm hungry all day long) you need anything you can to hold on to your muscle and strength.

I feel like test is the best overall drug if you can manage estradiol with limited AI use and don't have bad sides like gyno or bad bloat. It's bioidentical and your body knows what to do with it.
02-10-2018 10:47 PM
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RE: Steelex's CUTTING thread.
Still cutting down and I believe I am sitting around 18%-21% body fat. A machine that I used to determine it that was at my local gym placed me at 13% but that is absolute bullshit because I still have a bit of a belly and a decent amount in the inner thighs as well.

I had been doing low carb stuff for the last two years dropping a majority of the weight that I had. I am currently at 243-245 with the goal of 215-220. I have started to factor in carbs mostly in the morning and post workout. This has increased performance in the gym an insane amount and I don't think I could go back into ketosis unless I really needed to. I eat around 2200cal a day with macros as such: 250g protein, 110g carbs(off days), 170g carbs(training days), and 85g fat.

I've got to start eating better quality foods though. Due to the low carb dieting the only times that I was eating carbs were on cheat days which essentially created a binary to me of Low carb= weight loss and moderate to high carb = full cheat.

I am working on changing this now and am starting to see some loss in the scale. With any luck I'll be back to losing next week.

For lifting and training I split my days like this:
Day 1: Shoulders and arms(main movement overhead press)
Day 2: Chest(MM: Bench Press)
Day 3: Back(MM: Deadlift)
Day 4: Legs(MM: Squat)
Day 5: *Olympic lifts(MM: Power clean)

*: This has been an optional workout, often I can't find time for it so I end up only working the 4 main days.

I normally finish all my workouts off with Farmers Walks, 20min in the sauna, and a cold shower.

On top of those four days, I try to run hill sprints whenever I get the opportunity.

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02-11-2018 07:39 PM
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RE: Steelex's CUTTING thread.
Just seen this. Everything looks good except your fiber. You should be eating a pound or two of greens a day. You already know why so i'm a bit curious why your not...

Drugs: Why test alone? Playing it safe? I got down to 4% on 500mg of test 350mg of tren and 50mg of winny. That was my best cutting cycle ever. So i'm curious why the omittance of other compounds?

Also, your skipping HCG...your lh and fsh is going to be shit when you come off the 800mg. Even if your blasting and cruiseing. Also, HCG will keep you fertile if you ever want to have more kids down the line.

I think I will post my next bulking/cutting cycle (if there ever is another one). I've been in maitnace mode for a little over a year now.

Thanks for posting dude. Agian, gives me motivation to post a log. Keep up the good work. Hope that source worked out for ya!

One last thing. You will see a big diffrence if you eat your carbs as close to your workout as possible (1-2hrs prior if you can) and no carbs until your next workout. CPWO carbless post workout. Its effictive because your insulin sensitivity will be off the charts until your next workout. I know it's a pain in the ass but wouldn't suggest it if I knew its not worth it.

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02-17-2018 12:30 PM
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RE: Steelex's CUTTING thread.
Any updates in here? You fall off the wagon on your cut or just stopped posting about it?
05-23-2018 06:42 PM
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