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Has crypto made you less ambitious?
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RE: Has crypto made you less ambitious?
(02-04-2018 04:46 AM)Genghis Khan Wrote:  
Quote:There's this whole lets look back at what happened with the dotcom bubble style of thinking too. However the top 3 biggest companies by market capitalisation are all basically dotcom bubble survivors. There was also some small players that got hyped up in that bubble that still survived and ended up being worth many times more (such as ARM holdings).

I wholeheartedly agree with this. Amazon came out big especially through the dotcom boom-bust. I expect the same for the top block chain project(s). A few will win big, though most will probably fail catastrophically. If you can pick the major winners, you're set.

The question is just how long it will take. My guts tell me we won't see any new ath (for any project) anytime soon.
02-05-2018 12:17 PM
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RE: Has crypto made you less ambitious?
I've taken a small amount money (a few thousand) that was put aside to invest in a business and have invested it into cryptos. There seems to nothing close to the potential ROI, that combined with FOMO.

My Ferrari is already picked out.
02-14-2018 01:49 PM
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RE: Has crypto made you less ambitious?
(01-26-2018 09:44 AM)Genghis Khan Wrote:  
(01-17-2018 04:37 PM)jamaicabound Wrote:  
(01-16-2018 04:50 PM)Ray Carlton Wrote:  
(01-16-2018 11:38 AM)jamaicabound Wrote:  Honestly to me I have much more respect for someone who creates a side hustle and makes an extra $500 per month from actually doing something than someone who makes $50,000 off Tron

All cool, but does it matter?

I respect the hard worker. I really do.

But at the end of the day, I am happy taking the $50,000 off Tron.

And if I can't, I am the hard worker.

My point is were in a fantastic period where people can make a shitload off crypto but these type of gains are not going to last forever so people better get off their asses and gain some skills, improve themselves, and not rely on the golden Bitcoin goose forever.

I also kind of laugh when people brag about crypto gains as if they had anything to do with making that money. It reminds me of the 2008 recovery. I got cocky with my stock trading abilities, I made a shitload of money but in reality at that time you could throw darts at stocks at the wall and make money

You do realize some coins are planning on switching to Proof-of-Stake, which will allow you to earn dividends, right?

The crypto goose may not lay golden eggs for eternity. But if you can get enough eggs, you can live off the dividends for your entire life.

When I was younger, I thought it was noble/good work ethic/moral/whatever to work really hard. But then I got really fucking bored and tired of working 60-80 hour workweeks. The money wasn't worth it, and neither was the sacrifice I made in terms of my health and social life. It's a pretty idealistic approach to life when in contrast you can work 10x less and make 10x more.

I'll take my crypto gains over busting my ass any day. I've worked plenty hard the past decade and I'm done now.

I'm staking Nav although honestly the rewards are pretty underwhelming despite having about 10k tied up in it. I'm also earning GAS through my NEON wallet. The whole process of staking ARK and voting for people confuses the shit out of me so havn't delved into that yet.

My point isn't to diss crypto, I'm probably one of the biggest crypto supporters you'll ever meet and have well over 50% of my net worth in it,whether that's a smart thing to do or not is another discussion.

My point is I see a lot of young guys who got into crypto, picked one lucky coin and now think they are crypto experts and investing geniuses and are going all in on that and giving up other ways of growing money or improving themselves.

If someone can invest the time and become a master trader props to them and I'd encourage them to do it but most of my buddies who get cocky have later lost all their gains. I do a mix of trading and holding but I pretty much regret most trades I've ever made with the exception of Tron, Verge and some other fly by night shitcoins.

I think in some senses crypto is ruining our respect for money. Don't get me wrong I totally get it, when I make $3,000 in a few hours doing nothing it makes grinding it out for weeks to make a few thousand seem kind of pointless and stupid but I realize it's still necessary to do those things, at least IMHO
02-14-2018 03:00 PM
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