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Trading and Investment Strategies
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Lightbulb Trading and Investment Strategies
I think trading and investing without much strategy is basically gambling, but possibly worse than gambling, because at least in gambling you always know what you can win or lose.

What basic strategies do you have when trading and investing in the crypto market?

Did you learn them, or come up with them yourselves over time?

Do you set any solid rules in place? For example, if a coin goes up 200% or more you immediately take out your principal.

That's just an example, but you might have stop losses always set to the same percentage amount or something like that.

I think it would be interesting to hear about others individual strategies, rather than arguing about which system is best.

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01-13-2018 02:53 PM
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RE: Trading and Investment Strategies
Dollar Cost Average

I'm not smart enough, nor have enough time to try and time the market, do detailed technical analysis or spend hours of time researching new coins.

I'm probably going to miss out on some hot coins, but being disciplined and investing a set dollar amount on a weekly basis is my current strategy.

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01-13-2018 02:56 PM
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RE: Trading and Investment Strategies
I'm new just learning on a daily basis. Initially I funding crypto investing with a loan that I had no intention of keeping (used consumer rights to my advantage) as I started the year pretty broke. I took out a loan and invested for 3 days before cashing and repaying back the loan. £1200 profit that only cost me £55 to make for 3 days was definitely worth it. Then I invested in lite coin which is held on coinbase as I'm being a little lazy atm. Due to commissions I am slightly down on my initial investment but suspect that won't be the case for too long.

I will transfer my holdings to an exchange, although which one I am yet to decide and still reviewing them. I'll allocate some funds into a long term coin that I expect to gradually raise in value as well as being spendable in real life, possibly ETH. The remaining I'll combination of hold and trade utilising USDT for when market value decrease to and to allow me to increase my holdings, which would ultimately increase potential profits in the future. Occasionally transferring some profit to ETH, possibly BTC if I need to purchase high value assets such as houses.

I do have some non immediate-debts I need to clear. After clearing those I'll probably also add dollar cost averaging with excess unneeded money that would otherwise attract shit interest if saved in a bank account.
01-13-2018 05:02 PM
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RE: Trading and Investment Strategies
Here's a quick guide to finding shitcoins that might actually have value in future.

1. Go through CMC and click on everything between 5 mil and 100 mil market cap.

2. Immediately dump all the ones that
-don't have or use a twitter
-have more than a 2x difference between circ supply and total supply (though cmc is occasionally wrong on this)
-have excessively low volume. Marketcap dependent of course, but if it's not doing at least 100k volume per day it'll be hard to load up on any reasonable amount of this coin.

3. Do basic research on the coin:
-Dump it if it's a bitcoin or monero replacement (ie: just an 'internet money' or 'secret internet money' coin).
-Does it have a good use case?
-Is it a use case that is easy to see the value in?
-Does it have a whitepaper that is well put together?
-Does the coin have a purpose beyond raising funds in the ico?
-Does it have an active (relatively speaking) community? On reddit, discord, telegram, etc.
-Do the Devs actively communicate with the community? (see: Req, nebl, tix for examples of good communication)
-Does it have a solid roadmap? (see: Req, nebl for solid roadmaps)

If most or all of 3 are positive, then you've potentially found a good coin that may be worth putting money on.
01-14-2018 03:05 AM
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RE: Trading and Investment Strategies
Have you found any nice gems like that?

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01-14-2018 03:48 AM
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RE: Trading and Investment Strategies
(01-14-2018 03:48 AM)SamuelBRoberts Wrote:  Have you found any nice gems like that?

When I did this during late october and nov I got on nebl, tix, bay, cnd and rlc.

Sold tix and bay at smaller gains than what I could have gotten by holding, have held on to everythign else til now.
01-14-2018 04:00 AM
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RE: Trading and Investment Strategies
I've been using much the same method as dasher, though I wasn't paying attention to the volume. I've also been looking at Reddit and AlexaRank.

I wanted to see:

- A big, professional looking team, maybe with a evangelical (Vinny Lingham) or high-profile (Bram Cohen, Vitalik Buterin) name
- A professional looking site
- An interesting offering, particularly if it's something likely to be of use to people involved in crypto, e.g. general decentralised financial platform (ETH), VPN (Mysterium). If it was something that is too far away from crypto-people like a decentralised stamp catalog or old people's home management software then I wasn't so interested. However, this bias has been an issue as it's stopped me from buying lots of things that seemed like junk to me like "Chinese Ethereum" (NEO) and the type of cryptocurrencey you might accept payment in for giving up Jesus (Bitcoin Cash).

The main signal is blind fuzz, but I've ignored that when I didn't like a coin and have seen others here do the same.

Other strategies:

1) Technical Day-trading - On TradingView, you can get this analysis suite. This gives you a bunch of coloured candles for the charts which mean different things. Probably the most useful is the blue one, which you can see here:

You'll notice that this candle doesn't tend to wick down much over where it opens and it's often the start of a good movement up; though as it's just a technical indicator, it isn't always. Also you'll notice that when you do get a blue candle it's often a good sign that it's bottoming on whatever time frame you are viewing.

So this is a good low-risk, high-reward entry. So, buy it, if it does go up, leave it, but if it goes down 5-10%, take the loss and try again.

If you get two blues with only one other candle in between it's more likely to go up. Here is a chart of Bitfinex's new junk, Yoyow:

However, with this, you need to be full-time. You need to be scanning charts all day. At your computer, with your price alarms, monitoring your bets.

2) Social Signals - The biggest signal is hype, but I'm not sure yet how to best read this. I've missed out on a number of big ones like RaiBlocks, NEO, TRON and ICON for various reasons. Not least there is too much data to take in. So I'm starting to aggregate social data here:

* The coloured columns show % change in the metric over a time frame.

And will analyse it later to look into how it all correlates to actual price movements. You can see that the big coins that have struggled recently have had declining engagement metrics. Whereas those that have done well are still increasing.

I'm going to pull in some more metrics and then compute what they can be used to predict, i.e.

When Twitter, Reddit, Google/Yandex, Google Play, Alexa; mixed with volume and price signals; are doing X, the price goes up/down Y% on average over 1 day, Z% on average over 3 days with a divergence of A-B.

As an example, when Twitter followers are up 5%, tweets of the quote ($XRP) are up 10%, Reddit subscribers are up 2%, Google trend is up 6% etc. on 1d, the mean price movement is +23% with an upside divergence of 12% and downside of 5%.


But until I can get better data I am going to continue looking for $1K punts on small caps, hoping for a 10X; mid caps looking for 5X and hoping for an illusive 100-1000X.

"I sold all stocks and went all cash months ago, just in case." - Kurt Eichenwald, 8 Nov 2016
World Stocks Have Underperformed The US By The Most Since The Financial Crisis - 1 Sep 2018
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01-14-2018 10:34 AM
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RE: Trading and Investment Strategies
TLDR: How, specifically, can folks make the most out of the current dip?

Now that prices are tumbling, the common advice among long-term investors is to buy solid coins now at a discount. Everybody's definition of a solid coin may vary but whichever those are, they will rebound. In a few weeks, you'll make yourself at least 20-30% profit just by betting against the herd.

That's the view I hold. Jumping on the latest XXX coin (someone ICO that already!) mid-pump requires watching multiple screens all day long. More power to those who can pull it off and get 500x but it's not for me. I'm in this for a nice payout in 3-5 years.

Back to the dip, I know I want to fill some bags but not quite sure how fast I should be buying. Most folks would say DCA at a slightly accelerated schedule (I do daily during dips rather than weekly) and that timing the market doesn't work. Any RVFers found a more effective approach?
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01-16-2018 06:11 AM
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RE: Trading and Investment Strategies
One thing to watch out for strategy wise is your pairings. Most coins are bought in ETH, BTC, USDT. Same for cashing out.

This can be confusing if you’re buying from one coin and selling out to another or tether. Or even the same pairing, but say after ETH doubled and the coin you’re buying selling has tanked.

This happened to me recently with XRP. I had a ETH on reserve that I set a low ball buy on XRP. I didn’t count on ETH doubling in price while XRP also came down by 50%. The sell executed at a rather unfavorable ratio.

The only site that gives you the equivalent buy price for both USD and ETH/BTC is Kucoin. This is very helpful. It’s a little easier to make quick trades. As opposed to calculating and setting limits, then forgetting about them. Only to see them execute dats later after the prices changed.

I think it’s probably better to eat the extra commission to sell into and out of USDT while putting your profit into ETH or back to USDT. It’s just to easy to see your profit evaporate if theirs a marketwide sell off.
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01-16-2018 07:35 AM
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