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Suriname Data Sheet - Updated
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Suriname Data Sheet - Updated
So I've been lurking the forum off-and-on for the past few years during my travels and I've gotten some great tips from here. Thanks to the advice on this forum, I secured many, many bangs all throughout my travels.

I figured it's time for me to give back to the community by pounding out a few data sheets in the next few weeks. I'll try posting on places that haven't already been written about too much here. The last Suriname Data sheet on this Forum is from a few years ago - so it's time for an update and a second, personal opinion on the country.

About me: 5 feet 10 inches (decently tall for those of you who don't use feet). Late 20s. I wear boots everywhere so that bumps me up to 6 feet. American-born and raised (with an American accent), but my parents immigrated from north India to the US so I am of Indian descent. Light brown skin. Decently in shape - got a slight beer belly, rocking a decently muscular build, but not jacked by any means. Banana. Overall, I'd say that I'm slightly below average in the looks department - but that doesn't stop me from gaming tard. Not saying this to sulk, but just trying to be as objective as possible here.

I have been gaming or a while - so I have intermediate level game. All my most recent travels have been to Latin America and I did pretty well in every country I went to.

Note that I'm Indian (brown skin), so for you cats out there that are white or black, results may differ. I'll refer to race a few times throughout this data sheet, because race does matter in many parts of the world, especially in Suriname.

So let's get down to business:

Paramaribo, Suriname Data Sheet - Latin America's Forgotten Country

Paramaribo is the capital city of Suriname. I went to Suriname back in the fall of 2016 as a solo traveler and spent most of my time in the capital. Was there for about 7-10 days. Can't believe it took me almost 2 years to write a data sheet for this.

General: Suriname is not your average Spanish speaking Latin American country with salsa, sexy latinas, and empanadas. In fact, I didn't even feel like I was in South America the entire time I was there. Not a single Spanish speaker. It has a Caribbean vibe and an Afro-Indian-Carribean feel to it. I did not see a single latino/latina the entire time I was there.

Safety: I've traveled to many emerging/frontier countries (most of South America, parts of Asia, parts of Eastern Europe, etc.) and Suriname really is a third world poverty stricken country. To make matters worse, it's in the middle of a financial crisis right now too.

Paramaribo has juveniles, homeless dudes, and obnoxious youth everywhere. You will be begged for $$ at least one point in your trip and there are some crazies out there. For you white cats, it will be much worse than what I experienced, you will literally stand out everywhere and people will stare at you. The outskirts of Paramaribo resemble that of a complete third world - poor infrastructure, chaotic, no system in place, and random dudes staring at you. With all that being said, it's still relatively safe to walk around anywhere in the afternoon, but not so much at night (I'm referring to both the city center and the outskirts).

***Note to travelers***: If you have never been out of your first-world country or are not an experienced traveler, do not come to Suriname. The poverty is unreal and there really is no tourist infrastructure, so I would only advise travelers who have been through the rough tracks to come here. It is not for the faint.

Overall Vibe of People: There is a climate of fear among people - the same climate of fear that I felt when I was traveling through the Caribbeans as well. Strangers are afraid of other strangers. People don't trust each other. Latin America has a high crime rate, but people are generally friendly towards strangers. But over here, it's just a different vibe. I could sense some kind of tension in the air wherever I went. This affects the ONS culture and daygame, which is detailed later on in this report.

Despite all of this, I did talk to random strangers on the street and they were friendly to me. I think it was just because I was a tourist and they were shocked to see one in their country - especially an American.

Races: Suriname is an extremely diverse country - but with an odd mix:

Black: ~70% of the population
Indian: ~20% of the population
Asian (Chinese, Japanese, etc.): ~3% of the population
Dutch: ~ 3% of the population
French, German, European: Remaining %

So how did so many Indians get to Suriname? The country was colonized by the Dutch back in the day (gained independence I believe in early 1970) and brought over Indian slaves to the country. Which leads into the next point...

Languages: Almost everyone speaks Dutch. The tribal Indians that live in the Amazon speak a variety of very old languages. Hindi is spoken by the Indian population. A good amount of people in the capital city speak English, so getting around in English will not pose any problem.

Visas: I paid around $25 for a visa on arrival. I have an American passport.

Transportation: Dirt cheap. I took a tour of the entire city outskirts in a cab and it cost me like $7 an hour. Maybe even less.

Race situation: Even as an Indian, I did stand out here. People would stare at me - possibly because I rock the American-Indian vibe in the way I dress and my swag.

If you are white, you will stand out like a sore thumb. Prepare to get major stares.

Black - you will blend right in no matter how you look (the blacks here are of all different shades).

Prices: Everything is dirt cheap. Taxis, food, things, etc. Hotels are somewhat expensive though. $20-$25 for the cheapest (where I stayed). Way more for intermediate and high end hotels.

I stayed at Guesthouse Zin. Great place to socialize and meet people. Bar with cheap drinks and great food. Swimming pool right next to the bar. This is the place where the young Dutch students and tourists stay. The Dutch chicks here were mighty fine too. Saw quite a few 7's, 8's, and 9's walking around and just lounging by the swimming pool all day. Rooms were about $15-$20 a night when I went (AC a little more) but it looks like they just jacked up prices recently Huh

Tourist infrastructure: None. Zero. Tourists don't come here. I stayed in a hotel near the airport and when I asked the owner about tourism, he said that most people stayed stayed at his hotel just for airplane layovers. When asked how many people actually came for tourism, he said not that many. I was the 2nd American ever to visit his hotel in years as a tourist. The first one was there just for a layover.

At Zin (in downtown Paramaribo), there were only Dutch tourists. No Americans. I had been one of the first Americans to ever stay in that hotel.

Alright now time for the chicas:

Types of Girls: If you like thick, ghetto black girls, then Suriname is your spot. They remind me of the American blacks - rude, bitchy, but with huge booties. Not my type. Very masculine. The majority of women are black - both during the day and nightlife.

The Indian girls are very conservative and are not the type to go for a one night stand. I also didn't see that many Indian girls when I went out at night.

There's a small amount of Dutch women that are either tourists or students doing their internships (because they weren't able to get one in their home country). These are the sloooots that you should go for the one night stand with. However, I did not see any of them when going out for nightlife. They all tended to stay in their hotels. They know they are the shit here because they are the only attractive, white girls in Suriname, so prepare for dealing with extreme bitchiness and entitlement. However, if you can break their shield and get them interested, then you can get the bang. I didn't meet any Dutch that actually lived in Suriname (except for one journalist on an assignment), so assume most of the Dutch chicas are there just for short term visits.

In general, because of the overall climate of fear, women will not go home with a stranger the night they meet them. You will have to exchange numbers, go for an additional date, build comfort, and then get the possible bang. The one night stand culture is not big here and I personally did not see anyone pulling when I went out. Daygame is tough because strangers are afraid to speak with other strangers and the concept of it is practically nonexistent here. It goes back to the climate of fear that I talked about earlier in this data sheet.

During the day I did not see any attractive women. At night there some few cuties. However, it felt as though only the high class went out at night (because they were probably the only ones that had a decent amount of disposable income). There were some cuties, but for the most part, the majority of women were dirt ugly.

I did see some really exotic, unseen before mixes of women (mixed Indian, Black, Asian, Japanese, etc.) but, once again, no absolute stunners anywhere.

Exotic Factor Test: Please note that these are my opinions, because I am clearly not all of these races. Anyways, if you are...
black or indian - you will have no exotic factor
Asian - maybe very little
Middle Eastern - People, in general, will be curious about you. Despite the high Indian/Black population here, I did not meet any Arabs
Latino - People will be curious about you a little more than Middle Eastern. I didn't meet any Latinos here and the typical latino look is a lot different than Indians, Blacks, and Arabs
White - You will stick out like a sore thumb. You will get stares and a lot of attention. But this does not mean that you will easily get women. This isn't South America where white man is seen as god - if anything, they will just stare at you and look away. No white god factor here amongst women - just curiosity on what you are doing in Suriname and because you look vastly different

So would I recommend Suriname for bangs?: No. Women are ugly. Not easy. Pretty bitchy. Your only hope for some real cuties would be the Dutch tourists in the hotels. But thats about it.

What would I recommend Suriname for?: The extreme offbeat adventure. Something completely new in Latin America. New food. New culture. Experiencing a country not yet run over by tourists. 90% of the country is the Amazon Rainforest and it was a great experience to venture out into parts of the forest that have been untouched. Banana

***Made a few edits after my original post to add a few more details***

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RE: Suriname Data Sheet - Updated
Nice datasheet.

(02-17-2018 04:01 AM)Crash_Bandicoot Wrote:  The country was colonized by the Dutch back in the day (gained independence I believe in early 1970) and brought over Indian slaves to the country.
The part from 'and' on is incorrect though. The Creoles and Maroons (together almost 30% of the Surinamese people and >95% of black Surinamese people) are descendants from African slaves. Hindustani ('Indian') people, on the contrary, came to Suriname after the abolition of slavery and were employed as contract workers (together with Chinese, Portugese, etc. workers).
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RE: Suriname Data Sheet - Updated
Nice info. I actually love this country, there is just something unique and special about it.

I am one of the only guys on this board who have been there besides you and one other that I pm'd who lives there. I've been to all 13 SA countries and Suriname and its neighbors are like a mental block to most travelers. They hear you making a sound but cannot actually visualize going there. Which is why it's all the better for those who actually go.

It's so rare in the world today to go somewhere nobody goes, and so rewarding.
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