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Serial Austin Bomber Dead as police close in
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RE: Serial Austin Bomber Dead as police close in
no girlfriend .. no job .. no hope = fuck it, you're gonna feel my wrath
03-22-2018 09:41 AM
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RE: Serial Austin Bomber Dead as police close in
That book about The War on Boys, should encompass as The War on Young Men as well. You can raise a young boy fairly well and by the time he hits 18 he can fail in too many places to count. More so, if the father is not all that thoughtful, articulate, or good at teaching certain things it just gets worse. For every 10-20 young men that look around after emerging as a man, and take off running into some direction right or wrong, 1-5 will hardly move and get caught up wasting time looking around non-stop. Without a good guiding influence you can forget about it. No doubt omega wolves are like this in wolf packs. Some are the black sheep pup and some were so-so, but when they grew up past being a pup, they got indecisive and confused their own selves in the process.

All this Aspergers/Autism, ADHD/ADD, ODD, depression, endocrine disruption, over-sexual atmosphere, competition, makes it worse. I think I saw something before about how omega wolves are more common in wolf packs that have alot of alphas in them, however that could be because the pack is larger. Who knows. What I do know is that the alphas always exile them as soon as they break the rules and do not get back in line. We certainly do not do that anymore.

Men will mentally masturbate if they do not have a very clear path and set of objectives to complete. Some of the reasons some of the mental masturbators on this forum make the others nervous, is because we are not that much better/different than the other young men out there. Someone here could snap worrying about bullshit they cannot fix when they need to be focusing on themselves first, until their mentality/emotion stabilizes.

Men maturing mentally later than women is something by design. Ultimately us older men are failing these younger men by not being able to control them more. Little stuff like calling cops on fathers beating kids with a belt, whiny atheist men joining women in shaming other men being strict on young men by attacking religion and culture, letting women vote, etc. All these things started a snowball that got too big to the point no regular person can tell what started this decline and how to fix it.

I bet not even 5% of grown men in America have a clue why this shit continues to happen. Lots think people are soft these days, but why? They shrug their shoulders. They don't know. Women do what mothers do best, try to take shit away, whine and cry, and blame the fathers. Clueless men will overreact tripping on their own feet to appease women and attempt to impress pussy, and even fail at that.

This circle jerk of clueless hand wringing is not going to stop. tard

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03-22-2018 10:42 AM
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RE: Serial Austin Bomber Dead as police close in
What color were the Austin bombers eyes? ...Blew

One blew this way and one blew that way

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03-22-2018 10:47 AM
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RE: Serial Austin Bomber Dead as police close in
(03-22-2018 06:12 AM)Turnus Wrote:  More details are starting to come out. Apparently he recorded a 25 minute video confession. The sheriff said there was no indication of hatred or terrorism but instead ramblings of a "troubled young man" discussing the struggles in his life. I'm wondering if we have another Elliot Rodger

This doesn't bode well at all, I can only imagine what this kid went on about.

Another "example" of "toxic" masculinity and home schooling issues.

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03-22-2018 11:59 AM
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RE: Serial Austin Bomber Dead as police close in
(03-21-2018 08:58 PM)The Wire Wrote:  "Authorities tracked him to a hotel in Round Rock, about 20 miles north of Austin, after reportedly identifying him using receipts, internet searches, witness sketches and, ultimately, surveillance video that revealed he'd delivered packages days earlier to an area FedEx store, officials said."

While I am aware everything we do on the internet is being spied on does anyone know what that means? Can the FBI just show up at Google and ask for internet searches in a general area in order to come up with hits or is the FBI actually going through the ISP?

For example, there was a leaked old Homeland Security pdf had a list of keywords that get flagged, with the majority having to do with recipes for various illegal stuff, violence, and certain other middle eastern pastimes. Throw enough related keywords into Google, Amazon, etc., and BINGO! - you get to meet your friendly local FBI agent.

Certain search strings probably set off flags at Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc. and get passed along for further review by the alphabet soup agencies. There's plenty of interaction and back doors between security agencies and those companies.

One such anecdote I recall was a husband shopping for backpacks and home improvement stuff, and his wife shopping for pressure cookers online at the same time. Not sure if urban legend, but not a bad example.

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03-22-2018 01:56 PM
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RE: Serial Austin Bomber Dead as police close in
One thing: homeschooled.
03-22-2018 10:18 PM
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RE: Serial Austin Bomber Dead as police close in
I attended a public meeting in Austin this evening. I got some apparently inside information from Michael Cargill. He's a local business owner, gun-rights activist, and past candidate for local office.

He said that Mark Anthony Conditt's mistake was walking into two different FedEx locations. This allowed them to find his cell phone, as he was the only person who had entered two locations. Conditt realized that he had messed up. They checked every cell tower in the area and looked for someone who had been to more than one. Cargill described it as "pure luck" for the police that he had walked into FedEx.

The fire department actually went to his apartment and showed up there before the police did. The fire department was there because police were afraid of more explosions. The fire department apparently knocked on the door, but Conditt wasn't there. The roommate notified Conditt that authorities were looking for him.

He turned his cell phone back on. A Cessna plane took off from the north and began tracking him. He was sitting in a parking lot when he turned it back on. The police didn't follow procedures, according to Cargill. The "ran him off the road.... into ditch." He detonated a bomb, and it blew his car door off. Then they shot him, even his guts were out of his body.

Cargill pointed out that Conditt's dead now, and "we don't know if he actually did everything he said he did."

The roommate was apparently held for questioning for 24 hours. Cargill believes that they will make a "second arrest" and that they are still not sure if he is the only bomber.

The police were apparently trying to get a warrant for Conditt as they guy who had hit the tripwire in the west Austin bombing. They were unable to get it.

Cargill also said that Conditt's computer showed that he had ten homes planned. They also found 190 pounds of ammomium nitrate in his place.
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03-26-2018 09:56 PM
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