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10 day water-only fast completed
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RE: 10 day water-only fast completed
If anyone is interested in fasting, I'd suggest they look into Dr.Jason Fung's book, The Complete Guide to Fasting. Just keep in mind, if one is interested in fasting, it's probably not the best idea to jump into extended water fasting or some of the extreme variants like dry fasting. To the uninitiated, if you're interested in giving fasting a try, it's best to give intermittent fasting a spin, which is where you fast every single day for a certain amount of hours and consume your daily calories in a "feeding window." I started off with O.M.A.D. (one meal a day)/Warrior diet and stick to a vegetarian keto diet. Ketosis (using your own body fat for energy vis-a-vis ketones) and lowering insulin is what you're trying to achieve through any form of fasting and optimizing growth hormone/testosterone for a great anabolic state -- all through timing when you eat. It's been practiced for thousands of years through necessity and then various religious traditions and it's one of the oldest "tricks" in the book to be healthy; however most people are looking for an easy fix and not willing to endure any amount of displeasure and that speaks volumes.
03-12-2019 08:11 PM
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RE: 10 day water-only fast completed
Recently came across this video. There is an interesting claim that during the autophagy (breaking down and recycling parts from old and damaged cells) process the body recycles old cells and the protein from them so we don't actually need that much protein as long as we give the body enough time in the fasted state. Is there any scientific basis to that claim?

03-13-2019 11:35 AM
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RE: 10 day water-only fast completed
(04-04-2018 07:38 PM)Bain Wrote:  In the last 12 months I have done two - 10 day water fasts and one 9 day water fast. ( was planning to do 10 but work called). In my last 9 day fast, I ate for a week and then went to my doctor to do my annual check up. I had a blood test done. I got the results and the doctor was surprised how perfect my blood test came out. Lowest cholesterol, good blood sugar, thyroid problems disappeared, psa fine, B12 fine etc.

So water fasting is a secret way to get good internal health in a short period. Of course after you must maintain a healthy diet and exercise program or else the benefits of the fast disappear soon.

10 day water fasting is not easy but it is not difficult either. One needs to gradually build up to it. Start with one day water fasts. I have been doing a one day dry fast once a week -- on Mondays usually for almost 10 years now.

The first three days of the fast are the most difficult. After that though they become more easy and detoxification usually begins after the third or forth day.

If you want to achieve good internal health in a short period, this maybe something to consider.

If you have a medical condition, you need to consult with your doctor first. But long fasting tends to often cure many medical ailments.

Even thinking about it is difficult to me.

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03-14-2019 11:35 AM
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