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Female Responce to My Game Approach
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Female Responce to My Game Approach
I've noticed lately that when speaking with girls they are either crazy for me, or completely uninterested. No in-between.

My approaches have been in bars or socializing among peers. As of the moment, I've been trying a casual conversation type of approach with some flirting when I feel like it'll work. Haven't tried anything further than that yet though, since I want to focus on improving my approach more.

None of it seems to be consistent either. I've even had some 8s and 9s seem to be into me, and other times completely uninterested. Same with 5s-7s. Some into, while others aren't. And a lot of this seems to be consistent throughout the conversation. If nothing seems to be working after 5 or so minutes, I move onto doing something else. If things seem to be going well from the start, I keep it going a little longer.

Is my game shit and some are just attracted to my appearance? Why are some so quick to take interest while others give no mind nor matter their level of attractiveness? Maybe I just do some approaches better than others?

Have you guys dealt with anything similar?
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RE: Female Responce to My Game Approach
That's how it always is my man.

Most women you approach won't be interested in you. It doesn't matter how you look, or how they look. That's why you approach in volume, so you can weed out the ones that aren't and quickly move on to the ones that are. Women that like you make dates much more fun, and overall the experience is a lot more positive.

One of the things you'll notice about women as you approach en-masse, is that women experience such a range of emotions on a daily basis that they can go from receptive to non-receptive in minutes. The key is in recognizing those women so you just avoid them to begin with. Look for closed of body language cues (hunched over, closed legs, disinterested eye contact) and let them do their thing. The conversion rates on these types of women is so low, it's not worth doing unless you're gunning for an extremely difficult lay.

The consistency comes from volume. When you're approaching 20-25 women a week, you'll get more consistent results overall. Most people I've seen convert between 5-10% of their approaches into numbers. My personal number is about 8%, but I convert about 90% of those numbers into dates.

You're well on your way it seems. It seems like you view yourself as the prize and are bailing out of interactions that aren't working for you. Some guys will ride those for an entire night and miss out on the other receptive women that are surrounding them.

For a more in depth response to your question, I would advise you get an approach journal/log going so we can take a look at who you're approaching, what you're saying, and what the response is. Those little details will help a lot in analyzing areas you can work on. Looking forward to seeing you around here.

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RE: Female Responce to My Game Approach
Game is about identifying which girls need a push/are on the fence (whilst you are talking to them) and converting them into lays.

Some will want you, some won't be interested. A lot will want you to be the cool guy they are imagining and your MO is to fit that description or smash it out of the park and do this in a 'natural' way i.e. it just happened. -> hence shit tests

It's like music. If you only listen to one type, you will only attract one type of chick. If you have a multifaceted taste, your 'net' widens.

For what it's worth, a bit of creativity goes a long way for both sifting the women out and basically having fun.

On the fly, this was the latest thing that worked for me.

Go with your phone and take a selfie with them, just interrupt and shout 'selfie time!'.

If they comply, great. If they don't then, laugh it off.

They will want to see the pic, 100% and you can then tease or banter.

Why are you taking selfies?
You got a new phone and want to test out the camera
In case you get kidnapped, you can send out the picture so people know who you were last seen with
You look like you could be my type (this always works, get them to qualify etc.)

Anything playful. This works even better when they are on their phones.

Main questions:
Are you consistent in all of your approaches?
Are you having fun?
Have you stopped caring about the outcome?

Subquestions, write these out for yourself:

Are you in a good mood when you approach?
Can you treat all girls you meet as if it's your birthday party and you haven't met them yet?
Are you naturally inquisitive?
Is your curiosity natural?
Are you challenging them?
Are you able to make them feel comfortable?
Is your body language disarming yet uninterested?
Is your vocal tonality sexy/deep/breaking rapport? (your voice when you approach is major)
Do you worry about running out of things to say or get nervous?
Can you evoke emotions in your interactions?
Do you look good, feel good and project an interesting aura?
Can you translate that interest into attraction -> trust -> sexual tension?
Do you have a sense of humour?
Are you attractive enough to be direct with certain women?
Do you approach most women just to understand female nature and their mindset in the first 5-10 minutes with unknowns?
Are you choosing to talk to women in places you should be dancing?
Are you solo or do you have a wingman?

Honestly, just experiment, have fun and see what works for you. It's not gonna happen overnight.
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RE: Female Responce to My Game Approach
I feel as though it's normal. I'm sure your game is fine.

The main source of my frustration when getting into this (and still to this day to some extent) was how some PUA's would imply that 'game' is basically magic, and you should be able to get every girl you approach, no matter your looks etc.
Every rejection meant you did something wrong etc.

But then you will read someone like Mark Manson who more or less says ''They are either into you or they aren't and you'll know within seconds. Escalate with the ones that are, and walk away from the 'no girls' ''

This line of thought annoys the old school/mystery method guys who want to believe that there's no such thing as a 'no girl' and that yo can use 'game' to MAKE all girls attracted to you.

To me it's partly a comforting thought to know that I likely would never have got that girl who ignored my opener even if I came in and approached at a 20 degree angle and used a false time constraint before an opinion opener or whatever and that I don't need to beat myself up or over analyse why she rejected me

But it's also a slightly depressing thought as it more or less implies that it's basically your looks that decide whether you have a shot or not.

I think in truth, the answer is somewhere in the middle, but closer to the Mark Manson way of looking at things. You can 'game' maybe girls and yes girls to increase your odds of sleeping with them, relative to if you had like zero game. The 'no girls' (or as you say, the ones who 'hate' you or ignoe your open or whatever) are simply never gonna go for it.

So yes, as you say, more than likely, the girls that were into your approach probably thought you were handsome. And the girls that blew you out didn't! but that's OK. I'm pretty sure that this is basically always the case, and there's nothing you can do to change it in any meaningful way

My journal :
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RE: Female Responce to My Game Approach
Are you making emotional connections or just rambling? Emotional connections turn no girls into yes girls.

Example of me today in court.
I sit down next to a chick and say hey as deep as possible with direct eye contact. She hesistates and rolls her eyes and says hey back. I say this court shit sux (in hindsight this was bad game because court is a womans cash cow.) So I manage to get her talking about her case (how her baby daddy isn't seeing the kids but does pay child support). I go into detail about my baby moms about seeing kids and not paying child support , opposite of her case. We get to talking and I tell her I have full custody of my kids and how the kids bug me when taking a shit blah blah. And immediatly she opened up with an OMG! Me too blah blah blah. Long story short got the digits and we have been texting a little bit and she has not flaked (yet). Set up a date tomm. Night on my day off. We'll see.

So the emotional connection was how both our kids bother us. And we have little time for ourselves and parents with visitation would never understand our struggle etc etc...
So if your not making an emotional connection with these chicks, pay attention if its the ones that you say are not into you at all. And vice versa with the ones that are. Guarentee the emotional connection is the missing puzzle piece.

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