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Cute girl at the library
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Cute girl at the library
How do you guys approach girls at the library? There is this huge newly built library in the city center, and i recently started coming here to study. And i always notice there's a lot of cute girls sitting here. But it's so quite here and girls have their headphones in their ear and listening to music. There's this one girl that seems so focused on studying that i am not quite sure how to approach her. She's a cute 7.5/10.

Personally i thought of 2 things. Find out what time of the day she comes and try to chat her up when she's on the way home, exiting the library. But it seems like she comes at random times, so it's very hard to predict.

Second thing, since she's probably in the library to study and never ever thought about getting hit on here, she will probably think my approach is weird, if i don't come up with a reason. I thought maybe sit close to her and hit her with an opinion opener. Make her comfortable this way, what do you think about this?

I think it's very different to a day game approach, where you're outside, and it's just the 2 of you, and you can make her laugh and it's you leading. In the library 1) you gotta keep it quiet 2) you gotta keep it short because she probably wants to get back to studying 3) people around you will probably get annoyed
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04-16-2018 05:08 AM
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RE: cute girl at the library
Are there no socializing spaces in this library whatsoever? Most have coffee shops or lounges these days. You could open with “Do you know if the coffee here is any good?” Or “is there a decent coffee shop nearby?” And build from there. Or you could be more direct with “let’s grab coffee.” Bookworm chicks love coffee.

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04-16-2018 06:23 AM
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RE: cute girl at the library
Ok I got this from RSDMax. Works pretty well tbh. Sit right next to her with your books or whatever. Take a sheet of paper and write:

Me: Hey

Smoothly put the sheet of paper where she can see it without being too agressive though. She'll most likely look at you and smile. Then smile back of course. And let the the writing interaction begin.

I wouldn't recommend asking her to go outside immediately. Just use the pen to run game first and then see what happens.

Even if she has no sexual interest in you, she'll still appreciate that you made her day interesting and NONE of her girlfriends will ever be approached that smoothly in a library setting.
04-16-2018 08:50 AM
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RE: cute girl at the library
I know it's a cliche, but, still I would just remember that "it's only awkward if you make it awkward." If I were you, I would just confidently approach her and ask her what she is reading and tell her it looks interesting. From there, you can proceed to talk about other stuff.
It seems like you are methodically trying to figure the best possible way to approach and talk to her, which isn't necessarily bad, but if you over-complicate it, you'll chicken out an not talk to her at all.
Also, I don't know what your library is like, but I don't think talking is bad in most libraries as long as you aren't talking too loud.

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04-16-2018 11:20 PM
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RE: cute girl at the library
Does she go out for anything? Like a quick snack or the bathroom. The snack would be a better option. Just approach her then. I would run direct game and not say anything about the library. Say you saw her at the snack stall and thought she was cute and came over to say hi.

Once you both start walking back to the library, you could be "no way, you're studying here too?" Chicks love 'coincidences', destiny game they call it.

Tip: Make sure you're not exactly sitting beside her for this work. After you get back to your area, suggest to study together, otherwise number close.

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04-17-2018 01:23 AM
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RE: Cute girl at the library
Write a note, scrunch it up and throw it at her and give her a sly smirk.

Contents are up to you but it could be something like..

"Are you always this loud?"

"Keep it down"

"You have been reported for being distracting"

Of course, these are on the fly, make it relevant to your library and to show interest but playfulness too.

Include "please return this note to save the environment" in fine print if you want.

Take it from there and see if she responds or throws one back. If so, go sit next to her.

Worked for me in university.

I also used to sit next to them but instead of saying "Hi" on a piece of paper, I would draw a tic tac toe game on a piece of paper and play with them. Bonus points for keeping your headphones in and just nodding over to the paper.

Smirk is essential, it shows you're up to no good and makes it playful.

Have fun.

edit: when she laughs or goes to speak just say "shhhh" and put your finger in front of yours or her mouth.
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04-18-2018 08:17 AM
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RE: Cute girl at the library
I was in Boston last week walking around an historic cemetery and saw this attractive mid-20s chick also walking around looking alone.

As we were walking out (which I timed appropriately) I glanced at her and said, "How'd ya like it?"

She responded with a brief answer.

I said, "You wanna grab a drink?"

Her: "Sure" (which we did, and had appetizers)

Point is, it doesn't have to be clever or interesting. Plenty of guys have hooked up with, dated, fallen in love with, married and had kids with women they simply walked up to and said "hi".

As Jordan Peterson would say, if it's something you know you should do (approach), better to do it poorly than not do the thing at all. It's probably the most truthful thing for men of anything he says. And women know it.

Library or cemetery, it's just about doing it.

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