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Moscow/Sankt Peterburg Datasheet
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Moscow/Sankt Peterburg Datasheet
I just came back from Russia and had a blast. Since this was mostly a touristic trip I didn't really focus on girls too much because I had so much things to see in Moscow and St. Petersburg. It ended up being a memorable trip though. I met other members from RVF in Moscow that I met in Budapest and we went out again, focused more on a fun night with lads and less on the girls. I have some pretty funny and memorable stories though. Stayed about 12 days. I had an instagram fan who added me a while ago who I chatted waiting for me. My level of russian is 0 but I actually communicated well with my hands and with some stupid russian words/basic english so that anybody could understand me.

Tinder seems to be a gold mine if you are on a bang mission but I simply had too many matches and it was hard to follow-up with everybody. Those I was most inteerested in I got their instagram/facebook/whatsapp and chatted a bit with them. I'll probably be back in Moscow so you never know, and some of these girls like to travel to locations I like. Tinder dates seems to be the norm and girls are open to it. You will definately attract a certain type of russian girl from Tinder though.

I found there were several types of russian girls on this trip:

1. Well-traveled girls or foreign groupies: Often travel out of Moscow and had maybe studied/worked elsewhere, speaks reasonably ok/good english. Get along well with foreigners and prefer foreigners to russian guys. Not always the hottest but the smartest and friendliest. Interactions can be similar as with any western girl.

2. Russians that only speak russian: Sometimes the hottest but also the craziest. Hard to deal with them without russian. Might prefer russian guys.

3. Russians with very low level of english but enough to communicate: The funniest girls in my opinion and those I prefered. They haven't met that many foreigners and are therefore super friendly when they meet one. Not necessarly foreign groupie but will usually be open to a foreign experience. Sometimes a bit crazy/dumb.

4. Gold diggers: Girls that will date foreigners just for their money and gifts. Avoid these girls If you and your mates matched with the same girls, there's a pretty good chance she's a foreign groupie or one of these gold diggers.

Places to take a date:


1.Bon App Cafe: Pricey cafe but good location in the center, good place to charge your phone and call in a tinder date.
2. Valenok Restaurant: Ok place with decent food, all girls I chatted with absolutely love it.
3. Any Park: Russian girls like to walk in parks and enjoy the sun.
4. Toro Grill: Good place for wine in the west part of the city.
5. Grill and beer place in Kitay Gorod, not sure about the name, Ekspromt beer & grill I think. Good place if your girl likes beer.

Sankt Petersburg:

1. Any bar in Rubinstein Street: I went to Barcelonaa which is a tapas bar. Cheap
2. Tawny Bar: Very good portuguese place with good wine that girls love.

Places to go out: Keep in mind my days were pretty busy so I only went out 2 nights in Moscow with several venue changes. One night got too wasted to actually go out on a saturday night, which are apparently the best nights in Moscow.


1. Valenok: Supper club with a dance floor later at night. There might be lot of hot girls and not that many guys dancing. Has the reputation of a place where girls get sugar daddies. Good place to eat and predrink.
2. Community: More upscale place with a dancefloor surrounded by a library. Didn't seem many people were making out there. Not that many hot girls in my opinion and older crowd.
3. Jagger: Really fun club with good house/EDM music and hot girls but ratios can be bad. The night we were in there was bad ratios and we left
4. BQ Bar: another place to predrink, order the long island ice teas huge jars for 3 people there and feel tipsy. Dance floor with many girls (students or about 27), can get wild, reputation of bad girls trying to find a guy for a night. Guys staty at the bar or stand and girls are dancing waiting for a man.
5. Icon: Supposed to be a megaclub but a whole section was closed when we were there. Some cute girls but was not impressed.
6. Rolling Stone: Really fun outside bar/terrace where people dance to rock music and get wasted. It's a place for younger people.

Sankt Peterburg:

1. Mishka Bar: APparently a good place for foreign gropies
2. Poison Bar: KAraoke, apaprently another place for foreign groupies but it was dead when I was there
3. FIdel: A dump, was empty
4. Lomosov: Nightclub with very good quality and ugly guys. Probably the best place to find badded in Spb

Stories and pulls in the next post.
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RE: Moscow/Sankt Peterburg Datasheet
What kind of visa did you have? Did you experience a delay in having your passport stamped due to the recent wave of sanctions and consulate closures after the "Novichok poisoning Gate?"

"The unexamined life is not worth living." - Socrates
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RE: Moscow/Sankt Peterburg Datasheet
So here are stories/pulls from my trip. Keep in mind there was a lot of touristic stuff I wanted to visit and game was not a priority, Also, I don't speak any russian. I would say though that with most of my Tinder matches mentionning that I speak french was a DHV. Many russian girls seem to love french. They also love ice hockey.

Friday: First night out at Valenok: I dressed up well to go to Valenok (nice shoes, blazer, shirt) and as soon as I entered most girls on the first floor were eying/gazing or even smiling. That never happened to me before as I recall so I got was pretty happy. I most certainly don't look russian from what I've noticed in the metro. Had a good first dinner with lads from RVF and one of the guys invited two girls he knows, I don't know from where, to chill with us. One is a tall blonde (from Novossibirsk) that didn'have the best teeth but I liked her style and she was pretty thin and feminine, I imagined she was in her early thirties (I'm 28). I was pretty silent most of the time and wanted to see the dance floor, russian talent was pretty good, didn't dance but had drinks and tons of tinder matches I was replying to. Eventually talked to some chicks but their level of english was not very good. I was a bit shy that night and nervous because I didn't know how people are rolling in Msocow. I went back to our table and saw the tallblonde girl and we discussed a bit, I made her laugh quite a bit. She eventually orders another drink but we decide to bounce and get a cab to Community. The place was nice but people were older and I expected better talent, seemed like a place for he high society of russians though as people didn't look trashy at all. I continued talking with the blonde, she revealed she is 31,, one of our buddies came back to the club ( he almost pulled the other girl that was invited to his place but the bang didn't happen so he came back to join us) while some sets were being opened. I eventually got physical with the tall blonde and tbh she was the one I liked the most in the bar anyway. We decided to go dance together and we were the only ones being physical. I paid a bottle of prosecco for the group. Eventually we had to leave the club and I was about to go for the kiss ask her to get home with me but she didn't want either. I got a good follow-up text the next day though when I told her it was fun and she's cool.

Saturday night I had a date planned with my Instagram fan and we went to Valenok again where I reserved a table. I was dressed better than the day before. She shows up and looks not as well dressed as the other girls in the restaurant but still pretty cute (she's younger, 22 ). I knew she could communicate in english so it was fine. She had some burnt from some cream product though (which made her face reddish) and was kind of scared I would meet her like that but I said it was fine and she showed up and didn't look red at all. I found her pretty hot, like on her pictures. very sensual movement. On her pics she was hotter because of make-up now she looked more normal but still a type of face I like. We talked for a while and I got a bit turned off by the way she speaks english and she sounded a bit dumb to me. Anyway, started kino, escalated, told her to go to the dance floor.
The dance floor was actually crazy because there were actually 25 pretty hot girls dancing and NO GUYS AT ALL. I was in shock. Not many guys in the bar either. We danced a bit there and she grabs my hand and say that I cannot stay on the dancefloor because all these girls are looking at me like a piece of meat and it was dangerous for her. I laughed. We drank a last cup of wine then I suggested to go outside. Outside I simply kiss her and it was a pretty hot moment. I suggest we bounce to my place but she says she has her period, I tell her its fine I got a towel. She's cool with it but then asks if I have a razor because she didn't shave her pussy, I say yes. We buy some beers at her suggestion then head to my place. I was supposed to join Papi Rico and other RVF members but I was gonna smash that girl home instead. We got to my place and I banged her hard and she loved it and wanted me to bang her harder and harder. She was shouting and being extremely loud and she was insanely wet, it felt good. After I banged her she told me I look way better in person and that I have a very good dick, the perfect size, and she loves everything I do to her. We banged again and I realized she might be some kind of nymphomaniac..(more on that later).

Didn't go out sunday and monday, tuesday took a train to Sankt Peterbug.

More stories to come.
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RE: Moscow/Sankt Peterburg Datasheet
(05-27-2018 05:56 PM)MrRoundtree Wrote:  Also, I don't speak any russian. I would say though that with most of my Tinder matches mentionning that I speak french was a DHV. Many russian girls seem to love french.
There's a serious love affair between France and Russia, I can't explain it but if the girl can't speak English, she'll speak some French.
05-27-2018 06:36 PM
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RE: Moscow/Sankt Peterburg Datasheet
Wednesday: I had visited Sankt Peterburg the whole day, ate at a georgian restaurant for lunch...the place was amazing.

Anyway I had, just like in Moscow, many tinder matches and I was trying to find something to do for supper..one cute but shy looking girl was willing to come with me for a date and we went to Rubenstein Street. I ordered in total 4 glasses of wine and one tapas and it cost me about 20 $ CAD which was ridiculously low. The girl was not really my type (cute but just a bit boring and not hot) so I let her go at the end and she had to go back anyway to the other side of the bridges which closes pretty early.

I didn't have anything else to do I tried to find other tinder leads but they all worked in the morning so I read RVF forum (thank guys) and headed to a bar called Poison Bar. It was a disaster..there were 5 people in the bar: 2 girls, one guys and a couple.

I was like...oh well..it's my last night in Sankt Peterburg and the city seems dead...might as well stay here. I ordered a beer and the guy next to me started talking in russian...told him I didn't understand and he said the girl are the karaoke is terrible..he asked me to give her a rating on 10. I was like '' fuck maybe this girl is her sister or gf, she's awful but I'm going to give her a 7 to make sure sure I don't offend him''. So I said 7 and the guy said no she's the worst singer he has ever heard and said she deserves a 2 and no more.

The guy introduced himself and said he was name Sergei, he paid me a shot and went for a smoke. The karaoke girl came back to the bar and the two girls heard me speak in english and started talking to me and asked where I was from...I said Canada and the blond was happy and said she never met a canadian! She wanted to take a selfie with me and I accepted and after she gave me her instagram, she added me, and she uploaded the picture of us too on instagram with my ugly mug as the first pic XD.

The girls and I went and smoked and I could tell both were a bit into me. We had one last shot with Sergei who was back after singing at the karaoke and getting drunk and he left because he needed to catch a night train to Moscow.

The two girls asked me if I wanted to come with them to a bar called Fidel close, I remembered the name from RVF and it was a safe place so I joined...they said the bar was good but there was only one girl dancing in the whole abr and no dudes, it was even worst than the first place. We got tickets tho for 2 shots for 1 so we got 2 shots each and one of the girls paid for it even if I wanted to pay! Let's call this one Carelia (she's from Carelia).

The girls said let's go to a club next to this door they said it's probably the only place where we will find people...we went to Lomosov next to Fidel and it was much better...second floor a dance floor with hot gogo girls dancing on the bar and first floor was a karaoke with russian songs though...it was my turn to pay shots so I paid a round of Bereshovska and now I could feel the tension and had 2 girls on me. Carelia was more selfish and she grabbed my hand and started dancing much closer and Blondy face changed and she got angry...I think she was looking for a guy at this point at the bar and she was angry at her friend... Carelia told me I'm a good dancer...we made out while dancing.

We tried to find Blondy again...but she was angry at her friend and decided to go...I stayed with Carelia a while and I was a bit pissed because the girls in the bar were much hotter and the guys chumps...but Carelia was really after me and I didn't want to shoot myself in the foot if she was a sure thing. I asked her to go outside and it was already sunny at 4 am... suggested to bounces at her place she said we couldn't..I said I stayed at the dorm of an hostel with strict rules and it was out of question... she said she didn't want to have sex with me the first nigh...so I said I was tired and suggested I would bounce but she kept staying near me and we couldnt leave eachother...she was kissing me and dryhumping me...I suggested to go to a hotel then and after a lot of persistence she accepted.

Sadly the hotel was full...she said...ok...you can come to my place but it's far...20 min from here...we got a cab and I found myself in a shitty place in Sankt Peterburg and was like...wtf am I doing there...all the buildings looked like shit and soviet style...we got in her building and her flat...the flat was much nicer... she left me on the balcony and went to the shower (do all russian girls shower before sex)...she told me before she has a roommate and that we have to stay quiet...

I was in the kitchen and her roommate woke up and saw me...I said ''hi'' shyly.. she saw I wasnt russian so she looked a bit less frightned...Carelia got out of the shower and they started arguing but then I realized it was ok...her roommate had to leave for work so she left us..

I was exhausted so I went to bed with Carelia..I saw also she was sleeping in the same room as her roommate...and realized that was the reason she didnt want me to come...we had sex together and I discovered her massive boobs...we had fun then passed out..

Carelia was a 6 for russia and a 7 for Canada...but she had a really nice personnality and cute face.. had good shape, both girls were really nice with low level of english but enough to understand each others and I was laughing with them the whole time.
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RE: Moscow/Sankt Peterburg Datasheet
After Sankt Petersburg my next night out was friday night with Papirico and another guy that I forgot his name on the forum that I met in Budapest (Riquelme I think).

We decided to have a pretty crazy night out so we met at a bar called BQ BAr/Cafe. This place was a lot of fun...Friday night in moscow in simply crazu, lot of guys were at the bar with their friends (guys and girls) ordering booze and I ordered beers with the guys, I could tell the place was getting lit and people a bit tipsy, people were eating at tables but started heading to the dance floor, especially girls. At some point the dance floor only had girls and we met a couple of other guys from Germany that looked shy...no guy wanted to dance.

Some girl grabbed my hand and started dancing with me, she wasn't hot but had good dance moves, I was psyched. My friend met a really hot russian girl in a blue dress from what I remember and they spoke in russian, she started placing her ass on him when she was getting abit drunker. I went back to the bar and ordered more alcool, me and Papirico ordered this massive Pitcher with rhum and cokeand 4-5 straws, we were ready for a good night.

One girl with black hair (Varvara was her name) asked me if I wanted to dance with her and her sister, she was cute and looking me in the eyes. At this point our friend was making out with the hot russian with a blue dress (i think she was 29-30) and I dance a bit with Varvara and her sister, still was one of the only guys on the dance floor, other guys danced also but looked like shit.

I went back to the pitcher and invited the girls to drink andour british friend, at this point we started getting drunk. My friend left her girl and started chatting with Varvara and 2-3 min after he started making out with her heavily, I was in shock because I thought Varvara was into me! Oh well they had a good time together and I danced with the sister a bit but she wasnt my type and told her I wanted her sister lol. The sister agreed but she got angry she was with my friend so she grabbed Varvara and they both disappeared in the bathoom. We didnt really talk to them after but we had their number.

Papirico was talking with a hipster looking girl but I dont remember his night as much, prior to that there was a beer next to us but we didnt know who it belonged to. I gave it to Papirico and gave it to Varvara just when we had had ordered the pitcher. The beer actually belonged to a caucasian guy, he didnt notice we took his beer but he was pretty happy to talk with an american, a fench canadian and a british. The caucasian looked like crap and had a backpack but he decided to tag along with us when we wanted to leave so we made a new friend.

Just before leaving we were pretty boozy, our british friend got the number of the blue dress girl that was clearly bitter at this point that she was rejected for a younger girl (Varvara), Varvara was drunk and her sister angry at her and we met a girl from SIberia with a cute smile, we spoke with her a bit, she had a cute pink dress...her english was shit but I got her instagram before leaving and eventually got her number.

We got a uber and went to the next club: Jaeger

Jaeger Bar had pretty goot music and when they say Moscow Party hard, it starts there. If BQ was the predrink, Jaeger was the crazy party. Girls were dancing on the bar and looked pretty hot. I dont remember much about the palce but we saw a couple of british people. I ordered drinks at the bar for the guys and our british friend started chatting with 2 girls,one of them, lets call her Regina, asked him whos the guy with the blazer (me) ordering. Our friend said something about me she looked interested apparently but I never saw that girl in the club because they left when I was ordering. I heard about her on whatsapp in our group chat so I grabbed her number and started messaging her. She looked pretty cute I eventually met her in Moscow but more on that in another post. Regina is her name and I'm supposed to meet her in the carribeans or Bali.

Now Jaeger was emptying we chatted with the Brits next to us and one of them looke dpretty fun, lived in Moscow, he decided to come with us. We were now 5: Papirico, me, our brit friend, the caucasian and the new British lad.

Next club: Icon

We got a cab and went to Icon, not all the rooms were open and at this point of the night we were a bit drunk and the guys all had their girls in Icon. We danced and tried to meet a few, one ugly girl was giving me strong IOI and I danced with her a bit, I gave her my number but I didnt want to do more so I let her go to try to meet some other chicks. We had more drinks at the bar, at the VIP section we met a black american guy having the time of his life, we had a few vodka shots with him and that guy was chilling with a russki girl. Eventually we lost everybody: our brit friend left, the caucasian disappeared because he had no success and the other brit also left. It was jsut me and Papirico. We went outside with the black guy and he decided to ditch us, we laughed because he was trying to look like a baller but during the morning (it was 7 at this point) the girl left him and he started running after her begging for her to come back...

We went to a last place with surfboards and australian/hawaian tyle decoration and it was kind of an outside terrace. I was clearly drunk and Papirico too, I ordered Jaegerbomb but this drinkw as was too strong and big. We saw cute girls that were dancing and took pictures with funny russian guys, I was chilling on my phone, some girl came and danced next to me and then went away. We chilled there a bit and just danced aimlessly, I saw a redhair girl, didnt dance with her but I chatted her and outside I got her number but some stupid guy was behaving like a monkey and made her go away.

I then walked back Moscow in the rain way too drunk with Papirico, took random pictures with random asians, ouzbeks and black tourists, we took the metro, I went in the wrong direction, said good buy to Papi Rico, went back home and slept. I woke up at 2 am that day and had the worst hangover.
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