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Upcoming Austin Trip, need insight
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Upcoming Austin Trip, need insight
So I have a few questions and I would like some insights to see how I can make the most of my upcoming Austin stay (5/30 - 06/2).

I'm was going in for a lecture originally from JB Peterson (I'm aware he's pushing for a "greater Beta" rather than true Neo-Masculinity) but ended up becoming a Dave Rubin lecture going on in Moody Theater the 31st. Since I live in a smallish oil town where ppl know each other, I'm using this "trip" as a chance to greatly put into practice Game Skills that I haven't been able to try without really running into anyone I know; also I paid money and requested time off work so now I'm going.

I did read Axorbs "Ausin Night Life sheet 2017 " thread so I'm setting up my night experiences based on that.

My Stats:
Brown Mexican-American (I know race can be 50/50 unless I say I'm from place like Barcelona or insert obscure exotic location)
Late 20's (look the age as well, I can easily look older)
Budgeting around $300 in spending money after securing logistics.
Dance skills: Mediocre

My plan is to check out the West 6 and Dirty 6 Weds and Thurs night, hear out how things are going throughout the day and if I'm burning try my hand at the East Side. I'll also t

This will be my first solo trip and post red-pill trip in which I'm actually practicing game rather fishing and hoping for a bite.

My main questions are:
Is it better to pull to my spot (I'm getting place to myself) or is it better to bounce to her spot is within reasonable distance?

Best places to try Day-Game? (Gotta stay busy in the day)

I'm running solo (unless I can get a fellow wingman) and what are places I should just avoid due to cliquish nature so I can focus in other spots?

How far is too far when setting up logistics? (I'm eyeing a place about 4.5 miles from Downtown)

I'll have my car but what is the best transportation method for the night scene?

Trip report to follow and thanks in advance for any insight, tips and help.
05-26-2018 04:35 PM
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RE: Upcoming Austin Trip, need insight
4.5 miles is too far. stay within 5 min uber ride from where you want to party/hang out in day. forget your car apart from getting into town. bring a bang to your place.
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05-26-2018 06:15 PM
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RE: Upcoming Austin Trip, need insight
South Austin you might be able to find cheap reasonable accommodations. North Austin as well but both are pretty residential so it would be an AirBnB. You didn't really say what your accommodations budget is though. If you go with a hotel the Courtyard Marriott downtown is pretty reasonable and in the center of everything.

Driving is a nightmare in Austin, especially on I35, paying for parking will not be cheap if you do decide to drive. Uber and Lyft are pretty much the only game in town. Public Transportation is very unreliable. One of the forum members on here used to drive for Uber or Lyft in Austin so he could chime in on this. Also don't use the pedi-cabs, they are a rip off.

As someone who lived in Austin my opinion is $300 for 6 days is going to be a bit of a stretch. Even knowing bartenders and service people I could easily run $75 + per night on drinks, food and Uber + you'll be eating and getting around during the day. Unless you're just sticking to downtown it's not a very walkable city.

Food isn't cheap either unless you're going to live off of $2 tacos, Tourchy's (which sucks in my opinion) charges $4 - $5 per Taco even many food trucks charge stupid prices if run by hipsters. A plate of good brisket is $20 - $30 per lbs. I think when I was last in Austin I paid 29.99 for Brisket off of Kerlins Truck.

W6th is a older yuppie crowd late 20's - late 30s, places are med - "higher end"
Dirty 6th is a young crowd and tourist also overpriced drinks like Bourbon St. New Orleans maybe slightly cheaper.
E6th or the Eastside (other side of I35 is young hipsters and feminist
South Congress across the bridge is all hipsters and feminist
Hyde Park is where a lot of college kids are but spots are spread out

Local girls are sluts in Austin, I used bumble a lot there and I could literally get them to meet me at my condo although I lived 20ft from the Ladybird Lake and had kayaks with a boat ramp so that is how I'd roped them in.

Zilker Park is day game central but bitch shields will be high. Walking around downtown you could day game or South Congress in South Austin is usually packed all day.

Girls are game aware in Austin, so don't tell girls you're visiting. A lot of girls complained to me on dates about wasting their time going out with guys who were visiting hence those guys were not closing often if at all.

Also keep in mind Austin is super leftwing, it's a SJW stronghold in Texas. So prepare for crazy blowouts that many times will be political in nature. If that doesn't happen you are not actually gaming hard in Austin.

I don't know how the #MeToo movement affected game there but I'm sure it was very well received by the almost 90% feminist population, so don't go around "raping" or "verbally sexually assaulting" girls like the good ole days.

The good news is you should be able to pull 2 - 3 girls pretty easily in 6 days in Austin if your logistics are good. Even if you're a beginner it's a pretty easy city to have one night stands and same night lays from dates. Also a lot of beta male hipsters and neck beards. You should bump into male feminist regularly so watch out for white knighting when you get blow outs, that's when they all become captain save a hoe. These guys usually enhanced my game as they just go around agreeing with sluts all over town and creeping them out. The girls bitch shields should come down quickly once you've established you're not a fucking pussy.
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05-28-2018 08:17 AM
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RE: Upcoming Austin Trip, need insight
Well I've I got two nights down and I've actually learned quite a bit. I'll be posting a field report and maybe a 2nd one on the JBP talk (low probability but some good talking points). Tinder has had nibbles, no bites and Bumble is still waters. Daygame meanwhile.

No bang yet but my current accommodations is about 9 mins Uber ride away from 6th St and I'll be going down to South Congress to end things. A Hispanic Uber guy suggested I should check out Latin Night Clubs b/c "Those white bitches ain't gonna fuck you." So I might make a detour just in case.

Thanks for the info and I'll post a proper info after the trip
06-01-2018 12:33 PM
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RE: Upcoming Austin Trip, need insight
OP you should have stayed at a hostel. The hostel's in Austin are incredibly chill. Cheap also, and the girls there are pretty open to stuff.
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06-02-2018 10:17 AM
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