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Anyone watch Game of Thrones?
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RE: Anyone watch Game of Thrones?
(04-24-2019 03:29 PM)Aurini Wrote:  You guys are overthinking it - especially since it will never be revealed outside of fan wikis (unless Martin finishes the novels).

My point was that, while foreign cultures worship true (if nihilistic) gods, the European gods don't show any evidence of existing. Heck, we don't even have knights who take their vows seriously, let alone Paladins or Clerics. Is the show anti-White? Absolutely. It might be anti-everybody else, too - anti-humanity in general - but the contempt for European civilization is palpable.

Gammas gonna gamma.

The whole point of GoT is to be gritty and dark and to subvert the romantic stories of gallant knights and honorable rulers. A subversion of the high fantasy genre.
Some would call that "more realistic" because the good guys do not win as we have learned to expect and powerful people can be vindictive nasty shits, but obviously sometimes it's soooo dark and edgy just for shock value.

Within the show's universe, even the foreign Gods do not really have power until the dragons are born and the world becomes more "magical". That's when all the weird religions and cults started showing some actual power and results, whereas before they only had parlor tricks.
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RE: Anyone watch Game of Thrones?
(Yesterday 04:14 AM)Belgrano Wrote:  
(04-24-2019 12:51 AM)Aurini Wrote:  Notice that not once is there any evidence shown that the 7 Gods of Westeros - who are distinctly Pagan/Christian, with a positive aspect to all of them - actually exist? But the gods of fiery murder and nihilistic suicide are confirmed entities?

The Seven, also known as the God of Seven, is a single deity with seven aspects.

Quote:Though the Faith teaches that there is a single deity, it has seven "aspects" or "faces". For this reason, the deity is often referred to as the "Seven-faced God". In practice, many devotees will refer to the aspects as "Gods" plural, though priests of the Faith will attempt to stress the theological nuance to their followers that there is indeed only one God, the "Seven-in-One" deity. This has not stopped the commonly heard exclamation "Gods be good!" from being used pervasively throughout the Seven Kingdoms.

(04-24-2019 02:56 AM)Marmite Wrote:  
(04-24-2019 01:20 AM)sterling_archer Wrote:  Other god worth mentioning is Many Faced God, who even has representative/aspect among the new gods of Westeros/Faith of the Seven, where he is called The Stranger. I and many others are not sure yet if he is just an Jungian archetype (given the origins of belief in him originating in Essos) or a real god.

Purely based on the TV show as I haven't read the books, but I assumed that the many faced God was in fact a monotheistic God, and all the other Gods that are worshipped are simply different aspects of the many faced God / different interpretations of Him.

The Many-Faced God is Death.

Quote:The Faceless Men worship Death, whom they believe is the only god. The cult is actually a syncretic religion; its followers believe that Death is unknowingly worshiped by devotees of all the religions in the world, simply under different names. Every religion either has a god of death (in polytheistic faiths), or has a god with dominion over death (in monotheistic faiths). The Faceless Men believe that all of these gods are simply different aspects, or "faces", through which Death has revealed Himself to humanity - hence they formally refer to their deity as "the Many-Faced God".

I'm actually surprised Arya / No One has only taken the badass ninja assassin and face-switching skills, but remained a "good guy" and didn't drink the Kool Aid.
It would be more interesting if she became a religious fanatic that wanted to spread the wonderful word of Death to the entire world, family included.

GoT has historically made us take the good with the bad -Jaime Lannister killed the Mad King but fucks his sister and pushed a boy from a window, Ned Stark is honorable but a political amateur which gets him killed, Khaleesi has dragons and escaped from rape and slavery but is becoming power hungry and tyrannical.

The death-worshipping cult was shown as almost benevolent, cool assassins, whereas I would have imagined them more like the Thuggee stranglers cult.
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RE: Anyone watch Game of Thrones?
One of the best lines in the series. If a sellsword stands before a king, a rich man and a priest and is commanded by all three to kill the other two. Who lives and who dies?

I think if you put a beautiful woman in besides the king, priest and rich man, the sellsword might let the woman live.

Don't debate me.
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