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Libtard is Posting Anti-Masculine Articles
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Libtard is Posting Anti-Masculine Articles
Libtard Owned by Libtard Fag James Randi is Debunking Medical Frauds but Also Posting Anti-Masculine Articles

James Randi's sexuality and libtard beliefs:

The skeptic movement, like the atheist movement, has been taken over by libtards. The website is one such skeptic website that tries to appear legitimate by debunking obvious medical fraud but it also inserts articles that are anti-masculine to promote leftism. Many of these articles cite scientific publications as proof, but the scientists publishing the documents can easily be bribed by corporations, governments, and libtard activist groups to falsify data and misinform the public. In fact, the scientists themselves might be libtards since they were brainwashed in college indoctrination factories.

The following article denies the presence of chemical toxins:

The following article denies the anti-androgenic effects of BPA and phthalates:

Although there are side effects to testosterone replacement therapy like withdrawal symptoms when the drug wears off, shutdown of natural testosterone production after the introduction of exogenous testosterone, and increased levels of estrogen by metabolization from testosterone, this article denies the benefits of testosterone in general:

This article is anti-gun, a definite sign that this website is promoting libtard propaganda:

This article, with research obviously funded by Big Pharma and libtards is promoting anti-depressants which are known to induce suicidal thoughts, cause brain damage, and lower testosterone levels:

Mental health is not a science, it is a dogma created by libtards to enforce absolute obedience to their totalitarian ideology of equality. The movement started when Karl Marx published the Communist Manifesto in 1848 with the belief in subjective, unproven and feminized concepts like equality, EQ, and empathy used as an indicator of mentally healthy thinking. Sanity is a social construct, it is subjective and it is a scientifically unproven concept, it is based on conformity to arbitrary social norms that are not based on reason and evidence and there are no laboratory tests such as blood tests and brain scans that prove the existence of mental illness. Furthermore, because any undesired behavior that does not agree with libtardism can simply be declared a mental illness in order to coerce the dissident into obedience through involuntary psychiatric commitment, mental health becomes completely biased, subjective, illogical, and invalid and becomes nothing but a tool used by libtards to force anybody that disagrees with them into submission to their ideology and to obey social norms without question.


What makes involuntary psychiatric commitment (at least in countries outside the United States and the United Kingdom which both introduced Deinstitutionalization Acts that only permit involuntary commitment if the person declared insane has committed a crime or is a danger to himself or others, and even after commitment can only be confined for a limited period of time) dangerous is that a person's right to free expression can be suppressed and liberty can be deprived without due process simply because the person engaged in completely legal non-conformist behavior that offended libtards. Imagine being captured and forcibly dragged into a mental institution and "treated"/imprisoned just because you were, on a completely subjective and illogical basis, declared insane. You have committed no crime, which makes it unconstitutional to confine you because your right to liberty cannot be deprived without due process under any circumstances, yet you are still confined based on the whims and irrational norms of the leftist mass movement for doing something that is simply politically incorrect, disliked and unpopular to libtards. Furthermore, you are deprived of free expression by being institutionalized for making offensive comments and doing offensive behavior, which is even more unconstitutional because free expression can never be deprived under any circumstances as written in the Bill of Rights. Just like people have the right to refuse political or religious affiliation, they should also have the right to refuse mental health.

What makes it even more dangerous is that psychotherapy aims to indoctrinate you into leftist ideology and psychiatric drugs can cause brain damage, parkinsonism, memory loss, suicidal thoughts, liver failure, sudden death, and worst of all, lowered testosterone levels. In fact, psychiatric drugs were deliberately formulated to lower testosterone in order to make masculine red-pilled men stupid and easy to control. Of course leftist controlled corporations also have a profit motive in bribing FDA officials into approving drugs that were not carefully tested in order to turn a profit. In fact, because the FDA is a government institution and thus full of libtards, they may not even need a bribe to approve the extremely stupefying and emasculating psychiatric drugs of Big LGBT Pharma.

Here is the link to the libtard funded article promoting mental health/unquestioned conformity/stupidity:

Here are links to articles in the ROK website that talk about the totalitarianism of the mental health ideology:
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RE: Libtard is Posting Anti-Masculine Articles
According to : is ranked 22,010 is ranked 17,481
As of today July 13th.

So the forum is more popular, this is great. Have something good to eat and don't use your energy feeling upset about that website.
07-13-2018 04:21 AM
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RE: Libtard is Posting Anti-Masculine Articles
This is probably a troll trying to get people to talk about the site thereby making it more popular
07-13-2018 06:28 AM
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RE: Libtard is Posting Anti-Masculine Articles
The only thing worse than "libtards" is newbies being allowed to start threads.

This is annoying, time-wasting, and counter-productive to the forum. As some of us were saying in the Private Forum: Let's change the rules and apply some moderation for this.

I think members should be required to make 100 worthwhile contributions to other threads before starting one. I've been here a half decade and even I rarely start threads.
07-13-2018 07:56 AM
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RE: Libtard is Posting Anti-Masculine Articles
(07-13-2018 04:21 AM)ShuaiGe Wrote:  According to : is ranked 22,010 is ranked 17,481
As of today July 13th.

So the forum is more popular, this is great. Have something good to eat and don't use your energy feeling upset about that website.

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That's the most Lao Tzu thing I've ever read on the internet. May the Tao bless you.

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07-13-2018 08:01 AM
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