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Puerto Escondido, Mexico - Datasheet
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Puerto Escondido, Mexico - Datasheet
Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico Datasheet

Puerto Escondido is a surf town of around 40k people located in the state of Oaxaca on the Pacific coast. It's best features are its wide beach with huge waves, really relaxed vibe and the nightlife.

I spent 4 days there as a break from Mexico City and it turned out to be one of my favourite places in the whole of Mexico, I would have stayed longer if I didn't have to leave the country shortly after.

About me

19 Year old blonde Eastern European, 5'9 with beginners Spanish and decent looks, I have pretty good knowledge of Mexico.

How to get there

Best way to get there is by plane from Mexico City, a bus is available but is an absolute pain in the ass which will take around 15 hours. Another option is to go to Oaxaca City first and then take a minibus but the route is also terrible - I would not do it again. Alternatively, you can go to Acapulco and spend a night there first and then take a bus down the next day.


When I go to a country I like to experience the local women. I do not understand dudes who travel 6000 miles from home to get with a dirty hostel backpacker from their own country, I am not about that life.

I was looking for a beach town in Mexico which has a more 'Mexican' vibe which is not infested with too many foreigners, I didn't want to go to Cancun for that reason. Thankfully for me the demographics of Puerto were perfect because the majority of people (70%>) were Mexican from my experience. This was also due to the fact I went during Mexican vacation time (June-September if I am not mistaken). There will be 4 types of people you will encounter here - locals from Puerto and/or Oaxaca state, Mexican tourists from other places such as Mexico City, Monterrey etc. , tourists from Latin America such as Argentina and tourists from Europe or USA.


Locals were actually my favourite and you will find many girls who live here at the beaches and clubs, they are very open to foreigners and seemed to really love them. Despite girls from Oaxaca not being famous for their looks, girls from Puerto Escondido were not so bad, most have darker skin and a shorter height with indigenous features but you will find some hotties with nice slim bodies and cute faces. If you are a fan of Mexican white girls don't come here (go North), if you don't mind the more indigenous looking girls then this is paradise.

Tourists from outside of the town were decent, it is a mix when it comes to these girls, it's hard to describe because girls were not from one specific place but the ones I met were from Chiapas, Veracruz, Monterrey and a lot of them were fine, you will find some diamonds in the rough.

Girls from other places in Latin America were really hot. You may find some from Argentina and Chile mostly and during the winter season I am assuming that you will find more of them here, for instance during semana santa. As much as these girls were good looking they were much more stuck up and difficult than the Mexicanas.

Lastly, there are of course the tourists and backpackers from the Anglosphere - Aussie's, Brits and American girls. As I am not a fan of them I avoided them but many of them stay at the hostels. They give off the hippy vibe and you will see that foreign dudes mostly stick with their women here.

Overall, the girls are not smokeshows here but I feel the quality is more than good, a lot of nice asses and cute faces, I was not complaining whatsoever. In addition, the age of girls here seemed to be mostly 18-27 so for me it was paradise.


Let's face it, there are only 2 things to do in Puerto Escondido, go to the beach or party. I had some of the most fun I have ever had in Mexico partying at the beach clubs here so I will break it down. There are honestly only 2 places where you should go every night, I didn't check out anything else because they were all dead and was told by locals these are the only spots worth partying in. All of the clubs are located on Playa Zicatela and are all walking distance.

Playa Kabbalah -

This is the biggest club in the town and is where all of the action is at. It is located right on the beach. People come here to get wild, dance to electronic music and reggaeton. Quality is amazing, ratio is not too bad. Entry is free and this place is open every day, however, it is worth mentioning thursday, friday and saturday nights here are popping whilst on other days it closes early. The best day for sure is friday. I found opening girls in this club to be the easiest I have encountered in the world (in Spanish though), I literally just talked to girls at the bar and asked them to dance, super easy to make out and pull. On the dancefloor it is easy to mack if you are somewhat of a good dancer. There is a smoking area at the back which is literally right on the beach, this is a perfect place to open and isolate. You will see girls who are often in mixed groups but it is easy to disband them, making friends with everyone is key. You will also see some foreigners in this club but not too many. 90% of people here will be Mexican. Also to note, the night here starts at 11pm and ends at 5am but often stretches to even later with people throwing afterparties somewhere.

Bar Fly -

If you burn out Playa Kabbalah or you want a less mainstream experience, go to Bar Fly. This place has a different crowd of older people and more foreigners, more backpackers and more latin american tourists too. I personally did not like it as the girls were older and not great looking, it attracts hippies and 'alternative' chicks. I had trouble opening chicks here, they seemed more stuck up and also the ratio was terrible. Maybe I just got unlucky. Entry is free and the party also lasts until 5am or so. The one good thing is that there is often an afterparty which is much better than the place itself. The place is literally in some abandoned section near the beach but I do not know the name, there is a bar and bonfire. If you follow people to the afterparty you will find this place.


The beach in Puerto Escondido is a dream. The main beach is Playa Zicatela, it is a wide beach in front of the strip where all of the bars, clubs and hotels are. The waves are gigantic and this is why it is dangerous to swim, you could die easily. You will see many experienced surfers here. This is why if you want to swim you need to go to the west side of Playa Zicatela near the center where the waves are calmer. Here you will see many families on the beach but it is great to swim.

You must also check Carrizalillo which is a beautiful pristine beach 15 minutes away by car, the best way to get there is to rent a scooter or motorbike for 200 pesos a day and drive there.

I was shocked that the waves were so huge and the water was so warm, when I was there the water temperature was 32 Celcius which was shocking. There are also many surf schools and surfing competitions take place a few times a year.

Where to stay

Playa Zicatela is where one should stay here, I think there are 2 best options - either a hostel or airbnb. For a hostel I recommend pipeline hostel, it is 100 pesos a night (5 dollars) for a bed in a dorm or only 200 pesos (10 dollars) for a private room. The hostel has a lot of latin americans and is right in front of the ocean. I strongly recommend a private room, it is dirt cheap and it is easy to bring girls back.

Next time what I would do is a get an airbnb and maybe share it with friends then throw afterparties and bring girls back, this option is honestly better than a hostel but a bit more expensive.

Other observations

- Backpackers here dress really bad and have no game. If you show up wearing smarter sneakers with a casual shirt you are already ahead of the game. Foreigners from the anglosphere were not approaching any of the latinas when I was there, competition is not a problem here.

- Exotic factor is high, blonde dudes and black dudes will deal most damage here.

- Spanish is necessary - yes not many people speak English here so brush up your Espanol. It was a big challenge for me but being here really improved my Spanish because I was forced to speak it. A lot of people do speak English but the girls at clubs don't seem to at all. If you don't speak a lot make sure your non-verbal and dance game is strong.

- It is really hot, humid and 30 celcius and above all day, at night it barely gets colder so wear deodorant and shower often. At clubs it will be hot and sweaty.

- Time to come is during Mexican vacation time ~(june-sept) or spring especially for semana santa when the whole town goes on a crazy perpetual party for a week.

- Make friends with Mexicans, they will show you the best places and wingman you, buy them a 'caguama' (big beer) on the street if you are hanging out and they may introduce you to their female friends.

- It is really easy to meet people here, you can walk up to anyone and they will be friendly. The vibe is super relaxed.

- Be aware of police and never carry drugs at night, I got searched by a squad with assault rifles after a party, otherwise the place is super safe.

- Food is not that great compared to Mexico City and is really expensive.


Puerto Escondido is perfect if you want tropical beaches with big waves, a relaxed and friendly vibe, wild parties and cute chicas, it is perfect for a getaway out of Mexico City for a week or so. I hope you enjoyed this datasheet.
07-20-2018 05:51 AM
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RE: Puerto Escondido, Mexico - Datasheet
I wish I had read your post 2 months ago! Great info about the age range on girls visiting PE. I have planned to go there but after reading old data sheet found in this forum I decided not to risk it because it seemed like there was not very much going on besides surfing.

Perhaps this is one of those spots left where you can come and do pretty good damage with very little efford!

Any lays to report?
07-20-2018 01:51 PM
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RE: Puerto Escondido, Mexico - Datasheet
(07-20-2018 01:51 PM)Cessna_00 Wrote:  I wish I had read your post 2 months ago! Great info about the age range on girls visiting PE. I have planned to go there but after reading old data sheet found in this forum I decided not to risk it because it seemed like there was not very much going on besides surfing.

Perhaps this is one of those spots left where you can come and do pretty good damage with very little efford!

Any lays to report?

Thanks, unfortunately I did not get laid there but I assure you it was due to bad decisions and logistics, I stayed in a $5 hostel bed and the girl's did not want to come back there - it was my fault. Every night you could bang a new girl here, only downside is that all the locals probably know eachother.
07-21-2018 11:31 AM
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