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Hiring a trainee
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Hiring a trainee
So my law office is getting bigger and I´m hiring a trainee. The bureaucratic size of work as a lawyer is really remarkable.
Since the secretary is only available to the senior lawyers. I´m looking to hire a law trainee which would in fact be a personal assistant.
Any tips? What are the traits to look for?
Up to now I´ve received 130 resumés.
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09-27-2011 03:59 PM
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Smitty Away

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RE: Hiring a trainee
If it were me, I'd shoot for a single female, no children, 5'5 to 5'8, 100-110lbs, C-cup tits, round ass, age 22-27.
Just sayin'.
09-29-2011 08:23 PM
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RE: Hiring a trainee
Came across this recently, some good pointers: http://blog.eladgil.com/2011/09/hire-for...-done.html

"A flower can not remain in bloom for years, but a garden can be cultivated to bloom throughout seasons and years." - xsplat
09-30-2011 11:55 AM
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RE: Hiring a trainee
(09-30-2011 11:55 AM)Caligula Wrote:  Came across this recently, some good pointers: http://blog.eladgil.com/2011/09/hire-for...-done.html

Great links.

After a while I´ve come to realize some things.

Trainees have to be "Fresh Off the Boat". This means not having graduated for more than 6 months. More than that they already have scares from previous jobs. Resentment, etc.

The question " where do you see yourself in 5 years" is more important than I thought. It helps understanding if the trainee wants to be a part of the organization, in my case lawyer, or is just playing around to find out what they like.

I had one trainee telling me they wanted to be a judge in 5 years. I was wondering to myself: Why da fuck is this bitch wasting my time. If I put an add for a cook I don´t expect a construction worker to show up.

Any trainee that answered they wanted to be something besides lawyer in the interview was excluded.

Knowing they´re living int he area is also important. For lawyers conections are crucial.

I will probably never hire somebody who´s been working in Public administration 9-5 job, except if they worked in tax or had a political job. Public administration is a leper colony.

Google the name of the trainee. A lot of information showed up. One was going to accept a different job in 3 months. I hired her, googled her name, confronted her, she admited and fired her after 3 days.

Asking of how much are the salary expected, weeds out the greedy. If someone said a astronomically figure, I would immediately discard. Trainees only give an added value after 3 months formation. Before that their losses. If I hire a superstar they will change jobs in 6 months. And all the effort done in formation will be given to another organization.

I´m hiring a woman. I need a personal asistant/trainee. Someone that takes off my back the litle things, so that I can concentrate on important ones, specially bringing new clients (seminars, conferences, cocktails, etc, etc).

I can´t see myself giving this tasks to a man, it´s not a man job. If the office continues growing I will hire a private secretary, a trainee man (so that he uses is brain) and keep the trainee I´m now hiring. Some talks with friends about builiding up a firm is also in process.

It´s not important to hire a superstar, but someone who is eager to work. The last girl I´ve recruited was so anxious when I shook her hand was sweating. I asked her if she could come today (saturday), she said imediately yes. She´s starting monday. Let´s see if she can GSD.

Jose Mourinho´s winning teams didn´t had superstars. Only players who worked hard.

A client recently told me: Life is not a 100 meters course. It´s a marathon.

If you don´t take risks, you will end up working for those who take them.

A client just showed up. family law. Soon I will pass this to the trainees.
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10-01-2011 10:06 AM
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