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An FAQ on Modern Game
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RE: An FAQ on Modern Game
Now I know why a lot of my local bartenders are grumpy as hell. They likely took the job to pick up chicks and haven't got any to show for all those late nights on their feet and dealing with drunks.

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08-13-2018 08:55 PM
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RE: An FAQ on Modern Game
(08-13-2018 08:02 PM)RedPillUK Wrote:  Why is it no wonder I in particular would think it's silly?

I think a bunch of posters criticising Hank and then arguing with each other about how to condense game into one post or thread is silly, yes. Not saying discussing game is silly.

Most of this the last few pages was discussion of HOW to no approach game.

So no it's not silly, especially when you post a lame passive aggressive comment with ZERO value.

Quote:First you misuse the word crass, then you take my words as an attack on discussing game itself? What do you think I'm doing here all the time?
Cmon Kaotic, keep up.

Ah avoid and point out grammar, the classic sidestep.

Alright let's go autistic:

Definition:lacking sensitivity, refinement, or intelligence.


stupid, mindless, thoughtless, asinine, coarse, tactless, clumsy.

So yeah, crass was well used with your original comment.

Wait? What? Where's all this coming from? Did I say something to offend you? Guys like me? It's guys like you who get offended over nothing.

I'm guessing you didn't see me describe my own experiences in the high school thread in the newbie forum just yesterday, or any other pieces of advice I've posted here.

I was just a little aggro and cynical of low value posts yesterday, so I probably went a bit overboard.

I definitely wasn't offended, rather annoyed but the lack of input.

No I haven't seen your own experiences or much advice from you in the game thread, I'll be sure to read them when I see them.

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08-14-2018 12:01 PM
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RE: An FAQ on Modern Game
(08-13-2018 08:09 PM)Cobra Wrote:  
(08-10-2018 11:14 PM)a beer is enough Wrote:  Never intended to turn this into a personal soap-box but seems like it did. Opinions I have are through life experience of having been on both sides of the fence but my points do stand.

I am out of this thread, it seems like this has turned hostile and personal.

Beer, everything you need to know about game and transforming your lifestyle is in kaotic's post above. I can't add much to that and neither can anyone else I know. I've given you advice before as well. All I can say at this point is what I say to every other newbie that won't wake up. Start a self-improvement thread, document your actions, statistics, accomplishments, blowouts, failures, etc. There are many examples out there. If you can't do this to help yourself, why should we help you? Trust me, this is a helping hand, not an ultimatum. That said, see it however you will.

Some different perspectives on the topic of this thread. I think beer said that he respects Dan Blizerian more than the married guy with kids. That's fine but I disagree. Maybe this is a broken record but there are many complaints about women not reproducing or being feminine on one end and on another end, no one wants to reproduce with them. So why blame the guy that is reproducing with them? Sleeping with random women does have an end when it stops contributing to your value as a man. There has to be a clear distinction between the "beta" sap who shacks up with an ugly hag VERSUS the upstanding masculine guy that marries a feminine woman and raises strong children. The latter get mixed in with the former and hence, shown a lower amount of respect implicitly.

My point: The guy that is leaving behind a strong legacy EVEN TODAY, by guiding his children and helping them become strong leaders in the future is more worthy of my respect and has MORE GAME to me than someone like Dan who capitalizes on fame and does not add the same type of value. I have nothing against him but to actually provide someone like that respect would be something I would more closely assess if I meet him or understand him better as a human being, not by watching girls do coke off his asscrack.

Personal reference: I've been married for 11 years now, have 3 great kids, found game after marriage, got obsessive about it and made some stupid mistakes, learned from them, and now realize what I had before and what I still have is much better and more fulfilling than what I can get from pursuing random women that don't do much for me. The value of these "randoms" is very low in my book, to the extent that at some times, I don't even value a simple conversation with them. It's something I still struggle with reconciling and if I do it successfully, I know that I will be a happy man. That day, I will consider myself to have good game or maybe it will be "modern" game.

There was a time when I didn't understand a "player" that I met off the forum when he approached and banged hot women. At that time, I was disillusioned with my "ball and chain" and couldn't convey what I have as something valuable and fulfilling, even if I tried. Then I got to a point that I understood game mechanics and got better at it. I then got to a point when I started making more value comparisons between this life I pursued versus the life I built. I suddenly started to realize through this process that I was over-valuing something. I truly realized how green, or dry for that matter this grass on the other side is.

Honestly, this post is worthy of a thread.

I was going to write something this week basically "On Burnout." But you've said what needs to be said.

This stuff gets old after awhile.

Have I learned a lot? Yes. Absolutely. I can talk to anyone for any reason pretty much anywhere. I've become better at talking to clients and juries from approaching random women in bars. I have cool friends and an awesome social circle. I attribute a lot of that to "game".

That said, dollar for dollar, I've found that I'm happier with a girlfriend who camps with me, deals with my silly bullshit, buys me Powerades (the diet purple ones, they're the tasty ones), and doesn't care if we do a night at Applebees.

What's important to you?

The answer to that will probably change over time.

If your goal is to slam Instagram smoots every weekend, more power to you. Smash away. Go to bars every night and run pickup. It can be fun as hell.

Personally, after awhile, I got bored of "the game."
08-15-2018 07:00 AM
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