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The Brazil election thread
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RE: The Brazil election thread
(01-12-2019 07:32 PM)Rocha Wrote:  
(01-06-2019 12:10 PM)Goni Wrote:  
(01-05-2019 11:58 PM)PharaohRa Wrote:  
(01-02-2019 06:12 AM)Goni Wrote:  
(01-01-2019 06:27 PM)PharaohRa Wrote:  It does not matter whether Bolsonaro is a Zionist asskisser, but what matters is how we can use him as part of the nationalist wave to reclaim our countries, our heritage, our traditions and our people from the Cultural Marxist trash. Also, this is coming from someone who has no love for Zionists.


How can you claim your countries and heritage when in power is a zionist asslicker and vassal?

It does not make any sense and it is very clear this is a strategy of jews and their deep state to overrun and take control of "right" wing movements.

The same thing with the so called right wing newspapper Breitbart , which is a entirely zionist controlled newspapper and one of their endless means of media control.

It is called controlled opposition. Not just the liberal media but also the " conservative right wing" one too is under their control.

The same thing is with Trump.

The 3rd Reich was the only anti zionist state in history and the jews not just united everyone against Hitler , but for 75 years continue to demonize him in Hollywood.

The USA are the hammer the jews use to destroy and turn to ashes everyone which is a threat to their globalization policies.

Before it was the " british empire" whose bank and trade companies ( east and west indies) were entirely jewish controlled.

I don't think you understand how the name of the game works and I take it that you think of things in the here and now instead of considering the future. You see, many of these right wing leaders know that the (((usual suspects))) run things in this planet, and the best way to get them off their back is to pay lip service to them and do the little things to make them happy so that they can fix their countries to eventually tell the (((usual suspects))) to fuck off. Yes, Jair Bolsonaro is a civnat, but his actions have long term positive consequences for white and non-white Brazilians. This strategy is comparable to how the Russians had to pay lip service to the Mongols while building up the Russian Republic (and kingdom) before they had the ability to throw off the Mongol yoke.

I know very well how the game works and probably better than you think but we are not meassuring our dicks here.

When things are evident they simply are.

A brighting day is evident since the dawn of the sun.

Bolsonaro is going to fuck up the biggest tropical forest in the world for no reason, just goving it up the brazilian oligarchies linked to zionists.

He cut off the minimum salary in a country which is very poor in many parts of it. In a country with many no go zone areas where people are killed in prisons like animals.

Do you people really think that presidents in the USA are elected by the people??

Even if there is a real election does not matter because the deep state has chosen the both candidates.

How do you think that a jewish owned newspappaer such as Breitbart became so fast the backbone of the right wing and Trump in America?

Btw since ypu mentioned it , The Russians did not throw off the Mongol yoke.

It was the Mongol Empire that went down very fast in less than 100 years.

If the Mongol Empire would be more multi ethnic and career based such as the Ottoman Empire , where the the best and must warlike ethnicites( that converted to Islam)
controlled and extended the empire ( such as Albanians) the Mongol Empire would continue to rule the Russians for at least 300 years if not more.

Anyway lets give Bolsonaro 2 years and see how the things will go.

The guys who fought at Kulikovo don't agree with the bolded part.

Rocha: +1000 for the video!


First off, you have been proven wrong about my statement that the Russians did not throw off the Mongol yoke. Implementation of the Russian strategy to make Brazil (and America) great again is appropriate in this situation. Second, here is a dirty little secret about the Ottoman Empire as to why it lasted so long in Eastern Europe as well as their Eastern European vassals: the Orthodox Serbians (and other Eastern European Orthodox kingdoms) chose to stuck with the Ottomans because if the Catholic Church was successful in leading a crusade to free them, the Church would take credit and for payment, they would have put considerable pressure on the Slavs to convert to Catholicism, no questions asked. The Ottomans, on the other hand, would let them keep their culture but they had to pay jizya and submit to the Devshirme system. Thus, for many of the Orthodox, if you couldn't beat the Turks, join them to keep your culture and traditions. This same thinking is what sabotaged Vlad Tepes from the ability to truly free Romania from the Turks (rather than ending up as a tributary), because of the rivalry between the Orthodox and Catholic churches.
01-18-2019 11:21 PM
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RE: The Brazil election thread
Any update on how bolsonaro is doing to improve people's lives - dismantling gangs ?
(This post was last modified: 01-27-2019 06:55 AM by Polniy_Sostav.)
01-27-2019 06:54 AM
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RE: The Brazil election thread
(01-27-2019 06:54 AM)Polniy_Sostav Wrote:  Any update on how bolsonaro is doing to improve people's lives - dismantling gangs ?

No, on the contrary, he's joining them.
01-27-2019 07:04 AM
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