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Questions over Moving to Atlanta
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RE: Questions over Moving to Atlanta
(10-30-2018 01:27 PM)BasketBounce Wrote:  Where is Atlanta Man!?!

Do you guys have experience gaming at the Brazilian spots in Marietta or the Asian spots in Duluth?

Unless you match the ethnicity or you know someone that knows someone...you will not pull.

Ling-Ling doesn’t want her friends to know she’s getting some bbc after the game.

I second the notion that you will have better luck getting Latinas and Asians at Tongue and Groove, definitely a diverse place. I have been meaning to go back for a while.

I wholeheartedly agree that Atlanta has an “image” culture about it. However, people are definitely open to cold approach...I have personally yet to get laid from it, but to me, that just means I need to work on my game more.

I don’t go after these “sorority” type girls, they don’t interest me. i’m more into the white european type, I have had trouble finding them in the ATL.

Edit: Loca Luna is good for Latinas, I saw a lot of mixing going on there. VaHi is also a good spot for the post-20s crowd, And the girls are very good looking there to me.

Not too familiar with Edgewood, I have only been there a few times for hip hop events and the crowd was all black every time. That’s not my go-to scene for gaming, but they were playing ratchet shit, which I like.

Edgewood is ratchet as hell. I'm a black guy and I like Latinas, Whites, and Mulatto shorties. Edgewood is one place I don't like going. It's just too packed. I rather hit up Buckhead bars then that.

I gotta check out Loca Luna. Haven't been there since they used to host parties in 2012-2013. Is it a party type of place though or a restaurant? I'm more of a clubber/bar hopper type.

Has anyone been to Ibiza in Duluth? I've been meaning to go for some time but always get caught up.
10-30-2018 09:37 PM
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RE: Questions over Moving to Atlanta
^Loca Luna is a restaurant that turns into a dance club around 10pm (possibly even earlier). I cannot recommend going to Loca Luna if you like to club hop because it is somewhat secluded. There aren’t any other clubs within walking distance, but you can take an uber to get to the next spot, I suppose.

Haven’t been to Ibiza in Duluth, so I cannot comment on it.
10-31-2018 05:46 AM
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RE: Questions over Moving to Atlanta
I met a chick online who is a hostess there. She sent me a bunch of pics. Some good looking women but it looks exclusively asian or hispanic (hard to tell with the lighting), but they ghetto type with tricked out hondas. For that reason, it didn't look productive, not a diverse crowd like Tongue and Groove.
10-31-2018 06:07 AM
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RE: Questions over Moving to Atlanta
Loca Luna is about 1.5 miles from va highland, so about 30 minute walk. It's about 50% restaurant and 50% club at night. If you are into dancing it's a great place. I wouldn't recommend it for just gaming if you're not into dancing.. although you could definitely spend an hour there just drinking or whatever.

Tongue and Groove is just a vanilla dance club. But it's pretty large, with at least 2 main rooms, plus an upper level. tongue and groove you could spend more time there, and its just club dancing...not skill needed. You are guaranteed to see many cute/hot girls there on a friday or saturday. Loca Luna... probably but not guaranteed. Plus the female workers at tongue and groove are all hot.

Tongue and groove is also a little isolated. But it's only about a 30 minute walk to buckhead bars. And it's on the train line. so you can reach easily from downtown.

Obviously, if you are ubering then these bars are only about 5 minutes away from each other. And virginia highland is about 5 minutes away from Loca Luna.
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11-01-2018 02:12 PM
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RE: Questions over Moving to Atlanta
(10-28-2018 05:27 AM)Hypno Wrote:  @Beer- I never recommended that you sell out your values.

I have given you solid advice and all you have done is argued with me, slandered me, and made excuses for yourself. I'm out.

There are members on this forum who are not white who are successful with white women in Atlanta. It has nothing to do with high school or whatever excuse you will come up with next.

Atlanta has 6 million people and most of them are getting laid, at least the ones who don't make excuses.

I can see why you don't get laid. My interaction with you has been a net negative. If you interactions with other people are based on prejudices, accusations, and arguments, you will not be successful in Atlanta or anywhere else.

I think you took my post the wrong way Hypno. Never once did I slander you, at least not intentionally. All I have done throughout the thread, despite the disagreements, is shown nothing but the utmost respect to you and genuinely said that you know the city better than I ever will.

As for what I have posted, I think it is important for anyone planning to move to the city to know of the drawbacks. You're local so you have your pride, nothing wrong with that. I am giving the experience to someone who is an outsider who would want to have the level of success you've had in Atlanta.

In terms of religion being concerned, I do think that it can be a tough road to take and that the city can be a bad choice for guys who lack attraction for black women and aren't willing to go above and beyond for social circle game if they want quality in any other race.

What I can agree with is that at some point, a positive turn has to be proposed so if you and the crew here have ideas, all of us are ears.
11-01-2018 04:35 PM
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