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Jewish control of Ivy League and other top U.S. universities
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RE: Jewish control of Ivy League and other top U.S. universities
(11-29-2018 01:07 AM)VincentVinturi Wrote:  As to your second point, it's true that some percentage of Bolsheviks were Jewish. But certainly not all. Depending on which source you believe to be credible, Jews comprised an absolute minority of the murderous commies. As a matter of fact, that majority of Jews opposed the Bolshevik takeover.

More nuanced reading on the topic:

I would like to see a day when instead of making blanket statements people on this forum look at data, provide evidence, examine counter-evidence, and make nuanced distinctions instead of universals.

Interesting article, but without any sources I have no idea if it's claims are true.

Basically, it says that only a small percentage of Jews supported the Bolsheviks initially, but after the White army started to become extremely hostile to Jews, the majority of the Jews joined the red army out of self-defense.

This of course backfired horribly after Stalin took power and started to purge Jews after Hitler's invasion (in a perverse twist, Stalin blamed the Jews for letting the USSR get invaded and thought they were betraying him, if I recall correctly).

The article is merely trying to state that Jews aren't left-wing communists by nature, they just happened to get pushed into that role by historical accident. Of course, the article fails to mention why the White Army might have seen Jews as a major threat, with of course the prevalence of so many Jews in the Red Army's upper echelons giving the impression that all Jews were on the same team.

Interesting if true, but by the time Hitler came to power the perception of Jews sponsoring Communism was of course a correct one, since by that point the overwhelming majority of Jews had, by the article's own (sourceless) admission joined or supported the Red Army in order to survive the White Army. So ultimately this article is a historical nitpick, and merely confirms what is no longer politically correct to admit: that communism was Jewish.

Whether or not they were forced by circumstance or not is a good way of avoiding blame, I suppose, but it is interesting that Jews would never give that same kind of leniency to Germans who joined the Nazi movement because they were afraid of Communist Jews murdering them like so many millions of Russian Christians were murdered.

In the Trump era, Trump is at least attempting to divide Jews by not lumping them all together and seeking the vote of the conservative Jews in Israel to try and prevent the most powerful race in the world from uniting against America, and it is talked about extensively in the very next article I read:

The author tries to argue that conservative Jews lead to Hitler somehow, so therefore conservative Jews are wrong about Trump. Laugh What an original argument! Rolleyes

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03-18-2019 02:36 AM
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RE: Jewish control of Ivy League and other top U.S. universities

I re-read your earlier post about affirmative action and it jogged my memory about a fantastic book I read called "Affirmative Action Around the World" by Thomas Sowell. I'm now on his huge volume "Intellectuals and Society, vol 2" which is basically a masterclass on how the intelligentsia fucks over the entire world.

What's interesting in this case is that affirmative action has been tried in many countries with equally disastrous results. The only people who benefit from AA are the race pimps and the politicians who create resentment (often among groups who previously lived together in relative peace, such as the Sinhalese and Tamil minority in Sri Lanka), amass power, spit on economic freedom, and all the while sit atop a high horse.

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03-18-2019 03:45 AM
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