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Pondering the redpill
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Pondering the redpill
I came across my first dose of redpill content back in 2013 when I was just 18 years old. I don't mean just content related to women. I'm talking all facets of life. The redpill in my opinion is about so much more than women.

It is my utmost belief looking back that the redpill never comes to you. It is only found if you seek it out. There has to be an impetus for this; a string of events in life that cause you to gravitate towards redpill content.

Otherwise it's not going to mean anything. There will be nothing to relate to. You will just be disgusted by it or pay no attention to it.

I'll tell you, finding it felt like an awakening. Living it and internalizing it feels like enlightenment. Almost spiritual in a way.

It's scary looking back, how blind I was in almost every facet of my life. Absolutely zero sense of personal responsibility. Entitlement out the ass. Spoiled rotten but in complete denial.

But I can say with certainty that I was happier back then than I am now. Why is that?

Is ignorance truly bliss, or is peeling away your belief system layer by layer and deconstructing your worldview simply taxing on the mind? Is there a point of acceptance that is hit?

This whole spiritual journey is a process.

It's a slow march through heavy soil but I think I'm getting there.

Four years later the anger phase is over. I am no longer angry, for when you accept personal responsibility there is no longer anyone to set expectations for but yourself.

I am still a bit lost at this current point in my life. I almost feel alone in this journey, like I've woken up from a dream world that everyone else on this planet that I know is still stuck in. It's not necessarily a bad feeling, but I hope soon in the future I can overcome it.

Just some late night thoughts.

Tell me,
What are your current struggles with redpill acceptance?
Aside from women, what else have you been redpilled on?
12-02-2018 03:08 AM
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RE: Pondering the redpill
- Might is right. Authority is violence. Whoever is most violent has authority.
- Morality does not exist. It only exists in minds of humans. Universe is amoral.
- About 80% of the money you earn is not for you (you primary work to pay tax).
- No reason to marry or have children.
- Whoever claims to have "clean hands" is most dirty.
- When people tell you "we are here to help". Run!
- Our current democrazy is a scam and voting does nothing.
- All those "green initiatives" are a scam to make money.
- When you die, most people be forgetting about you within a few days.
- Your funeral is not about you.
- The law and justice system has nothing to do with justice.
- Punishment (like prison) is about revenge. Not about rehabilitation.
- An education does not make you smart or wise or even knowledgable.
- Nobody gives a fuck about you. Until you do something they do not like.
- Governments want order first and foremost.
- Words mean nothing. The most honest human cuts out his own tongue.
- When hungry all your principles and morals dissappear like snow in sun.

Almost forgot: You are being told you are free. At same time you are supposed to follow a million different rules. When you break those rules this "freedom" is being taken from you. Violence be used if you resist. This brings me back to very first point I made: Might is right.

Only three ways to do something: "The right way. The wrong way. Or my way. Obviously my way is best."
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12-02-2018 08:00 AM
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RE: Pondering the redpill
I know exactly how you feel. I am a similar age to you (22)

Before I left the west on my own and lived abroad for 6 months, I can honestly say I was happier. While I was never blue pilled or liberal in any way, I was still a true believer in the western religion of achievement, I was a happy slave to my sex drive, and I held a distorted, conditioned view of the realities of this world. In short, I was developing into a good pawn of the western world.

Just about the only thing I was woke on was women, thanks to Roosh's logic.

I left to live in SEA for 6 months, before devoting myself to a career in the USA. Thank god I did. I went there to live cheaply in warm weather, see nice beaches, and bang easy girls, but later realized by far the biggest value of that experience was none of that. It was being awoken to the meaningless lives we live out in the west. It was seeing the value of culture and tradition. It was seeing the reality of race. It was seeing the beauty of true feminity. it was seeing how life should be.

The last two years living in the USA have been the hardest, most depressing years of my whole life. I will never be able to be a blissfully ignorant pawn that I once was. I can't get excited about working a good career here, and getting ahead like I use to. I'm not attracted to the toxic, damaged, androgynous women, as I was before. I'm not able to accept our complete lack of culture and tradition as normal.

Once you take the red pill, you can never accept the fake pleasures in life that you once sought out.
12-02-2018 12:47 PM
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