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Difficulty ladder for losing virginity?
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RE: Difficulty ladder for losing virginity?
I doubt you are going to post your pic

But ask yourself this question:

If you were a girl and saw yourself walking in the street

Would you have thoughts of fucking you.

I've had guys message me and they thought they were good looking when truth be told, they were very ugly (not saying you are, but what your mom/people close to you tell you re: your attractiveness and what random girls think is often different).

Social skills is not something you can read about - just keep talking to girls and people in general.
A good practice is to say whatever is on your mind at all times (no filter).
^ You're going to alienate a lot of people this way but you will figure out what is ok to say and what isn't ok to say.
Eventually (over a long period of time) you might even become "cool" once you are able to balance "being yourself" (self-expression) and not being socially retarded (social awareness/empathy)

And you should be trying to fuck girls, not go on second dates.
This is another thing that you need to practice until it becomes second nature.
Hold their hand, touch their leg, maintain eye contact, try to TAKE THEM HOME (e.g. "let's go to my place for another drink" - take her hand and start walking), etc.
They need to know that you want to fuck them, or else you will never get laid - regardless of anything else that you say or do.
(Almost no girl is EVER going to make the first sexual advance)

New Post:
Men’s Style Guide: For Guys Who Want to Get Laid

You aren't getting laid because you still believe in "game".

Here's how I went from being a 21-year-old, videogame-addicted, Asian virgin to banging too many girls to count (no PUA bs):


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01-22-2019 11:58 PM
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RE: Difficulty ladder for losing virginity?
Ha. Didn't read the whole thread, but I already feel like I should share a story. It's not completely related, though, and sorry for my Engrish.
So, imagine me, 20-something virgin with officially diagnosed schizoid personality disorder, sitting here in a small Russian town (13k people). I had 3 "friends", all far away from me and met on the Internet. So, 2014 comes, and with it, the shitstorm on the Russo-Ukrainian border. And one of my friends happened to live there and also be a girl that I liked. And what a coincidence - she and her parent moved from Ukraine to Russia as refugees, and settled in a town not far from mine. So we met a couple times, then I invited her to my place where nothing happened. For the first time, for the second time, and for the whole year. At least we celebrated the anniversary of our initial meeting in bed. Then skip a couple years ahead, the bitch managed to gain Russian citizenship without marrying me, and got together with the chubby motherfucker who tried to woo her back in Ukraine. She even dumped me over the text message. Well, here is the funniest thing: all the time we spent together, she seemed happy with the general state of affairs between us, never complained or anything, but as soon as she left me, she confessed to me that I am toxic, we have no shared interests, and the years we spent together were the worst years of her life. I'm sure that she'd still be with me if she had to marry me for the citizenship, however. And I truly loved her. Moral of the story: don't trust them, no matter how sweet they may be.
01-26-2019 01:25 PM
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RE: Difficulty ladder for losing virginity?
May not be a popular recommendation by some here, but I would suggest that if you can get them on a 1st date you might do yourself a favor by being partially honest right off the bat. Don't mention autism or virginity, but I would take the opportunity to mention you are "a bit shy". Don't use words like awkward etc. Women think shy is cute, and for now cute is fine. Let them think they are saving you or whatever makes them feel like getting naked with you. It's important that you still learn how to escalate, the bonus of telling them your a bit shy is that it will help them internally narrate over any awkward fumbling you do. So long as it's not egregious. If you do do something really dumb and she doesn't outright stop you, own it and keep going.

Until you figure it out, don't develop any kind of oneitis, and always keep working on yourself (loads of threads on RFV to be found). Once you manage a few notches, your confidence should improve along with whatever else you are doing to improve yourself outside of banging a couple girls.

Also this is a short term fix to get you laid a few times. Don't use it as long term crutch or you will probably end up a beta addicted to acting whiny to get sympathy lays and no one wants that.

"Women however should get a spanking at least once a week by their husbands and boyfriends - that should be mandated by law" - Zelcorpion
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