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Goals for 2019
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RE: Goals for 2019
How are people doing?
Q2 of 2019 already.

"Chase a check, never chase a bitch."
- Future

"Don't let yourself get attached to anything you are not willing to walk out on in 30 seconds flat if you feel the heat around the corner."
- Heat

"That's the difference between you and me. You wanna lose small, I wanna win big."
04-03-2019 05:08 PM
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RE: Goals for 2019
(04-03-2019 05:08 PM)bgbusiness Wrote:  How are people doing?
Q2 of 2019 already.

Out of my target $20k, have already saved $14k. Think I may have made my goal too easy.

My other goal was to make $1k through investment, already made $840 so that is coming along nicely.

Nonetheless, getting rich slowly and just need to keep going.
I need to develop more goals and I think I'm going to travel more.
04-09-2019 08:02 AM
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RE: Goals for 2019
-I've lost 10lbs - said I was going to lose 15lbs but now I've decided to lose another 10lbs in the next 6 weeks and then gain 10lbs of muscle between may and December.

-Already visited 3 countries this year - it will be 4 by then end of the year.

-The writing, career, and language stuff have been lacking though
04-09-2019 11:24 PM
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RE: Goals for 2019
Finances are coming together and just had a record week of sales. 14K in revenue (not profit and I have many overhead costs at the moment) but business is growing.

After a major Tinder flake last year (she ASKED ME OUT) it broke the camels back and set me on the path of heavy focus on my SMV. i've 100% completely quit online dating and 90% quit night gaming. I have an "ok" LTR and getting my business and finances in order to move my life forward in the next couple years. I want to eventually move out of Germany and if I HAVE to stay here I at least want a 8 or 9 girl by my side.

I am behind on my physical development goals and I have gained a little weight but this isn't a tough fix since I lifted hard in my 20s, have a good base body and know how to get my weight back on track quickly.

I also am behind on my tattoo/sleeve goal but I can't allow myself to spend on that while my business needs every extra cent I have for advertising. Following the advice of Gary V.

Resident Germany Expert. See my Datasheet:

Mini Datasheets: Antwerp / Rotterdam / Lille
04-11-2019 08:24 AM
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RE: Goals for 2019
Pull an 8 from nightgame completely w/o drugs, straight verbals and applied psychology. No buying drinks for her either (I’m broke). Also want to pull 7s with more consistency, at least one per weekend, so 50:50 b/w Friday/Saturday. Again, no drug use.

Not that I’m against drugs, I just don’t see myself dropping the money, risking my career, and damaging my eyes, skin, teeth, and voice long-term. I’ve got good genes and I’m tryna pull young tail into my 60s.

Move out to my own place. This will happen within the next few months.

Take my first solo-trip out of the country. Also happening soon.

My career takes up a lot of energy, so I don’t have many goals outside of that and Game. I suppose another goal would be to raise funds to provide a scholarship for disadvantaged kids that want to study STEM degrees, but I wonder how much of that is a goal that I really have vs. something that sounds good when I talk to other people. I want to do something to make my local community a better place, I just don’t know what exactly that will look like. Also interested in helping reduce recidivism in people suffering from mental illness and homelessness. We’ll see where it goes.
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04-11-2019 10:34 AM
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