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Goals for 2019
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bgbusiness Away

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RE: Goals for 2019
How are people doing?
Q2 of 2019 already.

"Don't let yourself get attached to anything you are not willing to walk out on in 30 seconds flat if you feel the heat around the corner."
- Heat

"That's the difference between you and me. You wanna lose small, I wanna win big."
04-03-2019 05:08 PM
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Mig Picante Offline

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RE: Goals for 2019
(04-03-2019 05:08 PM)bgbusiness Wrote:  How are people doing?
Q2 of 2019 already.

Out of my target $20k, have already saved $14k. Think I may have made my goal too easy.

My other goal was to make $1k through investment, already made $840 so that is coming along nicely.

Nonetheless, getting rich slowly and just need to keep going.
I need to develop more goals and I think I'm going to travel more.
04-09-2019 08:02 AM
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flyinghorse Offline

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RE: Goals for 2019
-I've lost 10lbs - said I was going to lose 15lbs but now I've decided to lose another 10lbs in the next 6 weeks and then gain 10lbs of muscle between may and December.

-Already visited 3 countries this year - it will be 4 by then end of the year.

-The writing, career, and language stuff have been lacking though
04-09-2019 11:24 PM
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kirdiesel Offline
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RE: Goals for 2019
Finances are coming together and just had a record week of sales. 14K in revenue (not profit and I have many overhead costs at the moment) but business is growing.

After a major Tinder flake last year (she ASKED ME OUT) it broke the camels back and set me on the path of heavy focus on my SMV. i've 100% completely quit online dating and 90% quit night gaming. I have an "ok" LTR and getting my business and finances in order to move my life forward in the next couple years. I want to eventually move out of Germany and if I HAVE to stay here I at least want a 8 or 9 girl by my side.

I am behind on my physical development goals and I have gained a little weight but this isn't a tough fix since I lifted hard in my 20s, have a good base body and know how to get my weight back on track quickly.

I also am behind on my tattoo/sleeve goal but I can't allow myself to spend on that while my business needs every extra cent I have for advertising. Following the advice of Gary V.

Resident Germany Expert. See my Datasheet:

Mini Datasheets: Antwerp / Rotterdam / Lille
04-11-2019 08:24 AM
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RE: Goals for 2019
Pull an 8 from nightgame completely w/o drugs, straight verbals and applied psychology. No buying drinks for her either (I’m broke). Also want to pull 7s with more consistency, at least one per weekend, so 50:50 b/w Friday/Saturday. Again, no drug use.

Not that I’m against drugs, I just don’t see myself dropping the money, risking my career, and damaging my eyes, skin, teeth, and voice long-term. I’ve got good genes and I’m tryna pull young tail into my 60s.

Move out to my own place. This will happen within the next few months.

Take my first solo-trip out of the country. Also happening soon.

My career takes up a lot of energy, so I don’t have many goals outside of that and Game. I suppose another goal would be to raise funds to provide a scholarship for disadvantaged kids that want to study STEM degrees, but I wonder how much of that is a goal that I really have vs. something that sounds good when I talk to other people. I want to do something to make my local community a better place, I just don’t know what exactly that will look like. Also interested in helping reduce recidivism in people suffering from mental illness and homelessness. We’ll see where it goes.
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04-11-2019 10:34 AM
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tomzestatlu Offline

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RE: Goals for 2019
Since it has been more than half year, it´s time to do some evaluation
(01-01-2019 06:11 PM)tomzestatlu Wrote:  2018 was crazy. As I was entering it, I knew it will be the hardest year of my life, but it was even worse. But I am still here with some achievments done at the lowest point of my life. I want this year to be the most productive year of my life. My goals are achieveable, based on results from 2018.

- Make side income stream/start small side bussiness (get into dropshipping seriously, but also look for different ways)
This is something I missed due to another goal. Have some idea and I hope to execute it until winter.

- Look for new career opportunities
I decided to go back to military after new year 2020. Now I am earning probably maximum I can at this point of my life as an employee in this county and in military I can earn the same, but as a bonus I do something interesting from time to time, have much more free time to invest in myself a things I like and it´s more prestigious job.

- Attend SF selection if possible
Attended. Put all my free time into this.

- Fight another fight in MMA or box (preparing for any upcoming selection has higher priority than this)
I do boxing as a part of my training, but definitely focused on different areas of physical training.

- Do 30 strict pull ups
Wasn´t able to do yet because of being focused on different areas of physical training.

- Develop some deeper relationship with quality girl (it will be 1 year soon since my last LTR)
Didn´t meet any yet.

- If previous point doesn´t work out, bang at least 20 girls (I banged 23 in 8 months, so this goal is not big deal, but I want to focus more on myself)
At the beginning it seemd bad, because I focused on more important goal. I decided to settle with reaching 10. Anyway it´s summer and I just reached 10, so I guess it will be at least 15 with no effort put in.

- Approach during day a lot and reach the freedom from ability to game every girl I consider enough attractive in whatever situation
I do approach during day, but didn´t gained the ability to approach in whatever situation yet.

- Travel abroad at least 3 times (I just got back from my 3rd abroad trip of 2018 and none of them was planned and each of them didn´t cost me more than few hundred bucks)
March was 1st trip, June 2nd, in August 3rd, September will be 4th. And I hope there will be some chance for weekend trip. I am really satisfied with this goal.

- Publish on blog/ebook (lower priority goal)
Didn´t even start to think about this due to different goal.

- Learn basics of some new language (probably Serbian)
Didn´t do this too, but I am getting basics of that language naturally.

It´s a lot of hard work to do, but the it has something to do with maybe the most important goal, which can´t be measured and it´s to do not waste any minute of my life.

Not great, not terrible. But to be honest, it´s not that bad. I really invested all the time just to work my day job and then into reaching one of the goals (failed, but I am not negative about this because of the journey I went through and I still am on, because next year the same goal is on my list with highest priority). I am really happy about investing into travelling. Ratio of time invested into girls and satisfaction from it could be better.
Still 5 more months to go. 5 months can be lifechanging, so I am excited about them. Definitely need to invest more time into getting into side bussiness.
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07-28-2019 01:33 PM
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Broadband Offline

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RE: Goals for 2019
(04-09-2019 08:02 AM)Mig Picante Wrote:  Out of my target $20k, have already saved $14k. Think I may have made my goal too easy.

I think I found the best solution. Previously I'd made goals that were hard to reach and require serious effort so I'd feel great for accomplishing it. As expected many weren't reached and I lost motivation seeing the goal post so far away.

I've also tried smaller goals but the problem here is the victories feel empty.

What I've settled on is a goal I know I can achieve if I put in consistent effort even if at a lower level and a stretch goal that I can reach for when I've accomplished the smaller. Makes a great jumping off point and you feel confidence you can do it with the previous albeit smaller success.

I've been putting together some birthday goals giving me 3ish months to accomplish I figured I'd share to give some ideas. I tried to make them a mix of proactive requiring effort and others that just require refraining from an activity or doing it passively:

  • Under 10% Bodyfat
  • Clear Skin
  • Quit Vaping
  • Yoga 2x week

  • Learn to Solve Rubix Cube
  • Learn to Juggle
  • Read 6 Audiobooks
  • Quit all News

  • 6 Sales
  • Add 50 potential clients to database
  • Complete all Work Projects
  • Find a Fun Sidehustle

  • Join Toastmasters
  • Volunteer
  • Do Something 1-on-1 With Each Family Member
  • Find Two New Social Circles

  • 150 Approaches
  • Increase Stable to 2 Quality Women
  • Go to a Nude Spa / Beach
  • Quit Porn / NoFap

Hope this gives y'all some inspiration and good luck me!
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07-28-2019 02:25 PM
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Mig Picante Offline

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RE: Goals for 2019
Replying to Tom:

Your post is a bit all over the place but I see you have missed a few goals due to focussing on others ones.

“SMART: Specific, Measurable,...” etc

You need plan how you are going to achieve your goals and prioritise them.
Good luck with the second half of 2019!
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07-28-2019 02:29 PM
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Mig Picante Offline

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RE: Goals for 2019
Out of my $20k goal I have saved over $18k and am going to romp it in easily.

I have had a brilliant year financially, winning $1k for recognition and also getting a pay rise at work.

What I learned from setting and working toward this goal is that I can set the next one higher. I can save faster than I expected. I also earned more via smart investments than expected and made well over my initial 5% target. I plan to continue building and diversify.

I posted earlier that I wanted to travel more and am about to embark on a 3 week solo overseas trip. I’m looking forward to taking a break from my high pressure job and reflecting on what I want from the rest of 2019 and setting some new goals in the near future.

Broadband: I like your idea of categorising into active goals and passive/restraint goals.
Setting a Strategy is as much about what you choose not not do. During the break I need to think about where I’m going to focus my effort.
07-28-2019 02:47 PM
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tomzestatlu Offline

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RE: Goals for 2019
Mig Picante:
I understand your point, that I missed more goals than accomplished, but some of the goals have much smaller priority than others. I spend a lot of time at work and commited the most of me free time to only one goal.
The fact I don't know Serbian more than basics can't be compared to situation, where I didn't work enough for goal, that can totally change my life on all levels.
The same with 30 pull-ups. I am able to do "only 22-25", but I mastered other areas. I set personal record in 2 mile run and can do it in time I only dreamed about before. Also I went from really bed swimmer to quite good swimmer.

I know I did as much as I can and I am not dissatisfied. But also I located my weak points and will work harder.

But yes, I realize I should put some system into my week schedule, because there's not any. On the other hand, I have got good discipline and do stuff I have to do.
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07-28-2019 10:31 PM
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ChefAllDay Offline

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RE: Goals for 2019
My goal going into 2019 was simply to lose some weight and stay healthy. As the weight came off my goals shifted to be more precise, and I added a couple.

1. Have some sort of ab definition by the end of the year. At 22% body fat from 30+%, and down 8 inches of waist so far this year. Shooting for around 15% BF.
2. Expand my home gym and lifting routine and do more yoga/mobility work.
3. Do a crossword everyday to keep my mind sharp.
4. Continue to learn Spanish, although there are no local resources to practice. I will stay online and do the best I can with online and apps.

So far I am ticking those boxes pretty well except the Spanish. I was using Duolingo pretty exclusively, but need to supplement that. Apparently there are loads of seasonal workers from Mexico in my area, I might have to go looking for their hang outs to practice.

"Women however should get a spanking at least once a week by their husbands and boyfriends - that should be mandated by law" - Zelcorpion
07-29-2019 06:59 AM
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Jack_Smith Offline
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RE: Goals for 2019
WINS - 2018
  • Legit Porn Shape (9.4% @ 198#) Full Six Pack for First Time Ever at 55 yo
  • Walked Away on Principle from the Best Relationship/Sex/Run of My Life with a Woman Half My Age after 2.5 Years with Zero Drama
  • Cultivated the Type of Deep, Rich Saint Tropez Tan of which You Pasty White Boys Can Only Dream

  • Get Back Into Porno Shape - Full 6 Pack + 32" Waist
  • Year Round 4 pack, or better
  • Upgrade My Leadership of My Family - Eldercare/Homestead/Launching Kids/Education/Role Model
  • Upgrade Finances - Income/Education Funding
  • Sexy New Car (Faster than My Last Car)
  • Develop & Implement the System & Skills Necessary to Manifest the Pussy I Want in My Life (vs. Waiting for it to Find Me)
  • Harem of Two Quality Minxes - Fit, Enthusiastic, Kinky, Sexually Submissive, and Exploratory
  • Knock One Item Off My Sexual Bucket List

2019 PROGRESS - 7/28
  • 2 Pack + 34.5" Waist (from Fat as Fuck & 40" Waist in May)
  • ...

AARP Player's Guide to Market-Based Body Fat Assessment.........................Youth can suck my dick.
07-29-2019 12:04 PM
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Cast2e Offline

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RE: Goals for 2019
Seeing as I just graduated my year started late, so the due date for my goals will be my 1 year anniversary of graduating.


• Regain control of that feisty little fella
• PaleoKeto for at least 1 year
• Regain then surpass old bodybuilding physique. Gain 15 lbs of muscle, also abs.
• Always stay below 10% body fat, currently at 13%


• Start working 4 days a week again (left one of my jobs recently and will have another in next few weeks)
• Save at least 15% of each pay into Wealth Capture Acct and 3% into Living Wealthy Acct
• Have 6 months of expenses saved for emergencies (~15k)
• After that, sign up and overfund (as much as I reasonably can) whole life cash value insurance
• Get the passive income train rolling asap: own or be in the process of purchasing a multi-family rental before the 1-year mark of graduating


• Kick the involuntary celibacy health forced onto me
• Re-start old habit of approaching girls wherever/whenever I see one I like
• Bang and date a few good quality girls, so I remember what human contact and intimacy are
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08-28-2019 04:15 AM
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JiggyLordJr Offline

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RE: Goals for 2019
It's great that posters have been achieving (or at least moving towards their goals), but I'm not a big fan of the "new years resolutions" mentality.

For goals to have legs, they have to be ingrained into your lifestyle, not bound to a specific year (I.e I'll start January 1). That being said, these sort of threads can be a good springboard for guys to get the momentum going. It's just worth keeping in mind that the improvement starts now/next available moment, and not on some imaginary date. Applying urgency to your priorities truly works wonders.
08-28-2019 04:42 AM
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Elmore Online

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RE: Goals for 2019
My goal is to meet the future mother of my children. Not happened as of yet (that i'm aware), but 2020 i want to get married and start a family, so not much time to mess about left. Action must be taken.
08-28-2019 11:21 AM
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RE: Goals for 2019
(12-31-2018 02:24 PM)Heuristics Wrote:  -Lift every week
-Use January as a time to go completely dry, in January do 100 daygame approaches so I keep my mind occupied
-Religiously track all my expenses this year with spreadsheet
-Get to at least one new country this year, possibly one sidetrip to a good US city for gaming that I haven't visited
-Work on my hobbies, among them art. I have a huge art project I've been putting off.
-Find role models among older men that I know, that can teach me more about business and life.
-Keep TV and social media consumption at zero (which I'm already at right now)

I want to reflect on 2018 too, holy shit what a year. Because of the forum, I:

-Raised my T levels
-Started working out 4-5 times a week, including lifting
-Lost 30+ pounds
-Found mentorship in business
-Backpacked the third world
-Started approaching even though I was out of practice
-Upgraded my wardrobe

2018 was great, but I'm really looking forward to '19.

Surprised that losing your virginity isn't on this list, Dragan.
08-28-2019 12:43 PM
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Heart Break Kid Offline

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RE: Goals for 2019
I started going for a lot of my goals about 2-3 months ago. My main ones

- Get to 170 LBS. I was a skinny dude, I did this goal really quick actually. Took maybe 2 months if that started from 150ish. Once I hit it I traveled and felt like a G, but did not bother keeping up with my diet or exercising consistently for 7 weeks after...so I'm about to travel again in a month from now and I'm back at it. Actually hurt my back but I'm still gonna go to the gym to do my legs and arms at 6 AM, so at the very least I'm confident I'll have another month of exercising and good diet. Since I hit this goal so easily, I think I can probably hit a stable 180 by December, 185 if I don't get burned out or lazy again. Never been above 150 in my life so it was a little strange I did it very easily.

- Get a bunch of chicks. I have a very high and specific number, but because of the forums recent changes there is no reason to go into detail. I haven't reached this number, but I've had "enough". There is no point in getting with a lot of women, and dating is very time consuming, and directly interfered with my business goals. Even with a raise in quality the past couple of months, this isn't a very fulfilling challenge, so I essentially accompished the main aspect of it- I don't need to hit the number anymore, I have the skill/challenge in tact.

- Read a bunch of books. Literally the same thing as the previous statement. I was reading a book a week, and it was really cool. Helped fix my discipline, organizational skills, attention span and I learned a lot of stuff. It's a neat party trick when talking to some people and you can say you read every book some random dude is mentioning. This goal is not fulfilling to me because I now find myself reading books to procrastinate, so I am really lying to myself saying I am productive. I'm still going to read books, but I don't need to hit a specific number, I now have the focus, drive and time management to read a book easy peasy which is not something I could do two years ago. By the way I think 20-30 books a year is a good number for trying to be "well read" assuming you are not reading super long novels or something (then in that case 30 books will take forever).

- Learn my target language. Well, I do use this language every day but I did not formally study the entire year until 3 weeks ago. Now I am putting in 2-3 hours a day, and I just did my first language exchange (bought a tutor so I could get a full hour without having to switch to English) yesterday. I am rather immersed in the language so I now can hear and understand a lot of words when people talk, which I have never been able to do before (I can only speak English) - now that I am formally studying with 2 hours of super strict focus, and about another 30-60 minutes of conversation I think I will hit another level by the new year, even with the late start.

- Start a new website, and generally speaking a new side hustle. Yeah....I am failing at this, and am not making very strong moves to change this. Hopefully I can, because getting my finances up is probably the thing I want most after getting a better body. A lot of it is I am just scared to fail, so I'm getting on this with some baby steps soon.

- Learn a new physical activity. I do yoga, and I am trying to do every day but it is hard to be consistent every day. It's not really necessary to go every day to see benefits, many people go just once a week. I might set an arbitrary numerical goal of classes to hit for the year as a frame of reference. I really want to pick up martial arts or dancing, but can't find anything cheap enough in my area, and my schedule is already packed with a lot of stuff to do - so I reckon I'll just stick with Yoga.

- Become a regular at a bar or get a new social circle. Haven't done this...tried a few bars but can't find any I can see myself attending regularly. I don't feel like going out to bars and stuff until I get my finances in check, so I don't know if I'll become a regular at a bar (becoming a regular will also help with my language learning because I am an expat, this is why I am interested in doing this goal). I am going to put in my dating profile that I am looking for people to go out with and party, because I find going to clubs boring if you're by yourself. Making friends on dating apps has pretty good ROI.


- Random fitness goals like dunking a basketball and stuff. I'm too preoccupied with weightlifting and yoga to do a lot of my smaller goals (I have 3-4).

Not a goal I set formally, but I did travel more than any other year as well.

So I would say for the most part even though it doesn't feel like I accomplished much, I essentially did. I learned new skills/habits/hobbies - to the point where I don't really need to hit the arbitrary number I set anymore, I simply just do some of these things now day to day. My main gripe is that I really need to start some of my business ideas, and it would be nice to make some new friends. Some of my goals are not that challenging for me, so I am naturally replacing them with new ones. I am also going to start a 3rd language on the side just using an easy app like Duoling for 20 minutes, since a super long time goal of mine is to learn 3 languages. I also feel like I am wasting social value by not having better social media presence - I waste no time on social media and hate taking pictures of stuff while I'm enjoying life, but I think it's probably a waste that I am living a life many of my friends back in my home village would love to see - I might as well bring back my instagram or something. I think I want to day game also - online dating has taken away a lot of my sharpness.


Goals completed or I essentially had enough of

Get a lot of girls

Read a lot of books

Lift weights and gain a lot of pounds

Travel a lot

Goals I am in process of doing

Learning a language

Learned a new physical hobby (Yoga)

Goals I am failing at

Creating a new side hustle

Getting a new social circle
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09-02-2019 03:37 PM
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flyinghorse Offline

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RE: Goals for 2019
(12-31-2018 04:33 AM)flyinghorse Wrote:  What do you guys hope to achieve in 2019?

Here's mine:

- Succeed in my new job
- Improve my Italian (go from a1/2 to be b1/2)
- Lose 15lbs of fat
- Write fiction again and get some short works published
- Visit two new countries

Its not going well.

I ended up getting my Italian up to A2 and then moving on to Spanish and I got my Spanish to basic conversational in 2-3 months.

I managed to visit the two new countries which is great, but they were the least important goals for me.

As for the 15lbs of fat loss and writing the book; I didn't do it. I got distracted. I'm still 18% body fat and still at 50,000 words into my novel.

There's 4 months left of the year: lets hope I can actually have a stronger finish.
09-10-2019 08:26 PM
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