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Seinfeld Now Offensive to Millenials
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RE: Seinfeld Now Offensive to Millenials
(01-03-2019 05:43 PM)debeguiled Wrote:  
(01-03-2019 04:11 PM)BortimusPrime Wrote:  
(01-03-2019 02:05 PM)debeguiled Wrote:  I posted this in another thread a while back. Young people reacting to Seinfeld. Half thought it was funny but felt guilty, and the other half were scandalized.

Definitely a 'not all Millennials" sort of issue.

Would be better to say that Seinfeld is offensive to 'Millennials who want attention on the internet.'

It is a good video, and the generational inversion, with the young people scolding their elders, is interesting in and of itself.

I don't even think any of the BK Kids Club were truly scandalized by any of that. It's the same phenomenon as in the Soviet Union where Stalin would give a speech, and the audience would clap for hours at the end because each audience member knew the first one to stop clapping would get dragged off by the secret police.

These kids have grown up in an world where feckless comments on social media result in public shaming, firings, police investigations, and torrents of death threats. They aren't going to risk being the one to unambiguously say the show is funny and draw the attention of the puritans stalking the internet and slavering for another opportunity to "call out" someone.

Note that the girls are better at pretending to be offended, women are better primed to avoid social ostracism by following the herd.

Good point. A lot of the body language fails to match the words.

That could be said all of these rancid reaction videos.They're all as fake as a hooker's moaning.
04-21-2019 05:45 AM
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RE: Seinfeld Now Offensive to Millenials
The girls LOVE the jokes in that video. All feigned outrage. I'd say, if you see her make those faces at your jokes then you're doing pretty well. If there was a guy present she'd have slapped his arm.

Seinfeld still holds up!
04-21-2019 05:53 AM
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