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Panama City (Panama) data sheet Jan 2019 - Day + Night game
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Panama City (Panama) data sheet Jan 2019 - Day + Night game

I decided to spend one week in Panama in December. I did not know anything about the city and the only decent info I could find on the forum is this datasheet, which while has great info is a bit out of date.
I dont use Tinder or other online dating app so I did not have any pipeline nor I knew anyone in the city (apart from a girl I banged in the past that end up only meeting last day before I left for lunch since she was away).

RVF community:

I am not aware of any rvf member actively living in the city but I met up few times with Beirut which was stopping by the city too.
Big shout to Brother Abdul Majeed which gave me good insight to the city.


I have mixed feelings about this place. Even though I had a good time I wouldn't recommend visiting Panama city solely for chasing girls. The closeness with Colombia, Brazil and Cuba and the expensive prices make this place a stop that can be missed with no regrets. Do visit if you want to get laid with girls from different nationalities in a warm climate all year round, but there are probably better places to do this which are on the same price level or just slightly more expensive (Miami?).

This being said I will go into a bit of details about gaming in the city. Obviously every person experience is different but this should be a fairly accurate summary of what you can expect.

The bad

Quality of local girls. Low. Not as low as Mexico City but locals must be in the category of 3 most unattractive countries in Latino America.
Some girls have great body but their face is just a no go zone.
As it was mentioned in the other thread Colombians and Venezuelans raise the bar. Also a lot of Euro and American tourists which makes for good variety.

Expensive. Think NYC or London price for food and drinks. Places where a drink is 10 usd and a Red Bull $6. Just crazy. Taxi and accomodation are fairly cheap though.

Cockblocking. You really have to work your logistics out if you are staying in a hotel as they will make you pay if you bring a girl up. There is a guy in front of the lift checking every person going up at nighttime and if you are with a girl they gona ask your room number and check who has registered there.

I have heard at the Hard Rock hotel they go as far as checking with cameras whos leaving the bar (since its at the top floor and you already passed the reception check) and if they see you entering your room with a girl they will come knock your door to ask for registering (and pay) her stay. Seems like Panama is a big mongering destination and hotels make money this way.

I suggest to always book your room for 2 (or even better for 3 people if you are counting on pulling multiple girls per day. ) and if stopped tell the girl to say the name of the first girl that has registered there. I did this and when the girl asked who that girl name was I just said that I was forced to enter 2nd person name at the booking website and I put a girl name just in case I end up meeting the love of my life in Panama (cheesy face).

City stinks. I dont know whats going on but it smells like shit everywhere. Think living in a big open sewer. Pollution is awful too.

Looks like an American city. All races mixed together, big ass street, fast food chains at every corner, no one walking etc. Must be because there are a lot of Chinese people but it kinda of looks like a poor version of San Francisco in some part.

The good

Nightlife. I was definitely impressed with what I have seen at night. Even though ratio male to female was not very good, the quality goes up a lot and girls are super friendly and open to approach. I got a couple of make out almost every night with no much effort. I also managed to get a ONS with a girl met at the bar, never happened in Colombia. As always in LATAM you have to know how to dance for best results.

Logistics. If you stay in Marbella or Casco it is very easy to move around at fairly cheap prices. Uber between the two areas is like 4 USD which makes it easy to change venues at night. You are walk distance between 4-5 different places at Casco Viejo where entrance is free or maximum 10 USD.

Hotel prices. I was staying at the W hotel for like 130 usd per night. Great value for price in hotels.

Competition. None at all. Some decent looking guy around but haven't seen anyone approaching. The city seems to attract a lot of gringos that dont speak Spanish and local guys look awful. Also a lot of akward Indians. Any guy with decent game and low standard can clean it up.

Safety. Panama is well known for being the safest country in Latino America. High police presence in Marbella and casco. I have walked around alone at 5am on NYE and didnt feel any dangerous whatsover. Would'nt do that in my European name city for comparison.
Be aware is not 100% safe one of the girl showed me her denuncia to the police because she was robbed at gunpoint in the supposedly safest area of the city around midnight.

There is some shady barrio out there too, but apart to go there to buy crack cocaine I dont think a rvf guy would have much business to visit.
Avoid rundown part just behind casco viejo at night too.

USD. I didnt give a shit about this to be honest but for Americans might be good not having to exchange currency.


I found girls to be pretty receptive and interested in meeting Europeans. Foreign girls in particular looked quite thirsty, probably due to the uglyness of local guys.

Places I visited:

Allbrook - This is the biggest mall in the Americas I think. Didnt like it there though, it looks like a poor people shopping center. Hundred of shops that look like crap and it seems to attract mainly local girls.

Multiplaza - Situated in Marbella this was the best spot for me as its more upscale and you have better dressed girls etc.
I did like the layout of this mall that makes it really easy to approach as there is a lot of space to walk and the shops are distant one from the other so you have a lot of girls moving around. Also due to size not everyone is cramped together like malls in Colombia where you get weird stares and girls might feel uneasy.

Multicentro - Next to Hard Rock cafe just stopped briefly didnt like it.

Cinta costera - Was mentioned in the other thread as a good daygame spot but I would say do not even bother, no action whatsover. Just couples hanging out.

Casco viejo - You can walk around and game tourists here. Lots of hostels and backpackers if thats your thing. Usual opener of 'can you please take a pic of me in front of bla bla' should work.

Hotels pool - This has a lot of potentials to game tourists. You can sneak your way into some of the hotels where the pool is easily accessible from non guest. I can give you a couple of name over PM, dont feel comfortable to spam these places here.

Metro - Lot of people use it here so there is some potential to that.

Night venues

As I said nightlife is vibrant in Panama. Loads of bars, clubs and casinos open till the AM.

The old datasheet mentioned Calle uruguay as one of the best area to go out. This area as of 2019 is completely dead as there is some construction work going on. Now its all about nightlife in casco viejo.

Best places:

Tantalo and Gatto Blanco - These are two roofs next to each other and I really liked both spots. The former is a bit bigger and has better view while the latter is more a cozy chilled out lounge.

La tana - This is the place to go. Talent here was the best, even though there were a lot of Colombian hookers. Club is fairly small and they pass the usual crossover latino music.

Amador - Next to la tana this is an electronic club that seems to attract more that kind of crowd. Didnt get in but heard good things.

Espacio Panama - More hipsterish place and it was a bit dead when I was there midweek but its a cool garden with good music, good spot for a chill date.

La septima, Zaza - Didnt check these out but they seem to be very well known too.

Hard rock cafe - The only place I mention that is not in Casco. Really a hit or miss spot, a must go for the view and you can get lucky as I did and pull a girl back home. Loads of Americans.


I managed to lay 4 girls in 7 days. They probably could have been more but many girls were leaving or spending time with their family fo the holidays. In comparison these are better numbers than I do in Colombia but quality was lower. Didnt manage to bang any local (not that I really missed much).

Girl 1 - Paisa met at the hard rock cafe. She was with her friends and I straight tell her 'youre from Medellin im sure'. I originally thought she was a hooker but she didnt ask for money or anything. After a couple of hours spent dancing and chatting I suggest to go back to my hotel for one more drink. She agrees and we skip the hotel bar all together to go up to my room and close the deal.

Weirdness ensues when we end up and she asks me for $100 to which I tell her to fuck off lol she seems a bit sad and it follows one hour of awkardness with her laying on my bed and watching videos on her phone.
At some point I was like 'erm I would like to go to sleep now' and she just asked for a uber and left. I guess I banged a hooker for free?

Girl 2 - Euro girl met at the mall. I was getting a juice when I see this girl checking me out while waiting to pay. I get next to her and ask where is she from as she did not look local. Turns out she's 23 and works in Panama.
We exchange numbers and she hits me up a few hours later to go for drinks (must love Euro girls forwardness).

Met her up in Casco Viejo and end up in her place just around the corner after just one drink. No passion or chemistry whatsover during sex and left straight afterward.

Girll 3 - Black Venezuelan working as waitress. I am usually not into choco (I only banged 2 before) but this girl body was from another planet. Fake boobs, flat belly and massive butt. Easily one of the best body I ever had.
She was serving my food and we start chatting, she tells me about her ex boyfriend and how Italians are womanizer (yup) and I end up getting her number promising that we are all not the same.

Message with her for a couple of days and she comes over to my hotel pool on her free day. Usual routine of touching her legs in the water, have her put me sunscreen, small kisses etc. Met her up again the same night for dancing and drinking in casco viejo. Pulled her to my room later where we bang for a few hours. Sad to not be able to see her again as I was leaving in 2 days and she had to work next day.

Girl 4 - Uruguayan flag, new one for me. See these two girls taking pics in the lobby of the W. One is just gorgeous, blonde dollyface with a big booty. Her friend is a chubby blonde. I approach with the excuse of taking a pic of them togerher and it turns out they are 2 cousins visiting Panama staying in the hotel. We chit chat for 10 mins and I end up taking the number of the hot one.

Text her next morning and they are laying at the pool. I join them but chubby is completely cockblocking, interrupting us when we speak asking to take pics etc. I didnt see this going anywhere good. Then stars somehow align and the friend comments on a black guy that looks like Kanye West walking by the pool and how hot he was. My lightbulb goes fully on and I take the occasion to go and chat to the guy telling him how I liked his shades and he told me he was from NYC on holiday with a friend. I told him that my friend loves American and introduce him to chubby girl and they hit off immediately. Boom.

I go full aggressive mode on with the hottie and we end up making out in the pool while chubby is getting entertained by Kanye. Special thanks to the black community for liking chubbies white girls.

Late that night her friend goes on a date with Kanie and I just go over to my hot blonde room. Pound her, we go for dinner and then back to my room for more banging. Wake up for one last quick bang and breakfast which is my farewell to Panama as I had to fly back. Bump into black guy at breakfast and he gives me a bro high five which I guess was his way to say he had a fun night too.

Bonus point

Pregnant girl. She was working in a mall and I didnt notice her belly until she stood up. Se must have been a few months away as it was noticeable but not fully pregnant.. Hang out with her after wok and have her back in my hotel room. Didn't manage to get the bang but she gave me a handjob and I came all over her belly. Kinda of felt disgusted at myself later but was fun. Never asked if baby dad is around.


I started to like Panama after a few days, even though it has some main drawback in particular quality of locals and long distance to nice beaches. I think I will return at some point to see some of the girls I end up not banging.

If you are a high energy night game guy and want to fuck a high number of international girls while living in a fairly safe Latino Country this is the place for you. Its fairly realistic to bang one girl per day if you have time and logistics.

If you are more into knowing high quality hot local girls as I am I would say just take a flight further south where grass is greener.
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01-03-2019 05:10 PM
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RE: Panama City (Panama) data sheet Jan 2019 - Day + Night game
(01-03-2019 05:10 PM)wellrockthecity Wrote:  Any guy with decent game and low standard can clean it up.

^^ Perfect. I'm in!

Great Data Sheet, this is something that guys can use as research when they go to Panama City.

Juice Stand game in the mall, same as in Poblado. Rinse and Repeat Bro, stick with what works.

“Where the danger is, so grows the saving element.” ~ German poet Hoelderlin
01-03-2019 06:42 PM
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RE: Panama City (Panama) data sheet Jan 2019 - Day + Night game
Thanks for the writeup. Next week I'm going to Panama City for 1 week before I head to Colombia. I'll reference this datasheet when I'm out there. As for online game, I set my Tinder location to Panama City and I've been getting tons of matches, like as many as I get when I'm in Bangkok. Lots of girls messaging me first (but some of them likely pros).

I'm curious to check out Panama City, because it does seem like a decent place to set up shop long term. It's relatively safe, seems unexciting (which is a good thing if you need to put your head down and focus on work for a bit), and close enough proximity to Colombia.
01-03-2019 07:28 PM
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RE: Panama City (Panama) data sheet Jan 2019 - Day + Night game
Great info indeed, deserved +1 from me, how was the heat and humidity though? Besides the high price levels that is what always gets mentioned about Panama as a big negative.
01-03-2019 07:38 PM
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RE: Panama City (Panama) data sheet Jan 2019 - Day + Night game
Was there at same time and we hung out a few times and saw him.in action and pretty much agree on everything.

Ended up sticking to one girl that i really liked on second half of the trip but still managed a couple of others.

Some impressions from a non spanish speaker:

English levels were not as high as i expected. Many girls didnt speak it at all even the staff in the center.

However, that wasnt much of an issue. I winged wellrock on a couple of girls and the lack of spanish and dancing even though pointed out wasnt an issue and they were both eager although unfortunately not that hot. On my last day i pulled a non english speaker the same day from a mall approach.

The guys dont seem to have game but they will jump all over your girl when given the chance. The one i was hanging out has edgy style and dances like fire so they were all over her whenevrr i left for a bit. Some guys sent a girl over to us to ask if were a coupleand weasel her way in. Nice try assholes but i quickly scared her away.

Dancing skills seem to be an important tool. When youre out with your girl and you dont dance guys see it as a weakness and think they can cut in and use it against you.

Local quality is abysmal its all about the Venezuelan and colombians there.

Theyre high quality but most seemed friendly. One night with my girl a curvy 9 who was out in a group was all over me from a distance but i stuck to my girl. So it seems the lack of quality is offset by the friendliness of said quality when you do end up finding it.

Its expensive especially food. Marbella was dead at night and even day outside of the malls. Theres no point staying there i thought. Casco is full of tourists only in the day but uts where everyone was going at night.

I went to relic with my girl and it was full of hostel types and local guys on the hunt. Tantalo was good.

The city is boring and expensive. Its hot but i ezpected worse. Beirut is worse in the summer. But like you could rack up serious numbers although i think youd run out at some point as the number of venues and quality girls is limited

Ayia Napa
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01-03-2019 08:56 PM
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RE: Panama City (Panama) data sheet Jan 2019 - Day + Night game
Great data sheet! i was there in october, felt the same way. I only got one notch local Panamanian nice tight body face was ok at best. The city is rather boring itself, no beach anywhere, nothing to do the local malls didn't have any good quality when i went except some of the store workers. now the positive for Latin america it is a safer country, is the nightlife is great in casco viejo you can bar hop, tons of police, they have open bars cheap drinks and places, logistics are excellent if you stay there as everything is close. The Venezuelans and colombians that move there e and work there are hot and you can game tourists of course all over casco viejo in the day and also at night. I may go back just for the nightlife in and of itself, because if you compare it to Costa rica San Jose ( there is no nightlife center and everything is spread out) For Central America. The same in Dominican Republic it seems only a couple places in zona cologne the safe part then a few local clubs are all spread out but of course safety is an issue as you get further away.
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01-03-2019 09:13 PM
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RE: Panama City (Panama) data sheet Jan 2019 - Day + Night game
How much is coke there these days?
01-04-2019 12:20 AM
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RE: Panama City (Panama) data sheet Jan 2019 - Day + Night game
(01-04-2019 12:20 AM)Kdog Wrote:  How much is coke there these days?

I wouldn't discuss things that are illegal.
01-05-2019 02:29 AM
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RE: Panama City (Panama) data sheet Jan 2019 - Day + Night game
I'm really sorry I couldn't meet up with you guys.

Panama City is a hard nut to crack. As you say, the Venesuelos, Colombianos, (as well as an assortment from every other Latin American country as well as Euros, Americans and Asians) bump up the score there. It's fun, easy and breezy, 5's and 6's will throw themselves at you as long as you're dressed well, have a bit of backbone, and be well mannered.

Panama is not like Colombia or anywhere else in Latin America. It is actually a quite wealthy country. Quality girls aren't any easier to get than they are in the west. You really have to know where to go and who to be with. It's that kind of a place, very insular.

As an expat, it was my first choice of countries, simply for the U.S. currency and the stability. The U.S. will never let anything happen to Panama because of the canal. I'm not a city person though, so I live in a very remote area.
01-06-2019 04:04 PM
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RE: Panama City (Panama) data sheet Jan 2019 - Day + Night game
I spent a few days in Ciudad de Panama about three years ago. I was with friends, didn't get any lays, didn't even really see any attractive women.

With one exception.

I did see the hottest woman of my life jog past me on the Malecón at about seven pm on a Tuesday. I would bet five hundred bucks that she was Colombian. I had just spent three months in Colombia and I could tell.

I actually still think about this stranger passing in the night. A beauty queen in Lycra green jogging shorts and pink sports bra. You know that porn chick Esperanza Gomez? She looked like her, but even better.

That's my whole Panama story. I kinda went for a blonde Australian backpacker, a 7, but her guy friends were blocking me. No worries. I still have memories of my dimepiece jogging in the night.
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01-21-2019 06:02 PM
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RE: Panama City (Panama) data sheet Jan 2019 - Day + Night game
I spent last week in Panama. I can't really give a good data sheet since I didn't go out much. Here are my thoughts though: the city itself is pretty nice. It's developing very quickly, and there are LOTS of opportunities for making money. It's very easy to get residency and eventually citizenship there.

I went out in Casco Viejo on Friday night and it wasn't great. Don't get me wrong, I had fun, but I didn't see many hot girls and there weren't many people out. It may have had something to do with JMJ and the pope coming to visit this week. I heard lots of the regular party people left the city and went to places like Bocas Del Torro for the weekend. I went to Mokolo+ (Moloko?). The music was good, but it was mostly dudes in there. I noticed there are a shit load of Venezuelans living in Panama City, so that could be a good niche. I met up with 2 different Venezuelans girls i met from Tinder, and I wasn't able to get either of them home surprisingly.

I found Panama City to be quite expensive and not worth the price. Food is quite literally the same prices as you'd find in Manhattan. The cheapest meal you can find at a restaurant is about $8-10 USD. This is for pretty low quality, local, but tasty food. I know $8 isn't exactly expensive, but for a very cheap place (Niko's cafe) in Central America it seemed quite expensive. In Manhattan that food would be cheaper.

I did feel quite safe in the central parts of the city. There's a lot of police presence in the tourist areas, but of course you still must be vigilant when walking around at night by yourself.

TLDR: Panama City is nice, but terrible value for the money. People are friendly. I wasn't very impressed with the quality of local girls (maybe I went to the wrong places). I moved onto Colombia. It's about 1/4th the price here and girls look better. Panama can be a good place to get work done if you have a decent budget and don't want many distractions. It's inexpensive to fly to Colombia, so if you need a break from grinding you can come here to party for a few days.
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01-21-2019 06:15 PM
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RE: Panama City (Panama) data sheet Jan 2019 - Day + Night game
bump.. headed to Panama City first week of May .. will be staying near the University of Panama ...anyone going to be around?
04-18-2019 09:39 AM
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