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Facial hair change = gamechanger?
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RE: Facial hair change = gamechanger?
(01-09-2019 07:17 AM)nomadbrah Wrote:  
(01-08-2019 06:42 AM)tomzestatlu Wrote:  I started to wear stubble and I guess it really improved me look. I shave it once a week to 3 milimeters. I don't want to wear beard, because it deforms sharp edges on my face. Stubble gives you mature and masculine looks, but also preserves shape edges on your faces.

I noticed that at least 70% of guys who wear beard these days have chubby faces.

A barber will cut your beard so it complements your facial feature. For me, having a wide face/jaw, shorter in the sides, but longer on chin, which is comparatively not as strong. I can't recommend getting your beard cut by a barber enough. Massive difference. Go every other week. Look fresh all the time.
I get you, maybe as I get older. But at this moment I´m young and I think I´m killing it with my natural look. This is me and I don´t have to turn myself into hipster and spend money on barber every two weeks.

Think of Jason Statham, he´s killing it with stubble and if he growed a beard, he would be just another old man with beard, unrecognizable.
On the other hand, some guys around their 40 in suits and beards are killing it. But I am not that old yet.

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01-09-2019 03:04 PM
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RE: Facial hair change = gamechanger?
Individual changes can be quite small: a change to your hair may help 2%, a beard may help 2%, a new outfit 3%, but when combined with other game enhancers like steady approaching and solid logistics, you will start noticing big differences.

One exception for me was in the early 2010's when I had a hipster look in Washington DC. I had the beard, scruffy haircut, and plaid shirts. I was getting a VERY LARGE increase in attention. But that same look today doesn't get me the same level of love.

Also be careful about going overboard with a change. I got more attention with a small beard thinking that a HUGE beard will really help, but it didn't. Just about every girl I've been with said I look better without a huge beard, so that means I've been getting laid in spite of one.

01-10-2019 01:37 AM
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RE: Facial hair change = gamechanger?
I really envy you guys who can grow great beards, I can't grow one for the love of my life without looking like a pedophile, probably has something to do with my Asian genetics.

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01-13-2019 08:39 PM
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RE: Facial hair change = gamechanger?
I'm Asian and I can grow a massive fuckoff beard just fine.

Before my late 20s, I used to go clean shaven, thinking I'd attract younger girls. While I dated some younger girls, I attracted older women more for some reason. In my late 20s, I started to let my beard grow out a bit, well groomed of course, and younger girls seem to dig my beard a lot. That's my optimal look and I go with that most of the time. It could be a novelty factor because you don't see beareded Asians very often. When I visit SEA, I can be a mini-celeb just from my beard alone, and the girls there absolutely love it (part of the culture). My wife digs my beard as well, she likes it short so she can see my face, and she likes it when I sometimes grow it out all the way down to my chest in winter so she can put her face in there and sniff as much of husband's pheromone as she can get.

I think there's something wrong with Asians these days that most of us can't grow beards, while it wasn't so rare among our grandfathers and older generations. Perhaps it's the extra soy in typical modern Asian diets. I actually get approached by young Asian guys sometimes to ask how I manage to grow a beard. Usually I just tell them to lift weights and eat a lot of meat.

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01-14-2019 04:15 AM
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RE: Facial hair change = gamechanger?
(01-08-2019 05:08 AM)RatInTheWoods Wrote:  If your beard starts getting grey in it, you gotta cut that shit off, it will age you 20 years.
The fuck you do. My beard has a lot of grey in it. The whole underside of my chin is almost white. I get compliments on the two tone color all the time. You want to know when grey hair turns women off? It’s when it makes you look old. How does it make you look old? When you’re soft. Out of shape, and off your game, you look old. I’m 42. I can put on a compression t and look absolutely shredded. Do you think girls are put off by my gray/white hair?
01-15-2019 07:17 PM
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