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Australia vs. Florida & SoCal for bachelors.
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Australia vs. Florida & SoCal for bachelors.
What’s the best beach city to live life as a bachelor in the anglosphere?

I don’t like LA or OC, would like San Diego if it wasn’t for the bad ratio, and want to live in Miami for a bit but hear it gets old pretty quick. My line of work is on Australia’s skill shortage list so could potentially move there.

How do night life, social life, girls and quality of life in Australia’s coastal cities stack up against Florida and SoCal?
01-09-2019 12:33 PM
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RE: Australia vs. Florida & SoCal for bachelors.
Miami is probably best bet though for cost of living, also check out tampa bay and clearwater area it is even cheaper there. IF you like white girls, cheaper COL, friendlier people in general, and less craziness this is good option. However Miami has tons of nightlife every day a week, way more to do here, international women from all over the world, is more expensive, and yes does get old considering it is based off parting and beaches but in reality that can be anywhere you live. I lived in both parts, California I have never been to or wanted to live in too cold in my opinion and everything from housing is expensive to maintain that lifestyle but does also have hiking and hills/mountains, and has Ton's to offer outside of the beaches which is all Florida really has in general which is nice. Australia can't comment on.
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01-09-2019 12:59 PM
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RE: Australia vs. Florida & SoCal for bachelors.
To add to the above, here's some info on living in Tampa I posted in another thread.

(01-04-2019 05:35 PM)Investment Bro Wrote:  I'm not in my 30s yet, or even close for that matter but let me plug Tampa really quick.


-Cost of living is reasonable (I pay less than 2k a month for a place right on the beach with a huge deck and a water view) and there's no state income tax. Get your income up though. You'll be able to live like a king here once you're close to the 6 figure mark.

-Lots of beautiful young women. You've got multiple large schools (UCF, UT, Eckerd) that have lots of hot, DTF chicks available year round. Keep some weed/blow/booze at your place and you'll be swimming in pussy. This isn't including the deluge of foreign poontang that visits here during the winter. I love the German/Dutch blondes in particular.

-Great weather. I went swimming on New Years Day, and boy did it feel good.

-Good job opportunities. My income has increased by over 60% since I've moved here. A lot of opportunities to network with other young professionals if that's your thing.

-Lots of variety. The cultural scene here is pretty sweet, which makes up for the lackluster nightlife (which doesn't bother me, because I haven't been doing much of that lately).

-People are generally extremely friendly overall, and there's a lot of them! You also have St.Pete nearby, which is also wonderful.

-Cheap and easy sports scene. I personally hate the Bucs, but the Lightning games are a great time. Also there's no shortage of golf to play here year round.


-Lots of transient people. This isn't a big deal for me, because I travel a lot for work, and I've got a good core group.

-There are some shithole areas where you'll want to be careful. For example, you wouldn't want to wander certain areas of Ybor City at night.

-Traffic can be bad depending on what your work commute is like.

-Shallow women. Luckily I'm only in the hunt for quick side pieces because I just got into an LTR. If you just want dumb hotties to bang, you'll do just fine.

-With your salary it will be hard to attract some of the top-tier talent around here. Girls here seem abnormally superficial. Wealth game alone can land you some 8s and 9s, and I've seen it done masterfully. I'm not on that level yet, but my jetskiis and beach setup have definitely landed me at least a half dozen bangs since I've been here.

I would strongly recommend Tampa overall. This is a great place to live, and I will keep my home base here for the foreseeable future. Feel free to PM me with any questions.

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01-09-2019 01:10 PM
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RE: Australia vs. Florida & SoCal for bachelors.
I know some people in Sarasota and it seems like a good area aside from the hurricane damage. I might move there if my Miami plans fall through. TB Bucs are going to be good next year with Arians and the Devil Rays seem to be good with lots of cheap tix.
01-09-2019 01:35 PM
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RE: Australia vs. Florida & SoCal for bachelors.
I live in Miami currently- It is awesome November through March but the Summers are a sauna.IT IS EXPENSIVE, PERIOD. You will have to pay $2000 a month for a decent water view in South Beach, drinks are $10-20 everywhere, and it basically costs a lot every time you go out to do anything(Brunch at Tiki by the River $3000 for a table, drinks $20 a pop).

The women here are fucking gorgeous, and they are everywhere. Learn Spanish before you get here, and you will do well. You have to know people and get into the scene here to really enjoy it. Piece of advice- Move in to the Flamingo South Beach in the Center Tower facing the water (You MUST face the water) for one year and see what SOBE has to offer (the ICON is also a ok choice)-I hated Miami until I lived in Brickell and SOBE. SOBE has changed my view of Miami, I love this crazy , third wold, shitthole full of beautiful women and dishonest people. It is an experience and an adjustment.

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01-09-2019 01:50 PM
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RE: Australia vs. Florida & SoCal for bachelors.
I haven’t been to Miami, but have been to Gold Coast, Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne. You’ll get less variety in Australia for sure. I imagine Miami would have girls from all corners of the world. In Australia, especially in coastal cities you’ll mostly find Anglo girls, Asian girls and a few European backpackers scattered in there. There are barely any latinas here if that’s what you’re after. If you prefer Anglo/Asian girls (although not top shelf quality) I’d choose the Australian coast. If you prefer more variety and especially Latina girls, head for Miami.
01-09-2019 07:42 PM
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