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20-30% of dads in UK are finding out that they are NOT the father
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RE: 20-30% of dads in UK are finding out that they are NOT the father
(01-31-2019 06:43 PM)FrankGoodly Wrote:  You guys are all forgetting something very important:

Besides the issue of selection bias...if 20-30% of these men are finding out that they are not the fathers, then at least about 40-60% of the partners of these men had cheated on them. If two men have sex with a woman when trying to conceive, the chance of one being the father is 50%.

...just something to think about, folks.

The cuck actually has a lot less chance than 50% of being the father, because his wife is more likely to have sex with her lover when she's fertile, and also more likely to procreate with her lover because she will be a lot more aroused and orgasmic.


The female orgasm can help relieve stress, and promote healthy circulation and balance in the body. Stress is a key cause of diminished libido and may also reduce the chances of conception by raising levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Conversely, good sex can help raise levels of oxytocin and the other neurohormones mentioned above. These help you to relax and bond to your partner.

Published in 1967, the author even went as far as suggesting that the increase in these hormones after orgasm help support conception by temporarily incapacitating you. Put simply, this ‘poleax’ effect means you’ll feel so relaxed that you’ll stay lying down, which may increase your chance of conceiving. Whether staying supine does make conception more likely is still under debate, but I’m all for promoting relaxation, so if this theory provides added motivation, go for it!


There is some suggestion that orgasm affects the shape and function of the cervix. These effects, which may include cervical ‘tenting could enhance the likelihood of conception by promoting the movement of sperm into the uterus and beyond. If you are curious as to what your cervix looks like during different stages of your cycle, check out these photos.


One of the main ways in which female orgasm has been linked to fertility is something called the ‘upsuck’ theory (or, sometimes, the ‘insuck’ theory). This theory proposes that the female orgasm causes uterine and vaginal contractions that actively draw semen up into the uterus and towards the fallopian tubes, thereby increasing the chances of an egg being fertilized.

Scientific evidence to support this theory is rather inconsistent, but there’s certainly no harm in trying! One proposed underlying mechanism of this theory is oxytocin-mediated uterine peristalsis, i.e. the same mechanism that causes uterine contractions during labour could be partially responsible for increasing the likelihood of conception. Indeed, some research has found higher pregnancy rates in women shown to experience this ‘insuck’ phenomenon.


More recently, one small study found that orgasm may increase sperm retention. This study involved women using a syringe to insert a sperm simulant (lube) prior to external stimulation to orgasm. As such, the study’s findings may be especially applicable to anyone undergoing artificial insemination (IUI).

The take-away: Chances are that if you orgasm 1 minute before or up to 45 minutes after insemination (whether artificial or otherwise), you will probably retain more sperm, which may increase your chance of conceiving.

To sum up, the female orgasm might enhance fertility in a variety of ways


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01-31-2019 06:57 PM
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RE: 20-30% of dads in UK are finding out that they are NOT the father
I've been thinking recently. One of the reasons why our battles are so hard to fight is because we are on the side(s) where negative behaviours are much more obvious. A black eye is much more obvious than someone else's sprog popping out your wife's crotch.

It's because the domineering mode of femininity is manipulation; while for men it's just dominance.

For biological and cognitive reasons women have not been able to fulfill domineering roles as that space has been filled by a subset of men. It's the same dynamic as the sneaky gamma male who tries to fuck women by camouflaging as a male feminist (manipulation). They don't have the power to dominate, so they manipulate.
01-31-2019 07:27 PM
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RE: 20-30% of dads in UK are finding out that they are NOT the father
(01-14-2019 10:31 AM)Dalaran1991 Wrote:  Or take the wife on a vacation and give birth in a foreign country, then get the test done there. Be creative

Not a good idea for a Brit, as it would make the child 'British by descent' and the kid wouldn't have the automatic right to hand on citizenship to his children.
01-31-2019 11:18 PM
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RE: 20-30% of dads in UK are finding out that they are NOT the father
(01-14-2019 12:15 PM)JayR Wrote:  Another way women pick and choose the deepest pockets for child support is by naming a well-off guy of their choice as the father, knowing that he isn't. The state serves papers at any address for the "father" that she provides. Even if the "father" receives the notice, he just disregards it because "I've never had sex with this bitch, no way the kid's mine -- I can ignore this." Nope, 30 days later his wages start getting garnished and his window of opportunity to contest paternity has slammed shut.

There is no penalty for women who commit paternity fraud. The only reason for all this is to place men's rights in women's hands and to transfer men's cash into women's pockets. It's the only kind of fraud where we put the burden of detecting the fraud on the party who does not have the information necessary (the man), while absolving of any responsibility the only person who DOES have the information about the fraud -- the mother.

Mothers have rights, "fathers" have responsibilities.

That type of paternity fraud is what makes me to never want my dates knowing my full name ever. I have to lie to protect myself! Especially when the "State" practically condones paternity fraud. Angry

Tom Leykis / Leykis 101:

-Never do what you don't want to do. You make the money, you decide where you are going and what you are doing.
-Don't ask a woman what she wants to do.
-Never get involved with a co-worker unless you don't mind losing your job over it.
-Never spend more than $40 on a date. If possible, let her pay for everything or 50/50.
-If she doesn't bang you by the third date, Dump That Bitch (DTB).
-No spooning, cuddling, hugging, or staying over. Get in, get out!
-Never be in a committed relationship UNTIL you are 25+ or really ready to settle down.
-Men age like fine wine, women age like milk.
06-02-2019 05:33 AM
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