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How to Mimic the Travel Feeling when Stuck in one City
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How to Mimic the Travel Feeling when Stuck in one City
So I'm currently in this situation where I will be living in my current city (NYC - New York City) for the next 2.5 - 4 years. I'm in my mid-to-late 20s for reference.

I love my desk job and it's my true passion in life (I'm probably one of the few posters in this forum that loves working at his desk job), I'm doing very well with women here, make a good salary, nightlife is great here, there's lots to do, and pretty much have everything set - except one thing:

I miss the feeling of traveling, learning about the world, exploring off the beaten path places, being in situations where I am exploring completely different/new things, constantly being in shock with new things that I am seeing.

I have tried to replicate that feeling here in the city that I live in by exploring as much as I can - but nothing seems too new or exciting for me: everything seems explored, known and it't just not the same as being in a completely different environment.

I don't mean to make this post to complain. I shouldn't be - I have a great life. But I often have the feeling of wanting to escape it all and go back on the road. I get the thoughts almost on a daily basis.But the reality is that I won't be doing that in a very long time.

So I wanted to open it up to the Forum:

Do any RVF's that are living in one city feel the same way? If so, how do you go about continuing to replicate that travel feeling? Is there a middle ground to working a 9-5 in one city and still being able to constantly explore?

Cheers - Crash
01-31-2019 10:58 PM
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RE: How to Mimic the Travel Feeling when Stuck in one City
I make weekend trips to other not so far away places (other cities and states/provinces). You can even make trips to Canada, Latin America, the Caribbean, and Europe from NYC if you can get a week of vacation time. Beyond that, I wander in different neighborhoods and immigrant areas of town and hang out with people from elsewhere a lot.

One thing that is good to do is get a backpack or rolling carry-on and pack it with clothes and essentials for 1 week. This a prepper staple and it is called a "go bag." Among preppers, its purpose is to be there for you, always ready, for whenever something goes down and you need to get out of town immediately. It can, however, also double as your "go bag" for whenever you want to make a spontaneous trip to Maine or something because it contains everything you really need and can be carry-on in an airplane, train, ferry, or bus. If you have a friend or a girl who is game for spontaneous trips and also has their own go bag so you don't have to plan too far in advance and wait two days for them to pack, all the better.
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01-31-2019 11:06 PM
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RE: How to Mimic the Travel Feeling when Stuck in one City
I just googled 'New York State' - you've got coast, mountains, the Great Lakes and all sorts going on.

For instance, are you interested in wine? This surprised me:


Quote:New York is the nation's third-largest grape producing state, and second-largest wine producer by volume, behind California. The southern Finger Lakes hillsides, the Hudson Valley, the North Fork of Long Island, and the southern shore of Lake Erie are the primary grape- and wine-growing regions in New York, with many vineyards. In 2012, New York had 320 wineries and 37,000 grape bearing acres, generating full-time employment of nearly 25,000 and annual wages of over US$1.1 billion, and yielding US$4.8 billion in direct economic impact from New York grapes, grape juice, and wine and grape products.

There are loads of smaller cities and towns. There must be something different out there; you could spend weekends exploring them.

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02-01-2019 10:39 AM
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RE: How to Mimic the Travel Feeling when Stuck in one City
I feel the same way here in Florida! i even considered taking a few months off spending 4-6k and going to a bunch of different countries in latin america or living somewhere there! you only live once and i could care less about spending money on a big house, new car etc. it is just the work but i think in your late 20s and 30s is still perfect time to explore the world of course other option is weekend getaways for instance in nyc or florida you can get flights on thursday - mon or fri-mon to dominican, colombia, panama, costa rica etc. no matter what you do when you travel it will never be the same as staying in the states and doing road trips although they do satisfy you a bit
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02-01-2019 02:49 PM
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RE: How to Mimic the Travel Feeling when Stuck in one City
(01-31-2019 10:58 PM)Crash_Bandicoot Wrote:  So I'm currently in this situation where I will be living in my current city (NYC - New York City) for the next 2.5 - 4 years. I'm in my mid-to-late 20s for reference.
How long have you been living in NYC? Is it your birthplace where you grew up and spent all your life, or you moved there not that long ago? 2.5-4 years doesn't sound that long of a timeframe to explore such a big metropolis like NYC, I'd probably walk around a different neighborhood every weekend and try to get as many flags as I can just from dating and banging the immigrant girls and tourist girls from all around the world, but especially from the Caribbean and Latin America. That would keep me busy for years probably before I'd get tired of it.

NYC is probably the one and only metropolis in this world that would never bore me living there, but if you do need that feeling of setting your feet on new soil and probably putting your dick in some new pussy, why not use the excellent air connections out of NYC and go visit some place in the Caribbean or Latin America using long weekends or paid vacation leave? It should be doable as you say you have a good salary. Or does that good salary mean it covers your costs of living in NYC but doesn't leave money for traveling? The Caribbean and Latin America should definitely give you that buzz of exploring something new every day and being in shock at some of the things that you see.

Also, no matter if you have a car or not, you can always go exploring cities close to NYC on weekends, it's a matter of a few hours on Amtrak, your own or a rental car, a bus or a plane to Philly, Boston, Washington DC, why not hit the road for the weekend? Roam around the elite university campuses nearby NYC on the weekends during terms (Yale/Princeton), get out into nature, do some hiking, do urban exploring in the abandoned plants, hospitals or mental asylums, try the beaches on Long Island in summer, there's a ton of things that would fill each and every weekend of the year.

Saying all that, I know that if you're a person to have that travel bug constantly biting you, even NYC probably won't make you happy in the long run but you'll always want to go yet on another trip. It has been the same for me ever since I started working full time 12 years ago and have the financial means, I just wanna get out of Munich every time I can. Nothing more boring as being stuck in a place that you've been living in all your life, know inside out and that's boring and narrow-minded to boot. NYC is a whole another level than Munich but I can understand if you maybe grew up there and did all the city exploring in your teenage years already, it won't be that exciting to you anymore nowadays.

Also think of one thing: are you really as happy with your desk job as you say you are, or you just tell that to yourself? If something constantly tells you to go to another place than you are, it might be your craving for exploring, but it might also be your wanting to get away from the current situation.

All things said, I think NYC gives you an excellent base to do a lot of long weekend trips and using your paid vacation leave for a lot of amazing trips since it puts you in a position to earn a good salary that makes you able to afford plane trips regularly and it puts you super close location-wise to two of only four regions of the world with the hottest and most easy girls to lay, the Caribbean and Latin America.
02-01-2019 05:21 PM
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RE: How to Mimic the Travel Feeling when Stuck in one City
NYC is a big city to tackle so I wouldn't feel too bad. You have several options.

1) Explore the shit out of NYC while you are there. The place is a fantastic outpost of knowledge production... Arguably the top place in the world, and the anglo world, for the time being. Lectures, book signings, symposiums, conferences, they're all right there. That should cover one angle. Get yourself in a music scene; in NYC you have everything: techno, edm, metal, folk, rock, classical, punk and beyond. Get on a scene and make that your circuit. Subcultures are fucking amazing and a great way to establish a social circle/ social proof. I'd be hitting up raves in brooklyn every weekend if I was in your shoes, or the folk scene. Then there's the art scene, I'd be going to gallery openings and chatting up girls and enjoying free wine, what a way to educate yourself on contemporary art. Hell, even going to the museums opens the world and all these possibilities to you. Then you get into urban pastimes, like urban exploration, graffiti, hip hop and so on. That's a great way to explore. You have all these chill parks (I'm thinking especially of the Washington Square park that are amazing and great places for daygame. Explore the shit out of the city, find yourself an awesome jazz lounge to take girls and become worldly as fuck. The world is literally right there outside your stoop man.

2) If the chaos is not your thing, keep your head down and leave for the weekend. Hamptons, Upstate New York, Boston, DC, Vermont, and others. Day tripping is fantastic especially if you don't vibe well with the city you're in.

3) Fly the fuck out every month. Options would include: Iceland (cheap as hell from NYC) Miami, LA, Chicago, Europe, Central/ South America, etc. Being from NYC will give you a lot of status all over the globe and if you work on making yourself worldly, soon you'll have people from all over the world coming to see you (including girls you've met). You travel literally becomes your wingman at that point. You get to show people your city as much as you want, and have adventures. Also, Canada is close, and don't Canadians especially women in Montreal love New Yorkers?

Just keep positive man, you have so many options, and sounds like you have a good job on lock, so you're doing well. Just figure out the direction you're trying to go.

P.S. I did a post on unconventional date ideas, most of that post was the result of living in shitty city, I started to get more creative with what I was doing, and I started to like a lot more the place I was living in, because I was doing unconventional shit that was a lot more fun than bars and clubs, it's all just a matter of perspective: https://www.rooshvforum.com/thread-69024...pid1920518
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02-01-2019 07:43 PM
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