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Mercedes Carrera, "based" porn star, arrested for child molestation
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RE: Mercedes Carrera, "based" porn star, arrested for child molestation
Quote:The other factor in this case is San Bernardino County itself, which has often been referred to as “a Red State within California,” including by Carrera during our interview.

It would be impossible to overstate the obsession the county, and Rancho Cucamonga in particular, has with law enforcement, the military, flags, veterans and uniforms. Rancho Cucamonga might only be 70 miles east of Porn Valley, and 45 from Downtown Los Angeles, but it is actually a million miles in terms of atmosphere and attitude.

The Foothills city resembles much more aspirational middle-class Orange County enclaves like Irvine than anything in diverse Los Angeles. Uniformity is a virtue in this place, from endless strip malls to the jail itself, all painted in that instantly recognizable but also indefinible ochre/tan/dun/orangey yellow color of outlet malls around the country.

The Rancho Cucamonga Police Department has brochures (“Volunteers Wanted”) inviting civilians to get deputized as “Citizen Volunteers” if they’re at least 18, have a high-school or G.E.D. diploma and interested in duties like “citizen on patrol,” “crime prevention” and “neighborhood watch.”

As XBIZ made one last attempt to meet up with Detective Patton, a group of young boys, definitely of high school age, approached the station wearing miniature versions of the police uniform and speaking in the characteristic curt and intimidatingly “official” jargon of grown police officers.

These crew-cut-sporting teens, the next generation of Rancho’s finest, were members of Rancho’s Explorer Scout Unit (requirements: “Be at least 14 years old and in 9th grade, and not older than 21, must maintain at least a 2.0 GPA, no serious arrests or convictions, successful completion of a background investigation and oral interview, Must complete the Basic Explorer. Academy within one (1) year of joining the Post"), carried small batons and were in the process of receiving “100 hours of intense training” including “Chain of Command, Laws of Arrest, Search and Seizure, Weaponless Defense, Firearms Safety, Handcuffing Technique and CPR/1st Aid.”

Stories like this will chafe at American sensibilities for due process and and the like but arguably one of the reasons that the American system has failed is simply because it cannot contain liberal degeneracy to liberal enclaves.

A big part of me doesn't blame traditionalist communities for tossing out the rulebook when it comes to keeping their districts clean of human filth. The constitutional rights of civilisational wreckers are being used to wreck the very civilisations that protect them.

In the end everyone will choose to go Cucamonga on the deviants and the invaders or they'll honor the Constitution until it kills them. My real question is "why isn't the whore living in whore-valley where she belongs".

Everyone wants to live in a safe neighborhood but few want to behave in a manner that creates safe communities and protects them from degeneracy. If the guy across the street decides he wants to start mowing his lawn in a string bikini in front of my kids then I don't really give a fuck about his rights. I'll call the cops and if they run him out on a rail I'll buy them all beers for their trouble.

Why do I get the sense that this Carrerra chick was the kind of lolbertarian who derived a special joy in antagonizing a community that absolutely didn't want her there? Beyond that would anyone care half as much if it was some dude locked up while filming porn in his daughter's family home?

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The public will judge a man by what he lifts, but those close to him will judge him by what he carries.
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