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josn - Game Journal
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josn - Game Journal
I got out of a relationship a few months back, and I just turned into a general pissant since then. Watching a lot of porn, spending all day masturbating, shoveling sugar down in all its forms, going weak at the gym, and gaining a lot of weight.

I'm going to use this thread to log my progress in game and in diet/fitness.

Current Stats/Background


I'm a 5'11" 210 lb male at about 30% body fat. I've gained 15-20 pounds in about 3 months. All-time high body weight. Disgusting.

I'm not white, but I don't have hang ups about my race. Decent facial aesthetics, but I'm fat, which needs to be fixed.

I've been going inconsistently to the gym for the last few years, doing either SS-type stuff, or more bodyweight/gymnastics training. I like the latter more, so I'll stick with that program.


It's been shit recently, but I'm going to get back to keto + IF.


I'm pretty good at rambling, and generally creating rapport. I'm not a total incel - I've had my share of decent relationships.

I have moderate approach anxiety. I went out to a bar alone last weekend, and did 4 approaches. I was pretty happy with myself, but I prefer day game to night game. Night game requires unhealthy sleep habits which I don't like, and I also enjoy day game more.



I'll write down my day's approaches here. Each day, I'll schedule in day game for 30 minutes to one hour in one of four general locations:

1. A college campus
2. An area with high cafe/bookstore/department store density
3. An area with a grocery store and a Target
4. A shopping mall

I'll number the approaches and count them. I like the idea of trying to increase my number.

I'll also try to do approaches as I go about my day, but it's too easy for me to bitch out on approaching unless I explicitly schedule it in.


I'll just track three things here (at the end of my day):

1. Did I eat according to 12PM - 8PM IF?
2. Did I eat keto?
3. What's my weight (measured in morning)?


I won't track this here - I track that in a separate physical workout journal.
02-20-2019 10:57 PM
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RE: josn - Game Journal
Cool man, look forward to seeing your progress. Especially with daygame.

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Beginner Approach Log

02-20-2019 11:38 PM
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RE: josn - Game Journal
(02-20-2019 11:38 PM)Heuristics Wrote:  Cool man, look forward to seeing your progress. Especially with daygame.

Thanks man. I had a pretty shitty start, but better than nothing.

Day 0

Weight: 210.4
IF: Yes
Keto: Yes

No day game.

Day 1

Weight: 208.8
IF: Yes
Keto: No

I spent 45 minutes between a book store and a department store. I spent 30 minutes at a book store, and didn't do a single approach due to approach anxiety. I just locked up with thinking "they're going to think it's weird I'm talking to them" running through my head. I feel more comfortable opening when there's plausible deniability, but if I just ask "is that a good book", I get self-conscious that "that's not something anyone would usually ask - it will seem weird".

I know the above "fears" are irrational, but they're what went through my head, so I'm documenting them. I need to (and expect to) get over them eventually, and it will be good to get over them, because "is that a good book" is a useful opener that requires no thought.

There were also a couple girls just sitting with their laptops on the floor. Couldn't think of a convenient way to open them - I guess I could have asked where some section was.

At the department store, I did one approach. A 6.5 in her mid-30's. She was picking up one of those Clif Bars, so I asked her if that's a good flavor, and talked for about 10 seconds about different flavors. After approaching, I need to continue practicing on keeping rambling going. I'm pretty good at rambling in less contrived situations, but right now I'm a bit inside my head while making these day game approaches.

Overall, I'm content that I showed up on Day 1 and did something, no matter how shitty it was.[/b]
02-22-2019 07:26 PM
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RE: josn - Game Journal
Well - I've been a lot more irregular about this than I intended, but here I am nevertheless.


I went to a large, two-floor bookstore for an hour. Walked around for a while, and I didn't do a single approach. Here are some reasons I talked myself out of approaching

+ She's probably a teenager (she was)
+ She's too old (some of them were, others I was just being a bitch).
+ It will be too difficult to approach two girls at once (well, that's probably true).

After the bookstore, I went to a coffee shop and read a book. I chose a big communal table and sat within two seats of two different girls. One of the girls left within a minute of me sitting at the table. The other girl was working on a laptop - so I decided that a "do you like that laptop opener?" was what I was going to do.

I decided I would read my book for half an hour, and then use the laptop opener. After half an hour ended, I started to talk myself out of opening, and then decided to stop being a bitch and did the laptop opener. She had Bluetooth headphones on, so she didn't hear it. So I waved in front of her, and then asked the question again. As I was asking the question, I gestured with one of my hands and spilled my tea onto my book. However, I maintained composure, and asked the question again. I felt like a bit of an idiot asking the question, because it was something I could have Googled with 2 seconds of effort.

The conversation was initially really forced, but the awkwardness broke down after about a minute, and we ended up talking for about 30-40 minutes. If it was a date, it would have been a really good first date - lots of joking/giggling, etc, no awkward silences. After about 30-40 minutes, I told her that I had to go, but that we should grab a coffee some time. She said sure, and I asked for her number. She then suggested one social media account, which I said I didn't have, and then suggested Facebook, which I did have, and she added me on there.


1. Should I ask her to grab a coffee "some time", or should you try to schedule a particular time/date on the spot?
2. She added me on Facebook. My Facebook was recently deleted and recreated, so it's pretty sparse. When/how quickly should I add her on Facebook, and how should messaging go? I'm leaning towards just being direct and asking her out. The alternative would be to try to build rapport in a few Facebook messages first, and then ask her out.
3. Is it odd to ask someone to coffee when you're already in a coffee shop?
03-09-2019 09:43 PM
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