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Why can't a woman love a man, the same way a man loves a woman?
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RE: Why can't a woman love a man, the same way a man loves a woman?
If my mom is the only human being that really loves me, and even sometimes i treat her kind of rude (im not proud of this obviously)... Why tf should i treat another girl better?

It could help to put girls on their respective place.
03-15-2019 03:39 PM
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RE: Why can't a woman love a man, the same way a man loves a woman?
(03-15-2019 12:28 PM)No More Mr. Soy Boy Wrote:  You got a point. Although I would agree with the OP here that most women seem to fall into the category of loving opportunistically, it's good to know that there probably exist some exceptions.
Like this English woman who didn't see a reason to live anymore after her boyfriend died:
I guess she must really have loved that guy. I would love to be loved that way by a woman but I suppose the likelihood of me meeting a woman like that are very slim in today's world.
Actually, one might argue that she was only devastated because she no longer had an alpha chad around, not because she loved HIM specifically. It's debatable.
But one aspect I haven't seen brought up here yet, but which I think is relevant to understand this on a deeper level somehow is women's love for their children because that must play in here.
The love I know my mother feels for me seems to be much more of the intrinsic love dynamic that I've always sought in a relationship. But no woman apart from my mum and grandmum has ever really given much fuck about me. I was the youngest child and my sister used to care about me but once I grew up and wasn't as cute anymore and once she had a kid herself, even she stopped caring about me and we never talk anymore. I acted like a beta for many years with my sister and sought her approval and wanted her to care as much about me as when I was a cute little kid.
But she's unbelievably cold to everyone nowadays except to her kid, even her husband.
And my mum might treat me better than any other person has ever done in my life, but she's usually not so nice with my father. It's like a lot of women just see a man as a tool to have kids meanwhile I think my dad would prioritize her over his kids any day of the week.

Consider these ideas.

We learn our relationship patterns from our parents and family. Do you believe this has impacted you and your sister?

A culture that teaches men are bad. Do you think this does not have any impact on the way women act in relationships?

I believe that deep down most women desire for a relationship with a man that transcends the ephemeral. Some know how to achieve this, some can be taught, and some are hopelessly broken. If you wish for this... for someone to devote themselves to you then you must be able to give that back in return but in a masculine way, then you must either find a woman who "gets it" or one that is capable and teach her.
03-15-2019 09:01 PM
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