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How do you deal with an increasingly lone wolf lifestyle?
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RE: How do you deal with an increasingly lone wolf lifestyle?
I think lone wolf lifestyles are a product of American culture. Most cultures outside the U.S. are very group-oriented, but there's a culture of aloneness in the states which relates to our hyper-consumerism. Being a lone wolf means you spend more cash on things that would have been done for free by your close friends or family (babysitting, car repairs, helping someone move, etc). Being alone is very good for capitalists, but not so good for you as an individual.

I don't think loneliness is a normal part of being a man, but being able to be alone is if circumstances call for it. A man understands the importance of having allies in a hostile world who he can help and be helped by.

I think men who spend too much time alone and who are too flippant with their friends & family are vulnerable in all sorts of ways.
03-14-2019 07:42 PM
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RE: How do you deal with an increasingly lone wolf lifestyle?
(03-14-2019 06:46 AM)marcusdivincenzo Wrote:  Glad I struck a chord with you. It means you must be grappling with these issues too.

1. You are probably not Tesla
2. Even Tesla had friends (eg he was close friends with Mark Twain and others)

Doesn't matter what I am or even what Tesla was. He was just an example of a lone wolf, go for Oliver Heaviside if you thought Tesla was such a bad example of a lone wolf (which he isn't though).
The point is that a few lone wolf guys have probably provided more value to the world than most extroverts all together, who are just constantly around people.

It is wrong to say lone wolf guys don't provide value. I know plenty of nerds who provide a tremendous amount of value for companies and society as a whole. And that's what we've seen in history with computer geeks, engineers and scientists, and entrepreneurs sitting in their basement all days to come up with new ideas that improve the lives of others.

Besides that, I don't think that only a life lived for others is worth living. For some, it can be, but not everyone works the same. Not everyone feels joy by just living their lives through someone else and don't have as much of a need for human connection.

I know some guys who know nothing better than to spend a Friday night alone at home and read an interesting book because they're intellectuals and love intellectual stimulation. Meanwhile, there are other guys who would see more meaning sitting in a sports bar with the lads.

In my early 20's I craved new friends but as I grew older my need has practically vanished since I realize most people are boring and are less interesting than the internet.
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03-14-2019 09:37 PM
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RE: How do you deal with an increasingly lone wolf lifestyle?
(03-14-2019 01:22 PM)Deepdiver Wrote:  I look back on my life and even though I was at times naive in the ways of women and in my younger years exhibited blue pill white knight tendencies I was a Natural Red Pill in one key area - the moment someone disrespected me I cut them out of my life - and I have built upon that to the point of being a true Red Pill Silver Fox Jedi in life and with women.

The best advice I was ever given was basically the 11th commandment of ancient wisdom; Never intentionally make a mortal enemy of another man or woman and never allow him or her to make a Mortal Enemy out of you. Because if you do - if it takes them their entire lifetime they will eventually even the score with you often at a low point where you may be at your weakest (Health, Legal etc).

The flip side is never allowing anyone to make a mortal enemy out of you EVER - friendship and relationships among acquaintances are fine but the moment they Disrespect you in a way that you would not have disrespected them is time to keep them at arms length and if a serious form of disrespect cut them completely out of your life. I had a good friend who needed to finish a project and borrowed $2k from me years ago and when I needed the cash back told me "I'll give you your money back when I think you are starving to death". I wanted in the worse way to put a 357 Slug between his eyes but decided as much of a backstabbing scumbag he was - bad on me for trusting him and that he was simply not worth a bid in the State Pen. So I cut him out of my life completely and never looked back.

This is doubly so with women - anyone on RVF for any period of time learns the true nature of women and that the only form of control that works with them is Dread game - that you can and will walk off to your next best or better spinning plate the moment they Disrespect you.

So absorb the red pills of wisdom men have shared with you and shake off the nostalgia of the seemingly good times you may thought you have had with leftist blue pill SJW "Friends" and then MAN The Phock UP and Build a life, your own tribe and castle - Home and Family on your terms and pick a woman who NEVER Disrespects you and keep business associates, clients and lifestyle acquaintances at arms length until they prove they are respectful and can be trusted like a team or tribe to get your back.

Anyone who was a fan of the Godfather trilogy remembers Michael ordering the killing of his own brother Fredo for a betrayal. If they violate-they gotta go, simple as that. A lot of Americans (especially Anglos) don't understand this concept as well as immigrant cultures. Even the Mafia, the biggest Italian crooks, would go to jail for life before snitching on their associates.

Regarding money: I always felt the $100-400 range was a perfect price for eliminating a snake out of your life. It sucks losing the money, but I've been able to drop a few weasels for this price and it always felt good that they weren't able to cause more damage.

One of the things I like to do with a thirsty acquaintance: dangle a date of yours that you don't particularly care about and watch to see what they do. If they start hitting on her, adding her on instagram, anything sketchy: perfect. You trade a bitch you don't care about and eliminate one more snake from your life. I've been able to drop two guys with this method and still end up banging the girls.

Another thing to watch-how a friend acts when someone else disrespects you. I've seen guys try to play both sides during a conflict with a woman or an acquaintance-no good. If I've made sacrifices for that person during a friendship, I expect my enemies to go on their shit list. Luckily my experiences have been first world social politics type of situations where the fallout hasn't been too bad. Best to get rid of these types of people before they get closer to you and cost you seriously financially or relationally.

It's funny to observe loyalty across different social classes. As I've gotten older and elevated my social class, the real penalties for disloyalty have gotten smaller. You lose a few hundred bucks or a plate. Guys who grow up with brawls, gangs, and police don't have any patience for sketchy behavior. This is where I developed my ruthlessness towards disloyalty whereas guys from a higher social class almost expect you to tolerate it. Loyalty isn't as much of a necessity in cushier environments as it is in a rough-and-tumble situation where you need to count on your boys in order to survive.

I built this empire and I did it by myself. Nobody did it for me. Not Ivana, not Marla. Nobody! ~Donald Trump
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03-14-2019 09:54 PM
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RE: How do you deal with an increasingly lone wolf lifestyle?
Relevant to this thread:
Key takeaway: Relationships are very important for your wellbeing.
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03-15-2019 04:41 AM
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RE: How do you deal with an increasingly lone wolf lifestyle?

I absolutely know what you feel and understand it as I've gone through it myself to some degree.

Most people out there are extremely naive and have their own different habits and ways. I definitely have friends who are more liberal in their views and habits than i am. For instance one is a smoker while the other is a drug user. Even though i dislike both things and think they're bad for me, I don't moralize them or shove my disagreement with their habits down their throats. Likewise, they rarely try and brag to me about how great drugs and cigarettes are. Simply, find a group of people or a few guys with similar or common values. At least those who are open enough to consider new perspectives, or won't be hysterical or silently resentful at you for your views and status.

Another word of personal advice, if you have a friendship group, ABSOLUTELY KEEP ANY WOMEN OUT OF IT.

Any remotely attractive woman is enough to cause petty jealousy and desire among your friends and collapse a solid group. This is exactly what happened to my solid group of high school friends. I'll spare boring you too much. Basically, at least 4 of my friends who were close from their youngest years, fought over and began to viciously hate each other over some semi fat bitch trying to get laid with her. She eventually left the group anyway, after 3 years of hardcore drama. The semi fat bitch even offered to have sex with me at a house party, even though she knew full well that my then closest friend was into her. I rejected out of loyalty and respect for him, although given how things turned out in hindsight, i may as well have gone for the bang. Before she came along, we were literally close and tightly nit that it seemed like nothing could break us apart, those were the good times.

A few years later, I basically split with the same guy, because i got drunk at a house party he was hosting, and told the truth that a bunch of other random guys were trying to sleep with some other thinner girl he was into, as there were at least 2 of them with her, in his room lol. Even though i saved him from getting cucked, he then made up a rumor that i slept with his "girlfriend" because he was too blue pill and beta to understand something like this could actually happen. Our friendship is obviously over now, as all my high school acquaintances now believe this rumor. Even though its not true, the truth doesn't matter when rumors come out. Ironically enough, many people are even praising me for something i didn't even do. I suppose he was a hippy shitlib bugman anyway.

Just get a small group or a few people you chill with occasionally 1-2 times a week. Family is really the most reliable bond that you can have with other human beings. Although sometimes people are stuck with shitty family members. You should try to get or keep in touch with extended family, so cousins (close enough compared to strangers but not too awkward like siblings). If you're some kind of migrant from East Europe or elsewhere in the west, chances are you at least have some extended family in another country and a place you can call home or feel at least a little rooted in.

I personally have exactly that. If you're an Anglo or West Euro, i suppose you're just stuck with what you have or you can either try leave permanently and assimilate into East Europe, Latin America or Asia. Otherwise, listen to all the other guys on the forum actively pursuing on permanently building their lives long term in the West.
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03-16-2019 12:59 AM
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RE: How do you deal with an increasingly lone wolf lifestyle?
Thank you for all the wisdom. I am sure this will be helpful not only for myself, but for others like me who battle with the change of life that comes from essentially being mentally and financially independent. I also will have to inevitably accept that friends do not exist in reality. Simply passing acquaintances. I lived a huge lie throughout my life, and it is only now that I have to realize it. Fortunately, I am strong willed enough to not have to turn to bad vices or suicide to cope with it. Thank God I never went down that rabbit hole, though in the recesses of my mind, similar thoughts dared to surface.
03-18-2019 05:09 PM
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RE: How do you deal with an increasingly lone wolf lifestyle?

“Man should have silver color on his head, gold in his pocket and iron in his pants”
03-18-2019 10:14 PM
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