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Repat Chronicles...(Gringo story of repatriating back to USA from South America)
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RE: Repat Chronicles...(Gringo story of repatriating back to USA from South America)
(03-25-2019 11:45 PM)ExpatChronicles Wrote:  
(03-19-2019 07:01 PM)Tully Mars Wrote:  I have always enjoyed following Colin Post's articles, books and insights into living as an expat in South America (Colombia & Peru) ... good read for those guys contemplating staying in South America longterm
Link: https://expat-chronicles.com/2019/03/14/repatriation/

Thank you for sharing! Your handle sounds familiar but for the life of me I can't figure out who you are. Have you ever reached out? Shoot me an email! expat punto chronicles arroba gmail

(03-22-2019 06:18 AM)Tully Mars Wrote:  Finally after trying to dissect this guy apart we got some interesting thought provoking comments....I agree with Cleanslate I think just maybe we don't have all the answers.

An understatement! There is a lot to dig into, and I will respond to every point raised. Sooner than later ... on Peruvian time anyway.

In the meantime and in-between time, in gratitude of the dissection ... nay, the penetrative probe (and I thought I was forgotten in the manosphere!), I have marked all my books down to $0.99 (Amazon wouldn't allow Lima Travel Guide to go lower than $2, I assume because of all the pics). So stock up and stay tuned!

Mad Outta Me Head: Addiction and Underworld from Ireland to Colombia
Lima Travel Guide: Insider Advice from an Expat in Peru
Arequipa Travel Guide: Insider Advice from Expats in Peru

Message sent. I also wanna say I really enjoyed the book Mad Outta of Me Head. I often see the Mick cruising around Chapinero and I have had a few chats with the Mick. Seems he is off the booze but loves to smoke his joints. Quite a charachter.... Best of Luck Colin and keep us posted!
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03-26-2019 06:20 AM
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RE: Repat Chronicles...(Gringo story of repatriating back to USA from South America)
I've seen it mentioned a couple of times that you'd need to send your kids to a top private school to get an education of a similar standard to a normal public school in the US.

In reality, the top international schools in major cities all around the world would make an average US public school look pretty third world.

03-28-2019 10:54 PM
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RE: Repat Chronicles...(Gringo story of repatriating back to USA from South America)
(03-19-2019 08:22 PM)Roosh Wrote:  I don't believe Peru is that expensive now!

I am considering repatriation myself, and the thing that is blocking me is money. The big cities (e.g. Washington DC) are prohibitively expensive, but at least there is tons of value in the Midwest, where you can buy a nice house for $100,000 or less. Living there is another story.

Move to the Carolinas so that you can be within driving distance from your family in D.C., but you can still afford a house too without crushing taxes.

And concerning your God Pill thread, people in the South are definitely more devout, and going to church is considered a way of life.
03-29-2019 11:48 AM
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RE: Repat Chronicles...(Gringo story of repatriating back to USA from South America)
I just published an indepth response to this thread. See When Readers Attack! Roosh V Forum Does Repat Chronicles.

Below I've added some extra responses that didn't seem to fit in the article. Added value!

(03-20-2019 12:22 AM)Papi Rico Wrote:  He made the right call and I'm in no position to judge a man with 3 kids and a wife, as that's not something I've ever had the pleasure of experiencing. I wish him and his family the best in their new chapter

For the record PR reached out in private to send an email along these lines after the whole thread. I thought it was mature of him to do that, and I appreciate it.

[Don't spam the forum - mod]

(03-21-2019 03:16 PM)the-dream Wrote:  Reading between the lines, it looks like maybe his wife is hungry for a US citizenship and has pressured him into it, selling him the American dream.

We got her a green card and lived in the States from 2013 to 2014. She hated it and wouldn’t stop bothering me to go back to Peru the whole time. As soon as I regained my financial footing, we returned. In doing that, she effectively abandoned her permanent residency and green card.

While your attempt was an abject failure, it was a good try reading behind the lines. Only pussies are afraid of failure!

(03-20-2019 09:14 AM)WombRaider Wrote:  No way would I bring a hot Peruvian wife back to the U.S. Even if she is, say, a 5 -- I haven't seen her pictures. Even if she has three kids.

The thirst is extreme.

I addressed this comment on the blog but there is a different point I’d like to make here for men looking for women abroad. Womb Raider is alluding to the scenario in which an attractive foreigner ropes in the unwitting gringo, they get married and go to live in the States or wherever. But she ultimately leaves him the minute when her citizenship comes through … possibly having loads of affairs along the way and/or winning child support/alimony after the fact.

[Link removed]

This is definitely a common storyline, although less so than 10 years ago. And the best advice I offer to men worried about this is to stay in your league. The talent you deal with in the developing world can be a little better than what you were dealing with back home, but making big jumps is inviting trouble. That’s how guys get their hearts broken.

Some guys go abroad specifically to date/play with/marry women of a higher quality than they get back home, and they are the exact guys who end up in the storyline. I've seen it with my own eyes.

You can see me with my wife (old pics). She’s beautiful but we are not an odd couple.

(03-21-2019 01:30 PM)scotian Wrote:  A friend of mine who lives in Bogota and knows Colin personally asked me to post this here on his behalf:
Quote:If you're planning on taking a Colombian girl abroad to live with you, my advice would be DO NOT FUCKING DO IT, DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT.

There are several great reasons for this, but the main one is simply that any girl who is willing to abandon her roots here (Colombian families are VERY VERY close-knit) and leave the country to go with you is also the type of girl that CANNOT BE TRUSTED to be loyal to you in the long run.

I am not going to argue with my friend, but I want to provide a little context for the forum. Women of the world run the gamut in the moral fiber from strong to weak. Rubio likes them with a thin strand if any at all. He’s into girls who do threesomes, foursomes, dozen-somes, orgies on parade. Semi-pros, full pros, webcammers, all that.

It seems like a fun life on the outside looking in, but there may be something of a tainted sample of the female population informing his opinions here.

(03-21-2019 11:21 AM)yankeetravels Wrote:  I think it's a near definite fact that almost everybody on this forum rejects the idea of having a western wife.

Obviously I married a foreigner from outside “The West,” and I’m happy. But I think that this attitude is playing with fire. Especially if you don’t permanently reside in whatever country your spouse comes from, and have an idea what you’re getting yourself into.

This concept is ubiquitous in the manosphere, and it ALWAYS seems to come from people who don’t foreign wives. My advice for you guys who believe that, know what you don’t know. This is known in psychology as “conscious incompetence.” The danger zone is “unconscious incompetence,” in which you’re not even aware of what you don’t know.

I actually penned a piece about this for Return of Kings years ago. See In Defense of American Women. I may put together a new post with contributions from my gringo friends who have Peruvian and Colombian wives.

(03-20-2019 12:07 PM)scotian Wrote:  I work with a guy from Bogota who grew up in a fairly wealthy family and graduated from a top university in Bogota and worked as an engineer there before moving to Canada with his wife and two kids about ten years ago. He left because it was too much of a grind especially in Bogota, the only city where he could make a "decent" salary of about $2000/month, had to deal with pollution, traffic, crime, etc. In Canada he makes about five times what he made in Bogota-life is much easier, there's much less daily stress and his kids are both fluent in Spanish, English and French (they lived in Quebec for five years before moving to Alberta) and attend free public schools in a school board that is consistently ranked as one of the best public boards in the world.. Mortagage rates in Colombia are something stupid like 20%, compared to about 3.0% in Canada. There's a lot of structural things in third world economies that prevent or at least make social mobility a lot more difficult for locals, these systems can be hard for expats to navigate too.
There's so many ways to get fucked over in the third world that I applaud anyone who is able to tough it out for several years, especially with kids. I think Colin is making the right move in relocating back to the US, even if it's only for a few years.

Thank you and, believe me, children change everything. One of my favorite quotes: “A wife is a woman who bore your children, and once that happened to you, your life is forfeit to providing them their daily bread.”

(03-28-2019 10:54 PM)Riquelme Wrote:  I've seen it mentioned a couple of times that you'd need to send your kids to a top private school to get an education of a similar standard to a normal public school in the US.

In reality, the top international schools in major cities all around the world would make an average US public school look pretty third world.

I disagree. Obviously there are bad schools in the States, but they are a small minority. And while the average private international school around the world produces more affluent or academically sound students on average, that may be more a function of the social and professional networks than the curriculum itself (covered in the article).

One metric American public schools will over-perform in is world’s richest people. That list is chock full of American public and topped off by an alum in Jeff Bezos.

(03-20-2019 04:12 PM)BBinger Wrote:  In Saint Louis City and many of its suburbs the public schools are going to be awful and dangerous. The city itself suffers open violence along ethnic lines. Most cities in LATAM attracting expats are going to be safer than St Louis City.

I grew up near there, both my brothers live in St Louis City now. One hates it, but hates the commute more. The other has a wife with activist leanings working for an AIDS charity intent on saving African in America, when they had a baby he pushed to move to a suburb for the schools and safety. She pushed him to instead purchase a Pintrest friendly converted firehouse centrally located in the city. He bought the firehouse. The kids too young for them to have crossed the public versus private school rubicon yet, but...

In my current city of choice I can walk at all hours without being targeted for crime based on the color of my skin. In Saint Louis city, my light skin would make me a target for racially motivated crime. Here people steal things, usually unattended things. Back in Saint Louis, the knockout game is a thing. Assaults happen because a certain demographic's kids make a sport out of suckerpunching pedestrians.

St. Louis’s well-documented racial strife combined with a higher crime rate fuel the urban legend. But at the end of the day it’s only in the alt-right that whites are the victims in this strife. Professional social-justice warriors are more concerned about the white community brutalizing blacks via the police force.

I’ll make it very clear that I am not anti-police, quite the opposite. I have police family in both the States and Peru. In fact I don’t believe Michael Brown was treated unfairly. I know people who played hockey with the cop who shot him. And the word is he’s a completely normal guy, a good dude. If I were a cop and had a 330-pound lineman coming after me, I probably would’ve shot him too.

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a stark difference in how black people are treated by police. This is something I’ve seen with my own eyes, all my life. All my life in St. Louis anyway.

Yes, St. Louis can be a dangerous place and, yes, being white makes you a target in certain situations. But living through that is what helped make me such a big bad MF. I want the same for my boy. In 20 years I’ll be 60, and he’ll have to stand up for the family!

(03-21-2019 10:21 AM)Shimmy Wrote:  I don't know this guys background but it could be something as simple as he liked living in Peru and made the mistake of accidentally knocking a chick up 3x. Not the smartest thing, but it happens all the time everywhere in the world as does people having kids on purpose with no financial planning ahead of time.

They weren’t accidents, but the financial planning was definitely insufficient. That part is much easier said than done, at least for me, and it’s also what’s driving the regional trend of smaller families. See One is the New Two, which is about families throughout Latin America but especially the upper-middle-class and aspiring middle class having fewer children in order to, as somebody called it, keep up with the Garcias.

(03-21-2019 11:27 AM)LowerCaseG Wrote:  I do not think mortgage rates are 20% or anywhere close to that. I was under the impression they were slightly higher than in the US. I will inquire and reply with some details.

Edit: Recent transaction for upper middle class colombian assuming good job and credit, purchase of apartment in mid level barrio bogota, between 9.8-11% is what I was told.

Don’t only focus on interest rate when evaluating property in Latin America. Something else to take very seriously is CURRENCY RISK. Many gringos got thumped when they paid dollars for property in Colombia at the peak of the peso. And unlike a domestic economic recovery, this kind of development may be permanent. The mortgage payment is in dollars forever, while maybe they earn pesos or their renters earn pesos / demand to pay in pesos.

(03-20-2019 12:22 AM)Papi Rico Wrote:  But this particular post had the tone of a sob story showing a lack of ownership for one's past decisions, and appeared to be rife with mischaracterizations and omissions. It should be read accordingly.

the entire article is … an attempt to evoke sympathy?
[His writing] is defeatist and full of "I can't do X, and I can't afford Y." I can't back that sort of pity party.

Not fishing for sympathy. To the contrary, Expat Chronicles has TENS of readers. Their entire wellbeing hinges on how frequently I post hardcore from the streets of Latin America. My packing it up will be devastating for many of them, so I owed them an explanation. It’s also the kind of stuff that permanent residents in Latin America have to grapple with.

(03-20-2019 11:35 AM)Tully Mars Wrote:  I had the opposite feeling of some posters. I did not take it as a sob story. I think the author spelled out exactly why it makes sense for him to repatriate. Honestly assessing his situation…

I’m not fishing for sympathy when I acknowledge that many of my plans haven’t worked out (by the way, for you younger chaps, MEMENTO MORI).

I just don’t take myself too seriously, and that is a little at odds with what I see in the Roosh V Forum. Everybody takes themselves far too seriously. If you’re not in the group for a while, it can be pretty tedious reading, void of humor. The few laughs come at the expense of others in mean-spirited ways. That can be OK once in a while, but eventually it’s like picking on the retarded kid. It’s fun when you’re a child, but you have to grow up someday.

Not taking myself too seriously is something I’m not necessarily the best at, and I’m consciously trying to improve with my creative pivot toward comedy and humor. Imagine what kind of comedy we would have if Will Ferrell or Chris Farley weren’t willing to look foolish.

I don’t think this is present in all forums, but I think it may be worse here because everybody is trying to be the alpha male, the best player who is laying the most sluts and making the most money.

Give us a break sometimes, lighten up. I actually don’t think this forum is the worst in this department. The related/adjacent “guru” space on Twitter is really obnoxious. I don’t even follow most of the personalities but sometimes people I do follow “like” their tweet, so I end up seeing it too. It’s nonstop. Ironically, self-improvement is a real humorless place. On Twitter anyway.

Thanks for reading! Here's that link again: https://expat-chronicles.com/2019/04/05/roosh-v-forum/

Expat Chronicles (blog)
Colin Post (personal website)
City of Kings (tourism blog for Lima, Peru)
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RE: Repat Chronicles...(Gringo story of repatriating back to USA from South America)
Spot on...great insights. Highly recommend others on here to follow or read many of the tales on expat chronicles. Keep us posted on the repatriation back to the States.
04-05-2019 09:40 PM
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