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Jared Taylor banned from Europe
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Jared Taylor banned from Europe
Leader of American Renaissance group was banned from the Schengen Zone by Poland for lectures he had there that promoted nationalism.

Quote:Dear Friends in Stockholm, Turku, and around the world,

I am sorry to have to tell you that I cannot attend the Scandza Forum in Stockholm or the Awakening Conference in Turku, Finland, where I had been invited to give talks. Today, when I landed in Zurich for a connecting flight to Stockholm, Swiss border authorities told me I have been banned from Europe until 2021. I will spend the night at the airport, and tomorrow I will be deported.

The officer at passport control in Zurich airport had already stamped my passport and waved me through to my Stockholm flight when she called after me to come back. She stared at her computer screen and told me I had to wait. She didn’t say why. In a few minutes, a policeman arrived and told me there was an order from Poland that barred me from all 26 countries in the Schengen Zone.

He said the Poles did not give a reason for the ban, and he asked me what I had done. I said I give talks on immigration, and someone in Poland must not like them. “That makes me a political criminal,” I said.

The officer took me to an interrogation room and asked me about my travel plans. He went off to another room for a while and came back with a form for me to sign, saying that I understood I had been denied entry and was being sent back to the United States. After some more waiting, he fingerprinted me and took my photograph.

He then turned me over to a man in civilian clothes, who took me to a spare, dormitory-like accommodation where I will spend the night. It’s not a jail. People pay the equivalent of $40 to spend the night here if they miss a flight. I am free to walk around the terminal, I can make phone calls and use the internet, and I have a meal voucher that is supposed to last me for the next 12 hours. The officer kept my passport, though, and won’t give it back to me until I board the flight home.

Why did Poland ban me? Last September, I gave a few talks to nationalist groups in Warsaw. The talks went well, so when I was invited to Lithuania and Estonia in February to speak at conferences, I went back to Poland and spoke in Lublin and Warsaw. Attendance was by invitation only, but the Polish police learned about the meetings. They told the organizer that if I broke any Polish hate speech laws, he would be held responsible. They said I was “spreading a totalitarian ideology.”

In both cities, we switched venues for the talks rather than risk having the police show up. The talks were a success, and in Warsaw I also gave two television interviews. I left Poland by plane and assumed the matter was closed; clearly, it wasn’t. My Polish friends say they will try to find out the reason for the ban and try to appeal it.

But what are the Poles thinking? I’m not like Lenin and Trotsky meeting in Paris, plotting to uproot the entire West. I want to keep Poland as it is, the proud and eternal homeland of the Polish people. What I hope for Poland is what a huge majority of Polish people want, and is not much different from the policies of the regime. I am not a danger to Poland; I am its friend, its devoted admirer.

Three years ago, I got a letter from Theresa May, when she was still home secretary. She told me that my views are repugnant and that she had decided to keep me out of her country. Britain is the land of my ancestors, my language, my favorite authors—and now I was an exile. It was a bitter blow.

Just a few minutes ago, I used my meal voucher at the “Montreux Jazz Lounge” in Terminal E. I watched people eating and talking and laughing, and I envied them. They can come and go as they please. Terminal E is a modern, soulless place, but it is still Europe. It is part of that culture, heritage, and people that I love with a desperate, yearning love—to which I have devoted my life—and from which I am banned.

You and I, working together with our European brothers and sisters, we will save Europe. We will save it from every threat from every corner of the world. But our first and hardest task is to save it from itself.


He was already banned from the UK. Looks like country bans are being used more frequently.

03-30-2019 09:22 AM
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RE: Jared Taylor banned from Europe
No information about this in the Polish language suggests that the matter did not originate in Poland
Probably Poland has just played to Britain heart's desire. Britain fearing that Brexit may cancel bans given by her? Not being part of the zone, Britain unable to issue Schengen ban?
Poland is unfortuantely ready to do almost anything for 'allies'. Remnants of postcolonial mentality, a need for a patron, unfortunately. Don't come if problems with UK, USA, Israel. Sorry.
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03-30-2019 09:39 AM
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RE: Jared Taylor banned from Europe
Disturbing. Also a wake-up call for anyone that thinks they can dodge the ascendant globalist world order simply by moving to the right country.

God demands of Man responsibility. God demands of Woman vulnerability. These are their curse and blessing alike. Libertianism is to Man as Feminism is to Woman.
03-30-2019 10:36 AM
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RE: Jared Taylor banned from Europe
(03-30-2019 10:36 AM)Leonard D Neubache Wrote:  Disturbing. Also a wake-up call for anyone that thinks they can dodge the ascendant globalist world order simply by moving to the right country.

It's also a warning against failing to leave while you can.

Anyways, the EU is hostile to sanity. The Femstate is willing to let anybody at all in so long as the bipeds in question aren't noteworthy. Back when the world worked embassies served to help citizens of one country do business and thrive while they were abroad in the other country. Embassies did this because if they didn't why the fuck would anyone pay taxes while abroad? The embassy also entertained locals, held events, and did all sorts of things in the name of Marketing. (The US is too young for its embassies to have been this)

Today's embassies, in the US vein, are one part secret service base and one part fat old women in bureaucracy helping other fat old women in bureaucracy minimize the workload.

"Oh you've been invited to do X in Y other country but EU central says they don't like you? Tough luck, we're eating cookies on the clock and getting fatter" Back when shit worked if you were somebody, a guy at the embassy could call a guy in the local government and try to work out a solution that makes everyone happy. This doesn't happen much anymore because "anti-corruption" and "equality" mean that no one gets this service, no matter how important or beneficial the outcome... because if they did it for someone they'd have to do it for everyone.

The local US embassy here is a giant brutalist concrete fortress on the river. Apparently you can do some passport maintenance things there, and if you get in trouble they can give you a list of phone numbers to call to help yourself.

Embassies for countries that don't speak English... Usually you can walk in during business hours and shoot the shit. You can tell them you're bored and ask what their homeland offers. Locals can get the staff to help them search paperwork for ancestors that just might have unclaimed fortunes, etc.

Anyways, what ascendant globalist world order? The feminist dystopia thing seems to have already established itself rather firmly in Europe and North America. "Everything to crawl out of a woman's cunt is sacred except the people doing things, because activity is bad/dangerous"

Wat do? Either keep prepping while the frog boiling continues? Get the hell out and search for saner pastures? This is an open problem.
03-30-2019 12:40 PM
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RE: Jared Taylor banned from Europe
Its simply a warning to those who make a name for themselves in the current time. He was known and put on a list but how long it is before the people attending meetings of this sort are given the same treatment is anyones guess.

As the state starts to struggle it will lash out even more.
03-30-2019 02:45 PM
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RE: Jared Taylor banned from Europe
The main thing to take from is that all the right people are not being allowed to travel to the European continent.

03-30-2019 03:11 PM
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RE: Jared Taylor banned from Europe
Things are not looking good; past people banned from Western countries, US, UK, EU:

Roosh, banned from UK, reason: misogyny or being a thought-criminal:
Quote:Current UK Prime Minister Theresa May personally banned me from the UK during the time she was head of the Home Office. It happened in February 2016 during the meetup outrage when I was labeled a “pro-rape” advocate. I just found out the ban last month.

RSD crew, Jeffy and Julien, banned from Australia, reason: misogyny/ pickup:

Quote:Controversial US “pick-up artist” Julien Blanc has cut short his Australian tour after having his visa cancelled in the wake of protests against his seminars, which promote dangerous and abusive behaviour towards women.

Quote:A US man who had come to Australia to hold seminars on how to "pick up" women has had his visa cancelled on character grounds.

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has announced that the Immigration Department had found the man was "without legitimate cause to be here" and did not meet Australia's character test.


This follows an online petition, amassing more than 60,000 signatures, calling on Mr Dutton and Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to cancel the visa of "executive coach" Jeff "Jeffy" Allen.


Video footage posted online shows Mr Allen joking about his "rape van" and using foul and abusive language towards women. His biography states his "particular area of expertise is scoring threesomes".

"When you look at some of the information that these guys are promoting, it's pretty repugnant to say the least," Mr Dutton told Sky News.

Jeffy was essentially banned for being a player. So begins this new era of sexual puritanism.

Richard Spencer, banned from Sweden, Hungary, Poland, and presumably rest of EU, reason: politics:

Quote:Spencer had arrived in Poland to enter Europe’s free travel zone—the Schengen Area. En route to Sweden to be a “secret guest” for the alt-right conference, Spencer was refused entry into Europe by Polish immigration.


This is not the first time Spencer has had trouble with visiting Europe. In 2014, he travelled to Hungary to take part in a conference scheduled by U.S.-based white nationalist group National Policy Institute—which Spencer was president of. The meeting was shut down by Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban who said he would use “all legal means” to stop the rally, according to Southern Poverty Law Center.

The group decided to hold an informal meeting but police broke up the gathering and arrested Spencer. He was eventually deported.

Michael Savage, banned UK, reason: Islamophobia/ Politics:

Quote:Mr. Savage was added to a list of 22 individuals banned from the U.K. on May 5, 2009, under former Prime Minister Gordon Brown. The best-selling author and National Radio Hall of Fame inductee was accused of fostering hatred for his comments on immigration and Islam, earning him a spot on the list that included Hamas terrorist leader Yunis Al-Astal and former Ku Klux Klan grand wizard Stephen Donald Black.

On July 12, 2010, the government of then-Prime Minister David Cameron announced that Mr. Savage would continue to be banned from the country. According to WND.com, the British government has never specified what Mr. Savage said that resulted in him being added to the list.

Martin Sellner, banned US and UK, reason: politics. Just the other day in fact he was turned away from the US.

Quote:Austrian Identitarian Movement leader Martin Sellner said on Thursday that his US travel permit had been cancelled by authorities.

But last year, Sellner and his American fiance Brittany Pettibone were denied entry into the UK, with officials saying their presence in the country was "not conducive to the public good."

Tyler the Creator, banned UK and NZ, reason: rap lyrics (misogyny).

Quote:Last week, while attempting to enter the UK for a string of festival performances, including in Reading and Leeds, Tyler, the Creator was turned away at the border and told he had been banned by the home secretary, Theresa May, from entering Britain for the next three to five years. It wasn’t the first time the rapper has had problems entering a country. In 2014, he was banned from visiting New Zealand for posing “a threat to the public order and the public interest”, and earlier this year he was the subject of a campaign by Australian feminist group Collective Shout, who cited lyrics from his mixtape Bastard and his song Tron Cat, from his debut album Goblin, in their efforts to bar him from the country. Collective Shout’s campaign appeared to slow down the approval of his visa to enter Australia, and led to Tyler curtailing a planned tour there in September. “We would much rather come to Australia when it isn’t surrounded in controversy,” he tweeted.

On 26 August, after being turned away at the UK border, Tyler tweeted: “Based on lyrics from 2009, I am not allowed in the UK for 3-5 years (although I was there 8 weeks ago). That is why the shows were cancelled.” Although the Home Office would not comment on the specific case, it issued a statement saying: “Coming to the UK is a privilege, and we expect those who come here to respect our shared values.

Shared values in this case mean feminism.

Lauren Southern, banned UK, reason: politics/ and maybe thottery:

Quote:Canadian far-right activist Lauren Southern has been detained in Calais and banned from entering the UK.

Ms Southern, who worked for far right Canadian site The Rebel Media, was held by Border Force in Coquelles on Monday.

A Home Office spokesperson told The Independent: “Border Force has the power to refuse entry to an individual if it is considered that his or her presence in the UK is not conducive to the public good.

Nigella Lawson, banned from US, admitting during a contentious court case that she used recreational drugs:

Quote:Chef author and TV host of The Taste, was barred from a flight out of London to Los Angeles, California on 30 March 2014, due to public revelations of past cocaine use, which became public during her contentious divorce from her second husband.

Martha Stewart, banned from UK, reason: criminal conviction:

Quote:The American lifestyle guru Martha Stewart has joined the radical Islamic preacher Yusuf al-Qaradawi and US rap star Snoop Dogg on the list of high-profile figures to be denied entry to the UK by the Home Office.

Ms Stewart, 66, who turned her home catering business into a multi-million pound media empire and is regarded in the US as the leading authority on "homemaking", was due to fly to Britain for a business trip next week but is thought to have been refused entry because she has a criminal record.

I have been following cases like these for years, and nothing is a surprise anymore.

A lot of the people banned have been banned for misogyny and right wing politics and or Islamophobia.
03-30-2019 03:42 PM
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